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How Dennis Roler and The Daily Courier Politically Assassinates Fiscal Conservatives


Guest Opinion







By Ronnie Herne
October 16, 2016

Did you happen to read David Jaques editorial in his August 31st issue of The Roseburg Beacon? It is brilliantly titled: “While the republicans eat their young”.

David reported on the state republican central committee meeting in Portland the previous weekend. He must have been furious when he left because he seriously nailed a couple of butts to the barn wall! Top of the list was Dennis Richardson. Yes – our old friend Dennis …...

Wrote David Jaques in the editorial, “Speaking of such candidates, according to a recent Portland Tribune article, Dennis Richardson, candidate for Secretary of State, can't even decide if he will support the Republican nominee for president! Really?!! The other GOP hopeful Dr. Bud Pierce on the other hand says he supports Trump.” [Stay tuned on that one.]

That really stoked me up. To endorse someone is simple and it doesn't require going all out with the RAH! RAH! I've been following Dennis Richardson off and on for some years, looked like a pretty nice guy (except maybe on China.....). So I wrote the following to Dennis Richardson:

Subject: TRUMP
Date: 3 Sep 2016
To: Dennis Richardson <[email protected]>
cc: TRUMP Team <[email protected]>

To Dennis Richardson –

I just read David Jaques' latest editorial in The Roseburg Beacon. You want to be Oregon's SOS but you can't bring yourself to back the Republican nominee who garnered more votes than anyone prior?

You do realize, do you not, that some of TRUMP's votes actually came from Oregon? You do realize, do you not, that you just painted yourself as a RINO? Especially with your China views?

Is it left-over Viet Nam PTSD or do you have some horrible wish to fail? You should be unifying your backers, not dividing them. Let me know if/when you come to your senses. I can't back you, until you find your backbone.

In with TRUMP all the way.
Ms Ronnie Herne
American woman, vet, senior

He did me the courtesy of a reply two days later, on Labor Day to be specific. It follows.

Subject: Re TRUMP
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2016
From: Dennis Richardson <dennismrichardson>

Ms. Herne,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. I hope we can agree – a Secretary of State, whose job is to run our elections division, should be able to give voters of all political affiliations the peace of mind that our elections, the most important piece of our republic should be run with neutrality and be seen as being above partisan reproach.

I appreciate that you and I share in common our military service. When we wore the uniform, we didn’t get to be critical of our commander in chief, even when we might not have agreed. Similarly, the Secretary of State’s office has for years been a place where the officeholder stays neutral regardless of their personal beliefs.

I hope we can also agree that a Secretary of State Avakian would be devastating for Oregon. If you support Trump, I can say that you will be sorely disappointed by Avakian in this important role.

I’m sorry if you perceive my position continuing a tradition in Oregon of elections officials not endorsing candidates as a lack of backbone about the presidential race. As a legislator, I always endorsed and did so for the Republican candidate. In this race, since i'm to be the head of Oregon's elections, I believe it would be inappropriate to do so. I hope as you consider candidates for Secretary of State, you’ll look at my entire legislative past, and the last campaign where I correctly called the corruption in Governor Kitzhaber’s administration. As Secretary of State, I’ll be able to do more to shine a light on the corruption that’s happening in our state.



P.S. Please go to my website to see more about who I am and for what I stand.

Okay. For the sake of argument let us concede that it is total political correctness for the SOS to remain neutral. In fact, ALL government employees are REQUIRED to remain neutral during business hours. And elected officials generally follow suit. But, however, comma --

Dennis Richardson is currently not in any government position. He is a civilian with a relatively good legislative background: Background, as in-the-past. He is as free right now as the turkey vultures to fly as high as he wants, wherever he wants, and with as much grace as these beautiful birds exhibit.

But "grace" is not what he is exhibiting. No, Mr Richardson is exhibiting a balky, awkward Never TRUMP attitude guaranteed to slant votes to Hillary. If you noisily withhold your support for one of only two candidates then you at least tacitly lend support to the other.

Oh, I get his reference to Avakian as SOS. But does Dennis not "get" his own Hillary connection? -- from his own downright refusal as a Republican to endorse the Republican candidate voted for by more of us than any previous Republican candidate? And he does so because the SOS should be neutral? Is that all the future of America means to him?

DENNIS RICHARDSON IS NOT YET THE SOS. And he will not be the Secretary of State in the November 2016 election, either. Even if he wins he doesn't swear in until January, 2017.

So, does he think this puerile recalcitrance enhances his chances of actually becoming the Secretary of State? By Boosting Hillary? You know, by alienating Trump voters he might actually be advancing Avakian.....

What is it that Dennis takes issue with on Donald's platform? The wall? Immigration control? Vetting of Muslims? His Supreme Court picks? America First? Good trade deals? China trade changes? Pro-Life? Health vouchers? Energy independence? Decreasing foreign aid. Decreasing taxes. Decreasing corporate taxes. Encouraging corporate investment in American manufacturing? Dropping Common Core and returning education to the States and local districts? Improving the VA?

As Dennis Richardson is not supporting the man who does espouse these views, perhaps it would be fair game to ask Dennis where he stands on all these issues before giving him our vote for Secretary of State.

My guess is First he'll tell you that these are not the purview of the SOS. Second he'll tell you he is going to remain Neutral. Neither answer is acceptable as he may use the position of SOS as a stepping stone to the governorship. You don't know. And the SOS is next in line to the governorship.

And speaking of issues: From his own web site, under the Corporate Division section comes, “Oregon's businesses are a partner with the state --”

Would that be public/private partnerships? Aren't those where if there's a profit, the “private” side gets it but if there's a loss, the “public” side gets to pick up the tab?

And in his State Lands Board section (a very important position and vote), he sets himself up on so sharp a fence, well, read for yourself: “When considering votes on land use issues, Dennis will focus on obtaining maximum value from our natural resources, while preserving the beauty and heritage of our state’s environmental resources for future generations.”

I didn't actually hear the words “Logging” or “Mining” or “Fishing” there, did you? But I grasped real quick the sustainable environment commitment for future generations.

Dennis has always appeared fairly conservative but I read the above lines and I'm left with a serious quandry. Who is this Dennis running for SOS? I don't think I know. Those statements are closer to Agenda 21 and the New World Order than to America. As he's next in line for the governorship, maybe we should be very interested in asking him his political views.

As to neutrality – Neutrality be damned!

We need American Americans proud to stand up and be counted!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Buy a TRUMP tie. Wear it with pride!



PS: In the intervening time Bud Pierce, candidate for governor, has withdrawn his endorsement of Donald Trump, presumably to appease Potland liberals? Or to appease RINOs? So he has alienated the Trump voters but that wasn't enough.

No, in his September 30, 2016 debate with Kate Brown the following occurred.
She had stated that she had been a victim of domestic abuse. This was a good line for her but unfortunately a land mine for Bud.

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He responded with, “A woman that has a great education and training and a great job is not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men, women or anyone.” Whoops! And there went a bunch of women..... Bye, Bye Bud!

And so the republicans continue their flip flops, their lack of commitments, their unsteadiness. And these two have failed utterly in grasping the naked truth that Donald Trump's voters aren't just republicans. They are also democrats and independents and black and Mexican and gay and older and younger. Donald is bigger than the republicans. They just refuse to accept that.

PS2: Does “NO on 97” (a hidden state sales tax) sound about right?

© 2016 Ronnie Herne- All Rights Reserved

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Ronnie Herne is a veteran having served from 1969 to 1973 as a Captain in the Air Force. She was a Flight Nurse stationed in the Philippines with C-141 flights to DaNang, Ton Son Nhut, and Cam Rahn Bay, all destined for Japan. In addition she spent eight separate weeks on the ground in VietNam.

She started her political activities in 1991 with NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). She fought it but watched as Bush pushed it and Clinton completed it. She was a Perot Volunteer, active in United We Stand America, involved in the creation of the Reform Party of California.

She retired to Oregon and put her attentions on county government. With Agenda 21, regionalism, socialism, taxes, county land giveaways and other ills all present at the local level, she and a friend constructed a county Home Rule Charter to push back. It included property rights, water rights, veteran service, lower fees, no unelected county administrator, no “Green” code requirements, etc. It was a marvelous charter but failed. Agenda 21 marches on. So does Ronnie.

E:Mail: [email protected]



In the intervening time Bud Pierce, candidate for governor, has withdrawn his endorsement of Donald Trump, presumably to appease Potland liberals? Or to appease RINOs? So he has alienated the Trump voters but that wasn't enough.