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By Mary Starrett

August 7, 2003

There are two major reasons we don't have a cure for cancer. Why despite a 40 year old "war" on the disease survival rates haven't increased one bit. The governmental meddling of the National Institutes of Health and The National Cancer Institute along with the FDA have made it difficult, if not impossible, for doctors with breakthrough cancer therapies to bring their healing discoveries to those who need them. The orthodox medical establishment is hell-bent on destroying anyone who dares to challenge the status quo on cancer treatment. Even though we have lost the war on cancer, we continue to use and promote the very methods that don't work while banishing those who try non-pharmaceutical modalities to the scrap heap of healing.

* The New England Journal of Medicine reported that women who had their entire breast removed (radical mastectomy) didn't live longer than those who opted for the less-invasive lumpectomy. [1]

* Men who had their prostate gland removed after a diagnosis of cancer lived just as long as those who didn't. Either way the men lived about 14 years after diagnosis. [2]

* Chemotherapy helped only 2% of cancer patients [3]

* Infection is the most frequent cause of death in cancer patients; and those infections are likely to have been picked up in a hospital. [4]

These grim stats are out there but they're not being shared with patients. In fact, those with a cancer diagnosis continue to be encouraged to do the very things that will sicken, maim and eventually kill them. All the while, naturally-derived compounds and extremely effective treatments exist. Patients won't find out about these treatments from their doctors, however. And with heartbreaking regularity some very effective treatments are being kept from desperate patients because of politics. Former New York State Assemblyman Daniel Haley wrote a book about it. In "Politics In Healing", Haley outlines ten cases of brilliant medical researchers who risked their freedom and their fortunes to share their discoveries with terminal patients.

One such story involves Stanislaw Burzynski. With a medical degree and a Ph.D. in biochemistry, Burzynski left Poland and came to America with a phenomenal therapy for treating cancer. He helped countless patients through a treatment that inhibits cancer cell growth called antineoplastons. Long explanation short, these cells reprogram cancer cells and inhibit their growth. For his pioneering and enormously successful work the FDA tried to put him in jail. He's been put on probation, been messed-with by the NCI (National Cancer Institute, a governmental agency) despite the fact that he has a verified track record when it comes to difficult brain tumor cases. Parents of children with conditions like medullablastoma (brain tumor) have had to petition the FDA requesting "compassionate exemption" for children who would otherwise die without the treatment Dr. Burzynski offers.

Little Thomas Novarro suffered from this type of brain tumor and the prognosis wasn't good. What the FDA recommended- chemo- would have most likely left Thomas brain damaged, retarded and deaf. He would have lived, maybe another five years. The boy's parents battled for something better. They struggled to point out that the chemo the FDA pushed for Thomas was "carcinogenic, toxic, unproven and ineffective" according to the parents of another little boy named Alex Horwin who was similarly not allowed by the FDA Gestapo to seek other treatment.

Alex died in his parents' arms.

It must tear at these parent's hearts to know that the vilified Dr. Burzynski has successfully treated seven children with the same tumors. Of those, six are still alive, with tumors either completely gone or stabilized. The children brought to him who had chemo or radiation have all died.

Antineoplastons work when the FDA stays out of it and doesn't require people taking the treatment to have chemo or radiation first.

The medical doctor who came here from Poland must have wondered why in America people aren't free to choose what type of medical care they want. Or why he was made to face the inquisition of governmental agencies trying for years to jail him. Isn't that why he left Poland?

Shontelle Hiron was chosen to carry the Olympic torch during the games in Sydney in 2000. Seven years before that she was given three months to live after the discovery of a brain tumor. Shontelle's Australian town raised money to send her to Dr. Stan Burzynski's clinic in Houston. As soon as the antineoplastons were started the tumor shrank and disappeared. Running alongside Shontelle that day was Stan Burzynski- the man who'd saved her life.

The man America's FDA tried to put in jail.


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� 2003 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows. E-Mail [email protected]









"those with a cancer diagnosis continue to be encouraged to do the very things that will sicken, maim and eventually kill them. All the while, naturally-derived compounds and extremely effective treatments exist."