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By Mike Heath

December 8, 2007

That is what Coach Daubenmire calls them. He is referring to Christian leaders who choose Herod over John. I imagine them in the crowd gathered around John the Baptist out in the wilderness. They are the ones that started quaking when John stopped focusing on urging individuals to repent and be baptized. They became fearful when John turned his preaching on the political elites. The Bible doesn't record every conversation John had, of course. It does hit the highlights, however. I think John probably made a lot of powerful people uncomfortable during his short time of ministry. We only know about King Herod.

John confronted Herod. He didn't hold anything back. Herod was a Roman tyrant who literally had the legal right to kill whoever he pleased. John's society recognized no individual rights that superseded Herod's tyrannical power, unlike our great country. The League is exactly like John the Baptist in the moment he publicly condemned Herod for sleeping with his brother's wife. There are some in the crowd who are not pleased.

There are many pastors who support the League. There are some that don't. And there are some who are on the fence. Every Christian pastor, of course, has a duty to support the League where our positions are consistent with those of the Bible. We work hard to make sure that all our public views are consistent with the Holy Scriptures. You can read our policy statement here.

My outstanding and courageous administrator, Mike Hein, emailed our press release on a Portland church's public heresy to many pastors in the Portland area this week. We purposely loaded the press release up with strong and clear moral words like "perversion," "heretical," "evil," and "immoral." I knew that three things would happen.

  1. The press would ignore the press release. We got one press call on it.
  2. Most Christian groups would ignore it.
  3. Some Christians would view the press release as reason to think badly of the League.

Sure enough. Just after the email went out a Pastor from a Portland church emailed us and asked to be taken off the list. He isn't on any lists. That is the only email we've sent him. We were innocently emailing Portland pastors thinking they'd care about heresy in the Christian church in their neighborhood. His antipathy toward righteousness is so strong that he doesn't even want to know. Our press release didn't ask him to do anything. It just informed him. Rather than simply delete the press release he asked to be removed from a list that doesn't exist.

I used to care what people like this pastor think. I'm teaching myself to care more about what God thinks.

I used to think that Chicago historian Martin Marty is right. He claimed the worst sin is to be mean. While most Christians worked on fine tuning "nice" Satan made sodomy a virtue. Imagine it. The once great Church of England is splitting down the middle over nonsense. I moved on from Martin Marty to Thomas Oden. He is a scholar who wrote a book called "Requiem." He urges men like me to become known as "young fogeys" for refusing to be intimidated by the sexual orientation mob.

I'm now convinced that nice is merely an excuse to avoid controversy and righteous indignation. Christians don't need to get angry about what is being done to their families, children, grandchildren and neighborhoods. They just need to get Biblical. They need to take a stand for common sense. They need to invite everyone to be honest about sexual morality. Most people think sodomy is perverted, disgusting and miserable -- and worse. Fine by me. We should encourage everyone who believes that to say it.

Most people think raising little boys up to be girls is insane. I'm not referring to the emasculation of males here. I'm referring to an actual case in Orono Maine. The Asa Adams Elementary School is raising a ten year old boy as a girl ... officially. And the local police are enforcing it. People should be encouraged to say what they know. They should feel safe expressing their convictions about these matters. We do still have free speech in this country, don't we?

If pastors won't speak out God is going to cause the rocks to cry out.

Years ago we said the "gays" were going to go after the children. Everyone laughed thinking we were nuts.

In August the Maine Supreme Court perverted a nineteenth-century definition of adoption. They unanimously ruled that nineteenth century Mainers imagined homosexual adoption and allowed for it in their definition. Maine state government is now placing kids in "queer" homes through both the foster care and adoption systems. There was never legislative approval for any of this, I don't believe. It was all created by unelected Judges and bureaucrats.

The entire Middle School System in Maine is now moving toward the provision of prescription contraceptives to 11 year old girls without parental knowledge. Don't think that the King Middle School incident is the end of the story. No way. That is just the beginning. The only thing that will turn that around is a lawsuit that may be filed this Friday. The people of Portland, Christians especially, don't care enough to do ANYTHING. So, guess what. The political and cultural pressure is going to grow and grow. The tyranny of "gay" ideology has already silenced the church of Portland. It is only a matter of time before the cancer spreads throughout Maine.

You think John the Baptist is the only one in history to be silenced by a tyrant? It happens all the time. It isn't supposed to happen here. It is, however, already happening because Christians voluntarily silence themselves. Portland, our largest and most influential city, is leading the way. In the early nineties I compared Portland to Sodom. Little did I know.

While the front line of this war seems to be the schools the front line is actually the heart of every Christian in Maine. The front line is not the mind of the Christian. We already know the difference between right and wrong. The front line is our hearts. Do we care? Do we have the courage to do something about it?

Taxpayers are funding re-education groups called Civil Rights Teams in most of Maine's public schools. These communist-lite groups intimidate Christian faculty and students into silence about sexual immorality in the name of "civil rights." It is insane, and it is working. Evil is like that.

If we care more about our dogs and cats than our God-given obligation to raise our children and grandchildren up in the way they should go then God must be thinking about vocal chords for rocks.

You might conclude that I am not hopeful about Maine's future. Nothing could be further from the truth. This "gay" ideology is going to go the way of the Berlin wall. It is only a matter of time. It can't come soon enough for me. One person told me the backlash would come in five or ten years. As far as I'm concerned the backlash is going on right now. I'll never give in to these people, these evil ideas. Most Mainers feel the same way I do. They are going to speak. They are going to react. It is only a matter of time. Only a sad and pathetic minority embraces these nutty ideas about sex.

I want Maine to be the place where the "gay" wall starts to crumble. How about you? Lets take the word "gay" back from them. How about the rainbow? Lets take that back also.

The Maranacook Community School in Readfield has a rainbow flag hanging in their lobby. It was placed there by the school's noisy and pathetic "gay" rights student group. Rather than ask that a Christian flag be placed next to it, how about we just take the rainbow back. God gave us the rainbow long before the sexual disorientation mob stole it. The rainbow reminds us of His mercy. He will never destroy the world again with a flood. Let's just the tell the loud mouth "gays" that the Rainbow flag belongs to us now. It is a symbol of God's judgment that will fall on them if they persist in their sinful ways. Let's tell them that.

What do you think?

� 2007 Mike Heath - All Rights Reserved

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Michael completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in religion/philosophy at Roberts Wesleyan College in 1985. In 1989 he became Executive Director at The Christian Civic League of Maine.

In 1992 Michael was the Republican nominee for Maine's House of Representatives in District 85. He's participated in dozens of candidate and issue campaigns since 1990.

Mike speaks each week all over Maine in churches, civic groups and on college campuses. Mike is often quoted in Maine's daily newspapers and frequently offers the League's perspective on national, statewide and local radio and television news programs. He produces a daily two minute radio commentary program called "Faith Matters in Maine." It airs statewide and can be heard online at

In addition to having been published in many of Maine's newspapers, Heath maintains a popular blog called He makes his home in South China with Paulie (, his wife of 23 years.

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The entire Middle School System in Maine is now moving toward the provision of prescription contraceptives to 11 year old girls without parental knowledge.