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Nancy Levant
August 28, 2007

I believe the definition of treason has also fallen victim to bureaucratic phoney-bologne nonsense that suits the partnerships with the best contacts and funding bases � just like the rights of American citizens. I read about fathers being arrested for opting their children out of participation in homosexual studies and R-rated movies in schools. I read about a man being arrested for animal abuse for filming a cougar attacking his goat. I hear about politicians who, as rule, now hide legislation from we, the people, to comply with globalizing our Constitution off the face of the American map, and I read the U.N. Declaration on Tolerance calls for "rational tolerance teaching methods that will address the cultural, social, economic, political and religious sources of intolerance-the major roots of violence and exclusion.�

That means that all people, globally, would be responsible for "shaping... attitudes of openness, mutual listening and solidarity in schools and universities, and through non-formal education... at home and in the workplace."

Now, let�s make sure we understand what the U.N. is declaring in its Declaration on Tolerance. The declaration states that �rational tolerance� teaching methods must address sources of intolerance in schools, universities, trade schools, in our homes, and in the workplace (�a plan to monitor our teaching of our children in our homes?). Rational tolerance? Like raping armies, genocide observers, and liars, thieves, anti-Christians or, in other words, the U.N.? And who defines �rational tolerance?� America has become a country of totally irrational tolerance, thanks to U.N. policy, and particularly in schools and media where graphic sex has become an out and out obsession, and traditional faith in God has become a criminal offense. What planet is this?

Bill Clinton signed us onto this U.N. garbage and most politicians since Clinton have carried out the U.N. treaties, ratified and un-ratified, and implanted America with what appears to be Socialism, but in fact is the absolute permission and agreement to dissolve our nation and our government. Our elected and their ties to the U.N. and the World Bank and Trade organizations are conquering the U.S.. Now what do you call treason? How do you define treason? I see subversive activities in legislation, in executive orders, in secret meetings with foreign entities and leaders, and in the sheer power of and subject matter in American public schools. And what about the taking over of public and private property in the United States by government and partnerships directly tied to the U.N.?

If the taking of our land, our water, our primary religion, our schools, our churches, our teaching methods even in our homes, our opinions, our beliefs, our values, our homes, our national forests and parks, our privacy on every level, and all knowingly so by our politicians is not treason, but is instead �rational tolerance,� then law does not exist.

If our Constitution is over, then law in America does not exist. Or, has U.N. law taken over the United States, as it would seem? Which one is it? Surely there are many amongst us who know the answers to these questions, and I believe we pay them for their expertise. And the fundamental question remains the same � what is treason?

And as one might expect, NO candidate for the presidency is addressing these issues. As I have stated before, NO candidate is to qualify for the highest position of POWER in this nation unless the following platform exists � nothing more and nothing less:

  • END this nation�s multi-layer declared state of emergency.
  • Eliminate the powers of ALL Executive Orders on the books.
  • Eliminate ALL Signing Statements on the books.
  • Eliminate ALL Presidential Directives (under all names and titles) on the books.
  • Uphold all original immigration laws.
  • Eliminate the Patriot Act � all versions � as unconstitutional and globally motivated acts of military civilian management.
  • Disassemble and close down all American-based global commissions, councils, regional governing bodies on American soil, all NGO bureaucracies, all partnerships, and government grant funding sources.
  • Disassemble and close down all paramilitary systems currently operating on American soil.
  • Close down all philanthropic funding organizations.
  • Close down all think tanks and disallow legislation to be written by any party or entity minus members of Congress.
  • Eliminate corporate lobbies and political contributions.
  • Put the burden of America�s debt onto corporations and force them to pay off all of America�s foreign debt and to buy back all foreign owned infrastructures on American soil.
  • Eliminate electronic ballots/voting machines.
  • Permanently leave the United Nations and eliminate all funding to the United Nations.
  • Close American borders for the next decade � at minimum.
  • Close down all insurance companies.
  • Return all powers of the Constitution, in full, to the people of this nation.
  • Reclaim all Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites and their conservation corridors and return these land and watershed systems to the people of this nation.
  • Permanently end the Federal Reserve Corporation.
  • Permanently end the Federal Income Tax and property tax.
  • Return American education to true education. Abolish Outcome-Based Education, No Child Left Behind, School to Work, and all other illegal and federally implanted federal programs in our school systems.
  • Abolish the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health and remove all mental health grantees from ALL American schools, healthcare, and human service systems.
  • Bring ALL American troops back to American soil and end all corporately-based global, Imperialistic, and economic ideations. Rebuild all closed American military bases on American soil.
  • Tell the TRUTH about Agenda 21, sustainable nature, and global warming, and why they were all invented to serve one-world governance, global land confiscation, and the end of human freedom.
  • Arrest ALL public and private servants who have had any hand whatsoever, past or present, in deceptively maneuvering our nation and our people beneath other-world governmental structures and systems.
  • Make illegal the micro-chipping of all animals and people and eliminate the NAIS land confiscation scheme.
  • Disassemble and make illegal all governmental data bases that have collected the personal information of the American people.
  • Remove all legislation and Executive Orders that have insulted and made illegal the free expression of the Christian religion in the united States of America.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:

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Now, let�s make sure we understand what the U.N. is declaring in its Declaration on Tolerance. The declaration states that �rational tolerance� teaching methods must address sources of intolerance in schools, universities, trade schools, in our homes, and in the workplace