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By John Longenecker
March 16, 2008

Many Trustees are now beginning to realize that no one can take your place as the first line of defense � one of the best kept secrets of the anti-gun movement.

When any organization or agency weighs private or corporate property rights against armed self-defense, as many in this examination are, the guns have to win because the Second Amendment is absolute and property rights are not.

The Second Amendment is absolute because it backs citizen authority in this country as it must. Any regulation of weapons seeks to challenge the lethal force which backs citizen supreme authority in this country. Any such view is a European view, and not an American view. This citizen as supreme authority is not checked at the Admissions Office or the front door of someone�s home or workplace. On private property, one may not own another human being and hide behind property rights. Lethal force backs citizen authority, and this does not change by where you are.

More are coming to understand that any agency banning weapons cannot offer something better in protecting students, employees, visitors or staff than the armed person already there, and already possessed of all legal authority to act. Citizen authority is the key, and that authority trumps the appointed authority of trustees.

This legal authority is already well established in law, and the increasing acceptance of the Castle Doctrine clarifies and cements it [Internet Search term Castle Doctrine]. Yes, more are getting it: armed citizens are more in the public interest than silly, anti-violence policies.

  • The Florida House has voted to affirm employee carrying of handguns on company property as long as the weapons are in the vehicle. This affirms the carrying of more than 500,000 employees.
  • In Oklahoma, their House voted to allow guns on campus. The objections resolved around being intimidated by the NRA: this reflects a poor understanding of the relationship between public servants and constituents: You do not stand up to the NRA, the NRA and constituents officials to stand up to the anti-liberty movement.] FOX News reports: "The concealed carry law is about 12 years old. It's worked out very well," Representative Jason Murphey said. He reportedly said that more than 60,000 Oklahomans are licensed to carry concealed weapons and there has been no widespread gun violence in the state, which opponents had warned of.
  • Arizona is moving toward guns on campus.
  • Utah affirms concealed weapons on campus.
  • Colorado [Fort Collins] campus affirms concealed weapons.

Part of the wrongful interference comes from trustees and others who opine on how they disagree, but we are not working for them, they work for us, and they interfere with a right secured by law. Tortious interference litigation could result in a blowback where they are found liable after having opposed armed self-defense for so long. Litigators, call your office.

In the final analysis, more trustees are getting it: they are looking at increasingly affirming the will of the people, which is not about carrying guns, it is the will of the people to see official adherence to oath of office, and that includes protecting the second amendment and recognizing citizen authority to act when facing grave danger. Oath of office has long been the desire of both sides of the aisle for a very long time.


Armed citizens who travel to and from work also contribute to the community by their mobility while armed, in their alertness and perhaps even willingness to aid another, also permitted by law. Are they playing Police? No, the Police are authorized by the very people who carry, the citizens. Police derive their authority from the people, so the people are hardly playing cop by exercising their own higher authority in the public interest. Is someone playing doctor by giving first-aid or the Heimlich Maneuver? My book Transfer Of Wealth elaborates the CPR Corollary � the identity of values between Citizen CPR and Citizen CCW.

What we�re going to see is a humiliating defeat for the anti-gun crowd, because the dire predictions of gun ownership in large numbers will not come true anymore than they have over the past decades.

All of the murderous shootings are done by criminals, not good citizens. Crime guns are obtained illegally to begin with � through illegal channels and then used in illegal possession � already breaking 17 or more laws en route to their planned crime, according to some experts. It goes to show that not only do the dire predictions never come true, but that 20,000 gun laws don�t work to stop crime. They only interfere with stopping crime and generate high statistics of broken-hearted citizens they can point to. People are beginning to get it: being unarmed and discouraged from resisting in authority make up the bulk of those numbers.

The humiliating defeat for such ideas will come in the reduction in violent crime by the widespread announcement of concealed carry laws. Any serious-minded approach to fighting crime will meet with resistance of organizations more interested in permitting violence that defeating it, you can be sure of that. But still, any serious-minded approach to fighting crime by way of increasing concealed carry will work. It has worked in forty states.

First, campuses, workplaces, public buildings, airports, churches and more places presently forbidding carrying of handguns must repeal their gun bans. We need to stop the after-the-fact response from eclipsing the during-the-fact authority to respond � the armed citizen. [Think Citizen CPR when first responders are not on scene. Think armed citizen when first responders are not on scene.]

Second, they must publicly announce this repeal. The thugs will get the message.

Third, rinse and repeat.

The shootings are not the worst worry of crime: there will always be the non-gun crimes of knifings, the beatings, the rapes, strong-arms, robberies, and of course, the silent abductions. Gun bans do not address these by the millions across America, and millions are talked out of their authority and resolve to resist. Gun control policy is adverse to the interests of the United States, as it forces students and workers to choose between Felony and Funeral.

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Concealed carry does address all of these, by official recognition of citizen as supreme authority and being armed to back that authority. [Internet Search Term: police have no duty to protect individuals.]

For any serious-minded approach to fighting crime, officials must affirm citizen as supreme and affirm the lethal force to back it not only against violent crime, but also against the boondoggles of anti-violence policies that touch every anchor institution in America with indictments of hate and violence.

� 2008 - John Longenecker - All Rights Reserve

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The Second Amendment is absolute because it backs citizen authority in this country as it must. Any regulation of weapons seeks to challenge the lethal force which backs citizen supreme authority in this country.