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By Sheriff Gil Gilbertson
November 29, 2008

This Sheriff strongly believes in the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment ­ the right to bear arms. I must also stress the importance to those who choose to use weapons ­ they do so in a responsible and safe manner.

Many of you may, or may not, have heard of a state-wide effort to disclose the names, addresses and other identifying information of licensed concealed handgun holders, which includes you.

This issue first arose in Jackson County when a Medford newspaper (Mail Tribune) requested a list of all concealed handgun license holders, in 2007. Jackson County Sheriff Michael Winters refused the request, citing a statute about the compromise of personal "security measures."

The Court ordered Jackson County Sheriff to provide the list of information about Jackson County CHL holders to the local newspaper. The Court stated there was no evidence that people get a CHL as a security measure. The case is currently on appeal to the Oregon Court of Appeals.

In short, the media (and other groups) are demanding that Sheriffs disclose your identity. The question becomes who really needs to know, and why? Is this just the media flexing their muscles? Once this information is exposed, what nefarious consequences can you anticipate? Identity theft is yet another succeeding concern to this needless exposure.

I do not know this to be true in every case, but I believe people seeking out and acquiring concealed handgun licenses do so for their security whether for business, personal, or family safety. In any case, I also assume they do not wish that information to become public. This is only an assumption on my part, which brings us to the purpose of this article.

I believe most, if not all, of you that obtained your CHL (Concealed Handgun License) did so as a security measure, and that you would not want everyone in the State to have your personal information ­ I am asking that you contact the Civil Division of the Josephine County Sheriff Office to advise us on your position in this matter.

Depending on the outcome of the Appellate Court ruling, your personal information could become public.

As your Sheriff, I will do everything within my power to protect your privacy and maintain all rights and privileges secured by the Constitution, and laws. It is therefore important you inform us of your choice as soon as possible.

License holders who want to request protection of their records can respond by mail or stop by and sign our new form indicating your decision.

Recipients of this notice are asked to fill out yes or no responses to the following:

● I want my concealed handgun license information to be kept confidential and to be protected from release to the public.

● I applied for a CHL as a personal safety measure and I want all information about my application or license protected from release to the public.

The Sheriff’s Office welcome’s your questions and comments on this and any other topic of concern. Please contact us by phone at (541) 474-5120, or by email at

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2008 Gil Gilbertson - All Rights Reserved

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Gil Gilbertson has approximately thirty-years of national and international experience as a law enforcement officer, trainer, advisor, and senior administrator, in both military and civilian police units.

A veteran of Viet Nam, he has served in the U.S. Navy, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve. From 1975 to 1991 Gil was patrol and traffic officer, member of the special weapons tactical team, bomb squad, field-training officer, recovery diver, dispatcher, and jailer for the Waterloo, Iowa Police Department.

Between 1975 and 1996, Gil also served as a professional law enforcement instructor and advisor for the Special Tactics Association and the International Law Enforcement Training Group.

Beginning in 1996, Gilbertson served as the senior liaison for the International Police Task Force at Task Force Eagle, the American contingent of troops supporting the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This was a country suffering from anarchy and a bloody civil war. Gilbertson later took charge of an intelligence fusion center sharing information between the International Police Task Force and N.A.T.O.

In 2005, Gil spent a short tour in Iraq advising the local bomb squads, and a national highway patrol. Later Gil joined a tactical team in New Orleans to secure and defend hospitals that had come under sniper attack in the chaos immediately following hurricane Katrina.

January of 2007, Gil was elected as Sheriff of Josephine County, Oregon.

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This issue first arose in Jackson County when a Medford newspaper requested a list of all concealed handgun license holders, in 2007. Jackson County Sheriff Michael Winters refused the request, citing a statute about the compromise of personal "security measures."