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By J.B. Williams
October 14, 2010

They are all billionaires, all have a history of tyrannical business practices bordering on criminal monopolies, all engage in controlling the “little people as all are political leftists, and all use their wealth to manipulate governments here and abroad. Oh, and all work with Obama to destroy American superiority and supremacy… in the best interest of global peace and prosperity.

World Herald reports - George Soros Helped Engineer Economic Downturn in which the World Herald chronicles the long-term Soros plot for “bursting America’s supremacy bubble.”

Microsoft mega-mogul Bill Gates is using his wealth to “reduce world population by 10-15%” using toxic vaccines and government-controlled health care to accomplish his environmentally friendly assault on human life.

As for Buffett, he’s a central player in the US billionaire boys club working with mega-wealthy socialists around the globe to usher in their Millennium development goals by their new target date of 2015.

To say the least, these folks are not your average American capitalists. Sure, they all exploited America’s free-market system in a tyrannical way in pursuit of the personal mega-wealth. But there was always an ulterior motive beyond the acquisition of personal wealth. They want to change the world, and they want to use America’s sovereignty, security, and prosperity to do it.

They are a small cabal of the world’s wealthiest people. They used America’s economic freedom to acquire the personal wealth needed to enslave all other Americans by manipulating government policies here and abroad, shoving all citizens to a choice between international socialism and individual starvation.

The average American would never knowingly vote for communism, even under the feel-good marketing title “progress.” To get most Americans to vote for international communism and reject national sovereignty, you must first make communism look better than the alternatives.

In a recent UK Guardian interview, Melinda Gates is quite bold in her open assault on national sovereignty and individual freedom. To put it nicely, the lefty elitists are convinced that the average American is no longer well suited for personal freedom and individual liberty and that the world is entitled to American resources.


Parasite societies already starving under socialist government corruption around the globe must gain increasing access to American prosperity in order to survive. Worldwide demands for food and medicine are reaching unsustainable levels and only the Unites States has the productivity to prop up the world’s crippled economic condition.

In short, the world can no longer afford for the United States to remain free and independent. The world needs our resources and the leftist elites have decided that the American people simply must become more generous.

These so-called philanthropists are not only generous with their own wealth - they are even more generous with the earned assets of others, namely yours and mine.

Our National Intelligence Council has all of the details worked out. What was once a Clinton-era plan for Global Governance by 2025 has now become an international push to achieve an end to U.S. sovereignty by 2015.

This is not a test people… nor is it a conspiracy theory or some down-the-road hypothesis yet to take shape.

Your tax dollars are at work, but not on your behalf.

Your tax dollars are being used to destroy everything you have ever known and everything you believe America to be. The enemy is inside, and you and I are funding their agenda with our federal tax dollars.

Although this entire agenda belongs to international leftists and American Democrats, every Republican member of congress knows about it too, but thus far, not one has mentioned any of this in public, not even during their campaign season.

What does that tell us?

Among other things, it should tell us that ONLY the average American can or will put a stop to any of it. America is under attack, but not in a form like Pearl Harbor or 9.11. America is under attack from within our own government, at the highest levels.

State legislatures and governors can stop it, but they won’t do it unless they are pressured to do so by many average citizens.

The people must wake up! They must engage in a unified and productive manner. If they continue to focus on things that don’t matter, they will lose everything very soon, not the least of which are the tools they need to protect freedom and liberty, or rebuild their sovereign economy before there is nothing left to salvage.

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This is not speculation or political hyperbole. This is real folks. Time is short. What will it take to wake up the average American and get them engaged in the right things?

I do not write for entertainment, yours or mine. I spend most days wishing I was wrong, but being affirmed by daily events as they unfold.

Are there enough Americans left to save America?

� 2010 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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To say the least, these folks are not your average American capitalists. Sure, they all exploited America’s free-market system in a tyrannical way in pursuit of the personal mega-wealth.