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By Mike Heath

February 14, 2007

I've been doing this job too long. It makes me tired to think of how the homosexuals have gotten their way here in Maine. I can remember when leftist activists were screaming about how there was no agenda, and there was especially no effort underway to persuade society to accept sodomy-based marriage. Those lies started to become muted when Vermont used their "sexual orientation" law to force a new concept on civilized society called "civil unions." That is another euphemism for sodomy-based marriage. Massachusetts, of course, followed soon after by discovering that the puritan Christian John Adams actually wrote sodomy-based marriage into the Commonwealth's constitution. Imagine that. No ... don't.

Nobody is surprised now when "gays" use euphemisms. I think people stopped being surprised by anything these folks say years ago. They are master manipulators, bobbing and weaving with their words and phrases. It's amazing to most of us that the Harvards and Yales have fallen for this tripe hook, line and sinker.

Get ready for another year or two of euphemism-laden media barrages from our leftist press here in Maine. Al Gore finally helped the "gays" here with the internet that he invented. They put out a ten minute youtube video last week announcing their plans to .... drum roll please .... bring sodomy-based marriage to Maine. Yawn.

Part of me says, "Oh please, get it over with" and pass your silly law. I know that's the "majority-of-Maine-people" part of me speaking cause I know that Mainers are sick-to-death of hearing about all things gay. I'm with my sons. When they were teens they started calling odd things "gay." Can you remember when the word "gay" meant gleeful and happy? If you can you're probably a bigot in the new dictionary that the Attorney General's office is cooking up with the help of his latest transgendering hero/scholar.

Oh, I'm sorry for sounding so cynical. I've got to tell you, however, that there is nothing standing in their way now. I honestly don't understand why they can't just get it over with and pass their silly law so we can accelerate the decline of the traditional family here in Maine. Maybe that will speed us to the time when it won't be just folks who read their bibles who see through the nonsense and take a bit of time to do something about it.

Maybe the Nascar crowd will wake up and we can be done with the homosexualization of Maine, especially of our kids and grandkids. I'm not holding my breath.

Christians will never buy into the sodomy-based marriage mantra. My sense is, however, that most pastors already have given into the idea of the state defining marriage however it wants. Otherwise we would have seen more courage in 2005 when we fought the last statewide homosexual rights battle.

You may remember that the Catholic Chancery once again supported homosexual rights in 2005 (they also supported it in 1998, but were neutral in 2000). They were like America is all too often. They knowingly sold arms to an enemy who is only too willing to use those arms against the nation from whom they were purchased. While they were conceding the moral high ground to sexual orientation theorists the Chancery was saying that they will defend the concept of civil marriage to the death. It will be fascinating to watch the elephants of Roman Catholicism and homosexuality dance here in Maine ... fight I mean. You know what they say about elephants dancing. It's best to stay out of their way, otherwise you might get trampled underfoot.

Nope, I think it's all over but the shouting here in the liberal northeast. Bring it on.

I'll keep polishing my stones and looking for the right time and place to unleash them on this pink Goliath. I know the people are with me in their hearts because if they weren't then they wouldn't be truly gay!

� 2007 Mike Heath - All Rights Reserved

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Michael completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in religion/philosophy at Roberts Wesleyan College in 1985. In 1989 he became Executive Director at The Christian Civic League of Maine.

In 1992 Michael was the Republican nominee for Maine's House of Representatives in District 85. He's participated in dozens of candidate and issue campaigns since 1990.

Mike speaks each week all over Maine in churches, civic groups and on college campuses. Mike is often quoted in Maine's daily newspapers and frequently offers the League's perspective on national, statewide and local radio and television news programs. He produces a daily two minute radio commentary program called "Faith Matters in Maine." It airs statewide and can be heard online at

In addition to having been published in many of Maine's newspapers, Heath maintains a popular blog called He makes his home in South China with Paulie (, his wife of 23 years.

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Get ready for another year or two of euphemism-laden media barrages from our leftist press here in Maine. Al Gore finally helped the "gays" here with the internet that he invented.