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Emanuel McLittle
December 10, 2003

There is a point in every war when victory becomes impossible for the side that sustains too many defeats from an enemy using successful surprise attacks. This principle becomes important not just in Iraq but also in another, larger war against Christianity. The holidays are supposed to bring joy, good cheer and hope for the coming year. Instead, battle lines have been drawn that will determine if you will be able to celebrate Christmas in the way that you have since childhood.

The trouble did not start with Disney's new movie Bad Santa. In an R, rated movie, a twisted version of Miracle on 34th Street, Billy Bob Thornton plays a Santa with perverse appetites. Notwithstanding the fact that Santa never did represent the real, slender, Christ figure, Disney's Santa is an alcoholic, pot-smoking, womanizing cretin who would make a sailor on leave, prowling the red-light district, blush. What is indicative of the ancient hatred for what Christmas is supposed to represent are scenes where Disney's Santa actually uses four-letter words in the presence of children. This is the latest in a 2,000-year-old assault on values that are the purest principles known to man, the cornerstone of which says "you should have as much regard for others as you have for yourself."

It was the bisexual Roman emperor Nero who started it all. Taking the throne at 18 years of age, he ruled the known world from 54 to 68 a.d. and is remembered for the most vitriolic hatred of a new movement that began in Jerusalem. It all caught Rome by surprise. Just when they thought they had the world eating out of their hands in fear, having dominated every major country by military force and causing everyone to look to Rome (central government) for their very survival, along comes a movement that says otherwise. Christians they came to be called, and their movement spread as if they had the Internet. They did not, of course; they had the Spirit that trumps the Internet.

The leaders of this new movement were Peter and Paul, both of whom were killed on the orders of Nero. But Nero, who saw the world's worship and fear of him gradually fading because of a new teaching that said we should neither fear nor worship a national leader, Democrat or Republican, and that every human can know true liberty as well as direct contact with the real God, via a little-known door inside their own minds. Nero's CIA gathered intelligence on what was being taught by the Christians, and with the consent of the Roman Senate, all declared that the Christians were a terrible threat to the state and therefore must go, forever.

Nero was strange but worth understanding. At first, Nero's mother had a great deal of authority within his reign. She was a single mom who dominated her son to the exclusion of his manly, principled side. Nero grew resentful of her (Agrippina) power. Until 59 a.d. Nero was known for his generosity and mildness (weakness). In the beginning he was a moderate liberal who forbade capital punishment. He even outlawed contests involving bloodshed in the famous Roman stadium. He reduced taxes.

But this side of Nero disappeared when he ordered the murder of his mother, the equivalent of the same spiritual act that began all of our troubles and delusions. Soon afterward he became dark and mean-spirited. Though no one knew it, he was in a battle we all lose, against what is right, but not before he set a powerful precedent and did a lot of damage, and out of rage spilling a lot of blood in his own right.

As is always the case, a hatred that began with parents, teachers and guardians, a violation of the law that says "Honor your mother and father" morphs into a hatred for anything good, especially good government, good sense and liberty. Before long you (those on the Left) are voting for more taxes, bigger and bigger government and spending money you don't have on big-screen TVs. This hidden hate, infecting nearly everyone on the planet, drives all our wars, debt, child molestation, and the cruel system that says "you will pay, every month of your life, without a single month of rest, until you die."

Nero knew he had to get the entire world on his side in his lust to wipe out opposition to globalism. The values that taught self-government, an honest live-and-let-live kind of love instead of hate, had to go. He devised a plan that almost worked.

One night when everyone slept in the nation's capital, Nero's CIA farmed out the job to gangsters to commit a terrorist act. They set simultaneous fires in the city so that no one could put them out. The famous fire of Rome in 64 a.d., which killed thousands, was set by the state. No one knew this at the time. To afford him deniability and safety, Nero was in the city of Antium when the fires started. For nine days Rome, the world's capitol city, burned. The smoldering embers of the beloved city still choked when the newspapers, magazines and talking heads screamed: THE CHRISTIANS ARE TERRORISTS AND MUST BE KILLED, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.


Nero could not kill a Spirit he could not see. No matter whom he fed to the lions, the whisper of genuine liberty spread and wrapped itself around the entire world and continues to do so. Everyone came to know that the opposite of everything good is big government getting bigger. Frustrated that they could never seem to kill the thirst for this new, internal but confounding kind of liberty, now in nearly everyone alive, the battle has gone on and on and on. They have gotten smarter, however. Now, instead of using brute force, which they know hardens the human spirit, they use the law, at least their interpretation of the law. The notion of separation of church and state would have overjoyed Nero, now long gone, killed by his own hand in 68 a.d. Now we have a much cleverer successor of sorts, the ACLU.

Using laws designed to feed the fires of liberty, burning inside almost everyone for 2,000 years, the ACLU is the dean of 'how to rid America of Christianity,' not really unlike Nero's more brutish federal policy. For 25 years the ACLU, followed by Hollywood, education, medicine and even some politicians and churches, have worked tirelessly to sweep America clean of principles that when understood fertilize a governmentless liberty. So far, they are unable to say exactly what part of Christianity they hate - the part that says "Do nothing to others you don't want done to yourself" or " Love what is right above all else." After turning their lions loose on former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, who killed no one, hated no one, molested no child, who wanted nothing more than to display a copy of the most intelligent document written, the Ten Commandments, their attack has succeeded. Now they have begun to work on Christmas.

The ACLU is the newest scrooge. Their attacks against the idea of a child born to save people from themselves and government is simply too much. Their latest attack came just a month ago in Colorado. There they are suing (the new weapon of choice) a school district because the principal refused to censor Christmas. A November letter, co-signed by the Anti-Defamation League, demanded that the Elbert County School in Elizabeth, Colo., stop plans for its annual Christmas play, on the grounds that it offended Jewish students. "All references to Christmas must be banned," it says.

It didn't begin there. U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent (named after an Old Testament prophet) in Galveston, Texas, ordered that no student will utter a single word about Christ during Christmas. This happened in May 1995. His rule still stands in that school district. The ACLU argued in that case that any talk of Jesus, the most hated name in history, and anything biblical was "hate speech." What their immense intelligence does not allow them to see is that they are unwittingly adding to the validity of a name they say has no real impact on the scheme of things. The fact that they not only know better but also are terrified of this name, to say nothing of the possibility that He lives to grow his movement (3 billion Christians worldwide), speaks volumes.

Despite their success in mainstreaming homosexuality, wide-scale pornography, government that is attempting to become the new Rome, education that steals intelligence instead of imparting it, lies masquerading as truth, and a majority that runs from the lions, as we always have, the principles begun by Christ still live. So, do we fight to maintain the Christmas spirit we cherish as the biggest holiday in the Western world? That, depending on your mindset, must be an individual thing. You decide. Christmas or not, a 2,000-year-old revolution is slowly changing things, despite appearances, so that "meek people," who do not want to use government to help themselves live off other people's earnings, will eventually dominate the world.

Decorated pine trees, bright lights and gift-giving existed long before the Christian faith. The concept originated in ancient Egypt in the days of King Osiris, around about 3000 b.c. It was not called Christmas back then. The word Christmas is derived from "Mass of Christ" or Christ-Mass, created by the Roman Catholic Church as late as 300 years after Christ. No one celebrated birthdays before then.

Instead, it was the custom of the ancient world to celebrate the death, the passing of a person into the next world, never their births into a world full of troubles. As a matter of fact, the Catholic Church did not get Christmas from the original Apostles. Neither Christmas nor any mention of Christ's birth date is mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Judging from the many details in the Bible, this omission must be purposeful. All of this is according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911 Edition, published by the Catholic Church

I confess that for the past 20 years I have been a scrooge of sorts, although not quite of the lineage of Ebeneezer. You will find no Christmas tree in my home on Christmas. There are no decorations of any kind, and no gift exchanging either. I do accept a gift or two from grandchildren or others who believe it an insult not to give one, but I do not reciprocate. I am making a statement here.

Christmas means a lot to those around me, so I use the occasion to have a merry time with family, eat too much and enjoy a respite from a hectic schedule. Christmas has no other meaning to me. The truth about Christmas (and everything else) is superior, in my mind. You can feel free to share in the traditional family gatherings without the nagging hunch that you're dabbling in a little paganism, but not at the expense of the truth. You must know in your mind that the entire holiday is fictitious and has no basis in reality. Knowing this, have a good time with family and friends, making every occasion to do so a celebration.

Accepting this truth, you do not have to be a scrooge. Your smile can be as bright as anyone's at Christmas time. You can even exchange gifts, spend tons of money in lights and electricity - just don't slip off the ladder when you hang all those lights. What matters here is what you know in your heart. It is more valuable that you support the appointment of federal judges who respect the Constitution, a document that arose from the days when word spread that we can be free of evil and government.

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Not only did Judge Roy Moore lose, as if he were alone in a lion's den, but we acted like the frightened Christians of old. When one of us is caught and persecuted by the ACLU or the IRS, we still run in fear that our homes, our comfort, will be threatened.

Here is what we must all decide. Can you really celebrate Christmas and watch what is happening to the one place on earth that attempted to express the real purpose for which He was born? America, we dare not let this crude replica of goodness go without an intelligent and strategic fight against enemies that are not foreigners. Merry Christmas.

2003 Emanuel McLittle - All Rights Reserved

Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance.










"U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent (named after an Old Testament prophet) in Galveston, Texas, ordered that no student will utter a single word about Christ during Christmas. This happened in May 1995. His rule still stands in that school district."