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Emanuel McLittle
October 11, 2003

There are lies and then there are damn lies. It is the latter that was recently poured all over the most influential conservative radio voice in America. And what is the preferred weapon of those who want dead air to replace Rush Limbaugh? Shades of the truth are their spears, thrown not only at the man but also at the common sense beamed to tens of millions of listeners daily. They lust to hurt a growing understanding, aided by Limbaugh, about the dangerous designs the Left has for our nation. What you believe weighs heavily on their success or failure.

Rush's assassins first scoured the nation for years, trying to find someone, anyone, who could sit in front of a microphone and rebut the man who really did have "talent on loan from God." This is their real envy. Imagine a man with so few "credentials." The 53-year-old, named Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, a native of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is the world's most accomplished personality in the history of radio. A first-year college dropout, Rush began pursuing his radio dreams as a news commentator. He was fired from this gig, as he was from many radio jobs, for being too "controversial." The light broke through in April 1984 when talk radio station KBFK in Sacramento hired Rush to replace big mouth Morton Downey, who was known at the time, as "Mr. Offensive." In July 2001 Rush signed the largest contract in radio history. As the highest-paid talker he earns $250 million in eight years. The calculator calls that $31,250,000 every year, or $2,604,000 per month. His financial success is a cause for envy all by itself, suggesting that such an American dream has no business going to anyone outside the global "club."

His single voice is so powerful that presidents have gone to his New York studio to do a sit-down interview with him. More than 20 million people tune in to listen every week and this does not count those who hate him but listen secretly. His combination of common sense, and grasp of truth and humor is a winning combination that has been devastating to the evil Left. It is they, and their reputation death squads that have launched an all-out war against the Christopher Columbus of talk radio. Silencing a common man, who spends his life telling fellow Americans how the politics of a half century is rigged against politically naive citizens, became the drive.

Al Franken, whose claim to fame sprang from a weekend late-night comedy show called Saturday Night Live, was their new point man. He would be used to start the psychological war, that part of all wars before the shooting starts. A writer and one of the comics of SNL, Franken and deceased John Beluschi, were the heart of a show that found an audience in bashing politically and culturally conservative ideas. By 1996 Franken penned his first personal assault, titled Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar. The book was a flop, but the method of assault was exactly what the hidden enemies of common sense wanted. What began with incessant fat jokes and personal insults about the growing radio sensation culminated seven year later with calls for his termination from ESPN. He had done what was natural for his radio environment but a sin for TV. He dared question the wisdom of pushing affirmative action in professional sports, where skill and athletic ability are thought to rule.

For the average Rush fan, news junkie or sideline spectator, the rest seems like a coincidental nightmare. It is no mere fluke that two days after the controversial ESPN firing, the paper that has been sued more than any other American publication shouted the headline: RUSH LIMBAUGH CAUGHT IN DRUG RING INVESTIGATION. Reporters at the National Enquirer admit they were investigating the story for three years. What was not clear, and will never be made clear, is what prompted their investigation. How did a newspaper decide to look at the life of Rush Limbaugh, or anyone's life, with preconceived expectations? What exactly motivated the desire to look? Certainly, no call came to the editors suggesting that Rush was out on the street buying drugs. No. This question goes to how much of all the news is generated by the search for dirt on conservatives. To understand this process is to glimpse why and how mediocre-to-horrible politicians are chosen, over deeply principled people, to run America. A deeper question is, did Rush's first use of the narcotic OxyCotin originating from a Florida pharmacy, which sold to hundreds of "clients," begin entirely of his own free will? Or was he trapped into a problem that now tears at the credibility of 15 years of what amounts to "radio free America"? Perhaps he himself has never probed this aspect of his problems. The facts, despite the revelations, are still quite murky and may forever be.

Sometime around four years ago, a housekeeper named Wilma Cline begin supplying Rush with pharmaceutical-grade painkillers (mind-numbers). This is the woman who prepared Rush's food, poured his drinks and was trusted with his personal care. It was she who had a relationship with Rush that has still not seen the light of day. There is no drug history in Rush's past. Why now, at 50 years of age? Is there something missing here? I intuit that there are a lot of details not known. I sense that the Left has used the truth to tell a larger lie. Yes, Rush did find himself in a pressure cooker, holding, almost single-handedly, a dam of political pressure that threatens rupture. The pressure to stop informing the American public about the inner workings of the evil Left, bent on the destruction of our nation, may simply be too much for one man. Wait. Don't judge a situation you have only a scant amount of information about. Real understanding is often filled in like a mosaic, one piece at a time. Be patient. In time, we will know everything we need about everything and everyone.

More To Politics Than Politics

Our first mistake is to continue to allow a universal sense of rightness, given to every person with a conscience, to be dubbed in political terms. We are not mere "conservatives," simply opposed to another political view, "liberal." We are "right" opposed to "wrong." This right, which pre-exists humans, is not our property. It belongs to God. It is His personality, known to us as "what is right." We do not own it any more than we own oxygen. We can agree with it, try to live by it and as we are commanded, love it more than anything else. It is not mere words. It can ride atop of words, as if the words were vehicles. Rush, I suspect, is a political prophet of sorts for this reality. The idea of politics is but a veil hiding this simple truth.

Is it not a wonder that the lion's share of the media regularly point fingers at conservatives for lifestyle choices the evil Left isn't even ashamed of and yet believes is wrong? If not, why the smearing of Arnold Schwarzenegger with sexual indiscretions the accusers do openly? This is proof that not only do they know exactly what they are serving up to you and me, but they also design everything - nearly every movie, every TV show, all but a small portion of the press exist to undermine our nation. This undermining is not an accident, something most of us were afraid to see and say until Rush. Schwarzenegger is evil and not NBC's new sitcom called Queer Men? And how about the new TV show called Couplings, as close to pornography as anything can get. Let there be no doubt that politics and most of the politicians who comprise it are but a sham for the pretense that there is a serious fight to eradicate the nation's evils. The opposite is true.

Rush Limbaugh has his reasons for falling into a pattern of drug abuse in his mistaken attempt to cope with pressures we all share. A single innocent pill, taken for reasons we will never know, constituted a fall that had an impact before he knew he had fallen. It is the same for 80 million Americans, who the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says are a part of a growing culture that medicates (sedates) itself. Using everything from alcohol to marijuana to cocaine to crack to model airplane glue, we are "running into the arms of a bear to escape the anxiety of an indwelling snake." More than 40 million Americans use and abuse prescription drugs to effect a sense of well-being their hurried, misguided lives robs them of. Half, or 20 million of these, can no longer renew their prescriptions, so they find another way to buy pills their doctor won't give them anymore. Coping is the crime these people commit and Rush was one of these. Is it wrong? Yes. But he is not different from you or me, who use other methods to escape our inability to handle the pressure our trusted politicians and their comrades in education, medicine and the social sciences have placed us in. We are all like trapped animals, dying of fear and anger at the betrayal we all sense from every direction, even from our best friends.

Some have seen that he was right who said "the best place to hide anything is out in plain sight. Those of us in the business of watching the press have fallen for the trick as well. We look through reams of research for the problems that strike at our souls and the nation we call home. But what we seek is not hiding beneath anything. Our enemies are close by. They are within the institutions we have come to use, trust and invest our lives in. There is something dark about politics. No matter who we elect, the good they do is erased by the next person we elect. The next office-holder conceals the evil of his predecessor. We are entertained by the same evil that is killing our children. We regard subversion as education and give $780 billion of our blood to it every year. This is hush money our handlers know is payment to hide us from the real antidote. We spend all our lives paying for a home and a few cars while the government steals the rest of our earnings. They, in turn, spend it in ways we would never spend it. Yet we have no choice, it seems, than to give more taxes to more politicians. Their treachery has long been obvious. Even without Rush a fool can see their fangs. Still, Rush rails against them and has opened up the field for thousands more to do the same. This is the real problem for Rush. He has hurt them.

Let mercy rest upon the brow of Rush Limbaugh, who could have been anything he wanted. He has that "can-do spirit." What he decided to do with his life was to expose the evil he sensed, as a kid, was everywhere. In the early days he tried to comfort himself with food to ease the pain of the discovery of a total lack of genuine love anywhere, and of the rigors found in the journey he had chosen. What he now knows is that no amount of money, no amount of fame, no woman, no pill can lighten the burden. What we must credit him with is that in the end he decided against joining the creeps who suck our blood dry. Rush chose to fight. Can you say that about yourself?

2003 Emanuel McLittle - All Rights Reserved

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Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance.









"Our first mistake is to continue to allow a universal sense of rightness, given to every person with a conscience, to be dubbed in political terms. We are not mere "conservatives," simply opposed to another political view, "liberal." We are "right" opposed to "wrong." This right, which pre-exists humans, is not our property. It belongs to God."