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By Sarah Foster
November 8, 2016

This past weekend I received a message from Dr. Ed Berry, a meteorologist and NWV contributor who lives in Montana, daring me (and everyone else on his email list) to watch a short Internet video from the Trump for President campaign, the intention being to influence my decision in the voting booth come Tuesday. I’m not much for political promo pieces; besides, I’d already decided to cast my vote for The Donald. But what the heck – might as well take a look. I clicked on the link, turned up the speakers, and leaned back in my chair as the images began flashing across the monitor.

In less than four minutes I was completely emotionally drained, but feeling more optimistic than I had in weeks. This is one powerful video -- definitely one to save and watch again and again during the coming months, as the future grows increasingly bleak, as it will.

It’s been online since September, but somehow I’d missed it. I wish I’d seen it two months ago. It provides a real uplift to those of us who feel increasingly depressed while the country and world we know collapse around us.

What’s not to like? The title -- “Deplorables of the World Unite” – takes Hillary’s snarky remark about Trump supporters and throws it in her face, turning her words into a slogan of pride for people everywhere.

It’s brilliantly edited: a fast-moving montage of carefully selected news clips from various countries, featuring parades, people waving flags and banners, politicians making speeches or celebrating, with the Les Misérables song Do You Hear the People Sing? adopted as background music. There’s a lot of color, a lot of action as the clips segue from one scene to another, with strong text messages interspersed throughout. The editors have packed an amazing amount of information and messaging into the brief 3:49-minute runtime.

Commenting on Ed Berry’s blog, Barbara Stockwell describes it as: “The most wonderful presentation I’ve seen yet! I’m crying like a baby. We still have patriots in this country.”

She’s right. I defy any viewer not to shed a tear or two or at least feel a lump in their throat as they watch. That is, if they’re in general agreement with its message, which is unabashedly anti-globalization and pro-national sovereignty. Not everyone is, and the video will be denounced by them if it hasn’t been already.

What impressed me most about was not the technical skill of its creators or even the stirring music from Les Mis, but three things: First – It was not just about Trump and his candidacy. He was the focus, his statements anchor the piece at the beginning, the middle and near (not at) the end. But his statements while powerful are brief. This is no ordinary political promo piece.

Second – and this is what really grabbed me – emphasis is placed upon a movement I was only barely aware existed yet is apparently world-wide in scope and growing. The news clips show us that there are patriots in many countries demanding “we want our country back” – and they are beginning to win some political victories. They are our friends and they are routing for Trump, no matter what the MSM says. Who would have thought there was a Trump support group in Serbia, and another half a world away in India?

Third: The scenario is filled with optimism and positive messages. There’s scarcely a negative idea anywhere. We see politicians during moments of victory or celebration or making calm speeches to a cheering crowd. We see determination, but not anger. There is an astonishing absence of malice or negativity.

There is a section where the gloves come off and the “bad guys” are called out by name. It comes near the very end – where a set of bold text messages urges viewers to Join the Fight Against Globalism, Islamic Terror, the Clintons, Soros, the Establishment, Big Banks, Tyranny.

I’m not sure who made this video, but it was posted by a group called “Trumpennials.” In a comment on the work they talk about a “Trump revolution”:

"All over the world -- the spread of the Trump revolution continues for a free people and sovereign nations free from the clutches of globalism and Islamic terrorism. If being nationalistic, patriotic, and [a] free people who enjoy the riches of modern civilization is considered "deplorable" then count us in and consider us UNITED!"

The bulk of the video is a series of news clips of activists, politicians and ordinary people protesting in the streets. Seventeen nations are represented, and to help a viewer follow the action on screen, the Trumpennials have compiled a play list of nations in the order they appear, and titled “A Beautiful World of Sovereign Nation States.” Click here to read.

After I’d watched the video a few times, I found myself wanting to know more about what I was seeing. Who were these people? What were they protesting and celebrating? Where were they? The Beautiful World playlist was a help, particularly for identifying certain people. But there were gaps. Google helped. You can find almost anything with Google. So between the playlist and Google News I was able to suss out a lot of backstory.

I’ve put together an overview of the entire video, focusing on a few of the 17 featured countries.

Starting at the beginning: Trump is on a podium telling a cheering audience:

“We will make America Strong again”; “We will make America Proud again”; “We will make America Safe again”: and We Will Make America Great Again.” That’s when the title comes on – “Deplorables All Over the World Unite.”

A Text Message asks the crowd to “Join the Fight Against Globalism” etc. – and as music gathers power, the news clips begin to roll, first clips of individuals then the nations.

UNITED KINGDOM - 0:53 That’s Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and one of the men behind Brexit, announcing the Brexit vote back in June. Two months later (Aug. 24) Farage was at a Trump rally in Jackson, Miss., bringing a message of “We did it, so can you.” It’s a great speech. His advise: “Get your walking boots on and start campaigning.” Watch it here.

GERMANY - 1:05 – The dark haired lady is Frauke Petry, smiling and raising a glass in a victory toast. Germany has been fighting against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s disastrous refugee policy. Petry leads a party known as AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), which on March 13 won a bunch of local legislative elections undercutting Merkel's Christian Democrats. Some journalists called it "Black Sunday” for Merkel and her party.

SERBIA - 1:16 - Vojislav Šešelj: When VP Joe Biden went to visit the country recently on diplomatic duties, the Serbian Radical Party mobilized not only to protest Biden's visit, but to show him and the rest of the world a message: "VOTE TRUMP!"

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HUNGARY - 1:53 - Fidesz has been the nation's leading party for years, and Hungary stays in the fights against the EU through its longtime, and popular prime minister, Viktor Orban. It is vehemently against the flood of refugees coming into Europe and has recently built a wall to protect its citizens, both natural and legal immigrants.

The last scene is perhaps the most inspiring. Rather than end the video with a politician -- even Trump – making a statement, the editors chose a shot of a space craft heading into the cosmos. That’s the Atlantis space shuttle on its final launch in 2011. Followed by a clip of a space vehicle.

The final message:

Deplorables of the World Unite – Let’s make the world Great Again.

You can’t make any better pledge than that.

2016 Sarah Foster - All Rights Reserved

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Sarah Foster is a political researcher and freelance writer in Sacramento, Calif. She holds a BA in anthropology from UC Berkeley and a MA in folklore-mythology from UCLA. A contributor to, her writings have appeared in WND, Reason Magazine, The New American, and other libertarian/conservative publications.

Sarah can be reached at: [email protected]



In less than four minutes I was completely emotionally drained, but feeling more optimistic than I had in weeks. This is one powerful video -- definitely one to save and watch again and again during the coming months, as the future grows increasingly bleak, as it will.