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By John Longenecker
December 26, 2008

No, it wasn't the banking scandal.. And it wasn't a mysteriously poor showing of John McCain... It was a one-two punch in the stomach of the electorate that reveals what our servants really think of us. For some, this is not new, but for America - tens of millions, in fact - it was sudden, frightening and even heart-breaking on some levels in 2008.

1) 2008 saw that one lurking American suspicion is in fact true: that we are on our own. No matter what officials promise, no matter what individuals may believe about the goodness of officials, we have always been on our own and we always will be. For so many, this was stunning; for the liberty purists, being on our own is liberty, and must be invoked.

2) As if a series of disasters and a poorly performing disaster management weren't enough, more and more scandal shows that no one is on our side. What hurt thousands of good Americans was the unmistakable sense of abandonment, with a heavy accent of disrespect and defiance (read Looting).

America has been looted for generations. It's almost as if she has been built up merely to transfer all wealth. Well?

We may be able to put a stop to transferring our wealth by putting our foot down, but how to you put your foot down in refusing our servants' assumption of powers not granted? This was not only the warning of the Liberty Nuts I often write about, it is the fear of free peoples everywhere.

I have said that America does not have Leaders, we have Executives. Yet, I advocate a new cadre of thought leaders from among the liberty purists in America. Aren't leaders leaders?

No. A patriotic thought leader effects change by an entire paradigm shift. This is not only voluntary, it is a synergy, sought and welcomed, in this case, for freedom from our servants. The Leaders we reject in America are those who do not ask, they take, and they back their takings with force, officials force, marketing it all with a spin of so-called Leadership. See the difference? Even a dog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked.

It was this being kicked and this spit in the face of America that citizens awoke to in 2008. 2009 may see a battle between the servants who think they are leaders and the true thought leaders of sovereignty who point the way to Independence from those servants.

These I affectionately call the Liberty Nuts. These are people who write, speak, post and podcast their knowledge of liberty and sovereign authority as supreme in this country, and who are castigated by critics as Nuts for their insight and warnings. But now their warnings are coming true as in 2007 and 2008, and the frightening experience of 2008 - the shock of 2008 - had been the awakening that we are on our own and that our sovereignty is being defied outside due process and law.

For four years, I have called my colleagues liberty nuts to mock the critics and disable their slurs on one ground: America might have believed that the Preparedness Nuts, the Constitution Nuts, the Gun Nuts were only eccentric complainers, but only so far as the electorate believed that the government would protect them better and that there would never be much need for such
watchdogs and their so-called paranoia. As if the experience of Hurricane Katrina weren't the wake up call it should have been, tens of millions in 2008 have come to realize a sense of baffling events and an abandonment that government will certainly not take care of them nor even look out for them, and that the purists aren't so nutty after all. It seems that, one by one, the warnings of these Liberty Nuts are coming true.

How do we reach the electorate to show them the way back home again, Independence from our own servants? Officials won't do it. Media pundits can devote only a few hours a day, and I think we all understand that their audiences are made up of patriots who comprehend the message, but with one limitation: the pundits are preaching to the choir. How do you rouse the electorate, the only true authority in this country? How do you create a more-than-grassroots retaking of our Independence?

Simple: you send out the choir itself to sing the song of Independence, sharing their knowledge on hundreds of issues the giant pundits cannot address.

Platforming is a most effective tool for corporations, authors and now for Liberty Nuts. There are thousands of liberty purists out there who can platform their knowledge of Independence to edify millions of others on everything from civics to due process to liberty truths in a whole new content, people who are not platforming now. If you know anything about our sovereign authority, you could be pointing the way to independence from our own servants.

There is no problem anywhere in the world that cannot be solved in Liberty better than under any other system. Certainly, this is true in America. The predicament has been that our problems are a direct result of obfuscating our sovereign authority and liberty, not invoking it. Too many Americans simply do not know what to do about it. Knowledge of our sovereignty almost skipped a generation and we continue to lose ground with the best of pundits.

Contrast Media Press has launched my new e-book on how liberty purists can platform to invigorate the electorate by the thousands. Many colleagues may find the content illuminating, I hope. Liberty purists who never thought of platforming are now summoned to a new duty they may never have thought necessary. It's necessary to invigorate the electorate.

See for further details.

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It could all be very interesting, this retaking of our Independence from our own servants. Liberty in America is still a concept some in this country have never known. Most of us will probably live and die in freedom, and no one in this country needs Independence protected more than every next
generation, and Independence for our kids will be decided here and now, or not.

Could you pass the word?

Creating Your Own Liberty Platform - Calling All Liberty Nuts As The New Thought Leaders To Regain Our Independence is available publisher-direct at

John Longenecker can be reached at [email protected]

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Contrast Media Press has launched my new e-book on how liberty purists can platform to invigorate the electorate by the thousands.