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By Mary Starrett
27, 2004

High school grads who'd like to attend college in another state often can't unless they can afford to pony up thousands in out-of state tuition .Of course, if said high school grad is an un-convicted felon, then it's a whole different story. Under proposed federal legislation, illegal aliens (these days referred to as undocumented students/immigrants/residents) who wish to attend state colleges and universities would be able to do so without paying the higher out-of state charges.

The so-called DREAM (Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) would grant legal status to illegals who graduate from high school. (Of course, this begs the question we've learned not even to ask anymore "how do those here illegally get through eight much less twelve years of school without being detected, then summarily booted and deported?")

Adding insult to injury, after you, the American taxpayer, have paid the roughly six grand per-year to educate each of the more than 50,000 "undocumented students" you would then be asked to subsidize their college tuition.

And the Senate Judiciary Committee thinks there's nary a thing wrong with this. The bill is currently stalled in the Senate.

Arizona resident David Johansen thinks " the DREAM act is a nightmare�I didn't ask Mexico to pay my tuition, why should I pay theirs?" He added " If you want to be a citizen, do it �legally".

Elizabeth Venable, a Phoenix resident says David's thinking is "outmoded" and that "perfectly capable people are being denied an education because of their status".[1]

That's the kind of thinking that propelled Phoenix resident Lizabeth Ramon de Harvey- herself formerly illegal and who calls herself a "Latina activist"- to run for the border and smuggle two teenage gang members back across the border from Mexico .The two thugs had been deported by Phoenix area law enforcement as part of a crackdown on violent youths who didn't belong here. Ramon de Harvey felt badly for the boys so she drove down, loaded them into her trunk and drove back to the Phoenix area. Problem is she got caught. To make matters even worse, Ms. Ramon de Harvey happens to be living with Phoenix Assistant Police Chief Silverio Ontiveros. He says, in essence " I know nothing". Can we continue to look the other way as those with obviously divided loyalties act on the belief that a Hispanic surname trumps American law? The violent crime rate in the Phoenix area has risen more than 45%. Daily the Arizona Republic prints stories about particularly gruesome murders, beatings, child molestations, rapes, home invasions and carjackings committed by illegals. Ramon de Harvey thought the boys' "rights" were being violated so she brought them back. She said nothing about the "rights" of those in her city who live in fear of these invaders.

Recently, President Bush signed an accord with Mexico's Vincente Fox to send millions of dollars to Mexico to improve water and sewage treatment plants. This largesse doesn't come from foreign aid assignations it's EPA grant money! Folks along the Arizona and Texas borders are livid. They don't understand why the Mexican town of Delicias, Chihuahua, 250 miles south of El Paso, got $40 million for an irrigation project.

Neither do others in the financially-strapped state of Arizona understand why they're footing the bill for autopsies and burials for those illegals who die crossing the desert. As bodies are found they're autopsied at a cost of $1,650 each.[2] Then there's the burial. In 2003 cash-poor counties in Arizona used $250,000 of taxpayers money to determine that the criminals who died trying to break into their country died from�.dehydration.

While parasites who masquerade as "undocumented immigrants" cost Americans more and more money we simply do not have, Hispanic activist groups continue to push the envelope. According to the Associated Press, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), one of many radical groups crying for "equal rights" for the (illegal) Hispanics in this country, has vowed to keep it's workshops closed to Anglos. The invitations went out saying races other than Hispanic were not welcome. (Just TRY sending out a notice that said "Whites Only"!)

What we are witnessing in this country has never happened before. Historically it's been the advanced culture and/or country which takes over the less-developed one. Here it's just the opposite. Mexico, a third world country with few appreciable assets, an exporter of poverty, with a political system of unimaginable corruption and certainly not the most advanced- culture-wise is somehow managing to invade and destroy the super power that was America. You'll now see TV ads for cars and beer in Spanish. You can't bank or buy or sell without being given a choice of whether you want to conduct the transaction in English or Spanish. Spelling Bees are being held for children in American public schools in Spanish. Kids who can't read or write or speak the English language are being given a shot at excelling in their native tongue.

All this while "Homeland" Security Secretary Tom Ridge proposes giving citizenship to eight million more illegal aliens.

It seems anymore the only sane voice we hear is that of Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo who said " I'm so discouraged that (Tom Ridge) said this country has to develop an immigration policy and then try to enforce it". He summed it all up when he added "Well, you know what? We have one Mr. Secretary. It's against the law to come into this country without our permission. If you do, you're supposed to be deported".[3]

Well, maybe not 'till the American taxpayer has put you through college.


1, Arizona Republic
2, Tucson Citizen
3, American Family Association(as quoted by Howard Phillips, Issues and Strategy Bulletin)

� 2004 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows. E-Mail [email protected]








"Adding insult to injury, after you, the American taxpayer, have paid the roughly six grand per-year to educate each of the more than 50,000 "undocumented students" you would then be asked to subsidize their college tuition."