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Emanuel McLittle
October 7, 2002

The truth is a powerful, living thing and stands opposite of every lie. It is not widely recognized in this material world because of its passive nature. There is nothing boisterous about the truth. It is not violent in its bid for acceptance. It only seems that liars are more successful, like the great white shark assuming it rules the ocean it swims in. When a casual observer desires, just a little, to know the truth about any matter the truth becomes observable. And for those of us who love the truth, it often contradicts the news of the day, even before it is consulted. In silence it stands and stands, and stands until the lie becomes obvious. And now it has something to say about America’s Iraqi policy, despite the attempt by the hawks, a predatory bird, to use truth, Saddam’s crimes, to tell their lies, not unlike the shark.

Last month Al Gore shaved his beard and stepped onto the world stage again. He wore a self-conscience look, like a shy kid facing classmates who knew of his proclivity for lies. As he began to speak about Bush’s Iraqi policy his tongue twisted in the opposite direction of his ambitious heart. He wanted to be believed, not for truth’s sake but to buttress an unstable political position. An angry Al Gore with revenge on his mind used the oldest, most sophisticated trick of political careerists. He used the truth to tell a lie. We have all done it. He told the world that it was “America who had become the aggressor,” against a nation with little to no power to defend itself. This is true, no matter the rhetoric to the contrary. His lie was that he is well intentioned, having destroyed his own credibility before, during and after Florida. This isn’t the first time the truth was used to hide a lie.

No news report told us. Yet, Americans know someone, other then Oswald, blew Kennedy’s head off from the opposite direction than the one we were told; that Clinton soiled the core of America’s soul, not just for sex but to defile us down deep; we know that FDR’s politics, a gift from uncle Joe Stalin, opened the door for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; that no crazed John Hinckley shot president Reagan. Hinckley was a constructed, hypnotized and controlled assassin. Like the Manchurian candidate, I doubt he even knew he had pulled the trigger. Our attempt to kill and overthrow Castro shined a light on the semiotic relationship between the mafia and our government. Now a silent truth declares that the American government has been corrupted in the same way a man, healthy as a teen, becomes defiled after too many lies, contacts with prostitutes and money he didn’t earn.

The worst of all our nightmares is that there is at least a small possibility that our government has lost respect for the voters. They often do the bidding of others who do not always have our best interest in mind. These “others” hate genuine conservatives, despite the leanings of most Americans, a people who love the notion of live-and-let-live. Reagan, and before him, Goldwater were flukes. They slipped through the bars of our new political gate. But no more such slips. Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes were not acceptable to the gatekeepers, not even as presidential running mates. Congressman Ron Paul is quietly considered unstable in an environment where the political center has been moved way to the left. Real conservatism, nothing more than old-fashioned common sense that recognizes a pre-existent truth, has been driven underground, to the Internet.

Our domestic condition can now be viewed through an ironclad, linguistic radar that detects and expels any truth. Now that we have used truth to lie, pure truth is struck down in nearly every debate about important national matters. Even writing about everyday things, political or otherwise, truth is silenced as pathological and conspiratorlists-crazy, despite the fact that our nation’s fingerprints can be found at many international crime scenes over the past 60 years. Nevertheless we know that something is wrong with the twisted consensious as it relates to the Iraqi issue. How do we know? An unspoken truth tells us so. Otherwise there would be no disagreement over Iraq.

The Iraqi situation is fortuitous. It brings center stage issues larger than all its parties. It begs important questions like, who can be armed and who cannot? The idea that one country can rightfully disarm another comes from the state’s successful disarming, psychologically speaking, America’s gun owners. The way the press hammers away at cleverly contrived terms like, “weapons of mass destruction,” indicate no one should have them. Also, who decides who can be armed and by what authority is such decisions made? If we are really a democracy when did the world vote to put America in charge? We accuse Saddam of being a tyrant but he has killed a fewer number of innocents than American bombs. I plead, who can ignore these truths or the arrogance that now proposes war against a nation who never struck America? We are apparently operating under a world system that has never announced its existence. Why not? Exactly when did America’s president gain the power to look to the other side of the world and decide to evict heads of sovereign states? When did the sovereignty of other nations cease to exist? Moreover, where are all those smart journalists who pride themselves on asking the tough questions?

A new language that includes the term “regime change” has been accepted as if the term and the idea has always existed. No other nation in the world speaks of changing the regime of other sovereign nations. The importance of this is its effect on how it will play out when a group of foreign countries hate an American president so much that they will bind together to get rid of him. It sounds ludicrous but it is an idea we introduced as early as Korea and later, Viet Nam and the Bay of Pigs. We speak of regime change as if it is a gift. We say that the people in countries who have had their leaders snatched away are “liberated.” But are they? What arrogance.

Why then do we need a small army to protect Gen. Pervez Musharraf after we changed regimes in Afghanistan? The man we inserted, after ousting the Taliban, would be dead in a New York second were it not for our troops, a dozen or so who stand over his bed as he sleeps. Why didn't Iranians love the Shah? The same might be said for other U.S. controlled Arab nations like, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. These are hardly liberated nations. They are all monarchies, not democracies. On the other hand, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Iran and Iraq refuse to “kiss the ring of the emperor” in Washington. They may or may not be evil nations. Our job, it seems to me, isn’t to play the role of God in determining who is righteous and who is not, while being insulted when they call us evil. Our wealth and might, always measured with other nations helping us militarily, is producing a sociopathic condition all empires suffer from. We believe that all those we force by the barrel of a gun to love us will be faithful forever. How naÔve! Now we are ready to knock down the door of---- another nation, in gangster fashion. We are farther away from remembering when we were a beautiful, strong and innocent nation, like a 17 year old who hardly knows how yet to lie.

Our aggression is wrong, not just from the view of foreign nations horribly intimidated by the United States, but for the law that it will------ surely evoke. We will reap what we sow. With right on our side, we would need no help from allies. We can and should remain faithful friends of Israel without doing evil to Israel’s enemies. This is the reason that those of us who love America must speak out, so as to cut short the consequences of our reckless scheming for oil and global power. Please, let us not commit this evil.

We have lied and used the truth to do so. Morocco is under U.S. control but not liberated. Algeria is under U.S. control but not liberated. Tunisia is the same. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia are all nations we virtually control. But there's no real liberation in these loose colonies. Saddam may or may not be an evil man. Tell me, do we even know that for sure outside of our media’s reports? If more evidence existed would they not have drowned us in it? Would it not be obvious? Something is terribly wrong here. Everyday we hear of a little more of what sounds like trumped up charges. The Iraqi question also challenges another old idea. Can we win anything by doing evil to defeat evil?

Liberal or conservative, we all know that injustice reaps injustice. It is immutable, higher than any written law. We have become Goliath, forgetting that there was more behind David’s rock than Goliath knew. If we unjustly attack Iraq for reasons not fully justifiable, if we kill under hidden motives, the entire universe, sooner or later, will send a rock toward our foreheads. We dare not devalue life simply because they are not American lives. And how honorable is a war fought against an impoverished third world country? McArthur would never drop bombs on a nation with no air force and incapable of getting a single fighter plane off the ground. What must we look like to the rest of the world? We certainly do not look honorable fighting inept people on the ground from 20,000 feet in the air, while considering it a violation of international law for them to shoot back in their own defense.

These truths are not beyond conservative men of honor, myself included. But a quiet campaign silences us. It is our man in the White House who seals our lips. It feels like betrayal to disagree with President Bush. Further, none of us, men or women of common sense who tend to vote Republican, can shake the confusion we feel when we see those on the left touting their “give peace a chance” mantra in demonstrations all around the nation. We need not be confused. They are using the truth to lie. We never want to be seen agreeing with Gore or the nut-case demonstrators who have made a career of hating everything American. But there may be a deep lesson in this as well. If the truth cannot get a hearing in the company of men of reason, will it not go to the nation’s rebels? Perhaps so! In any case we must not assume that just because they are liberal, and a little whacked, that they are incapable of seeing the truth about anything. If we think this way we may as well drop a bomb in the middle of their next demonstration. China can show us how this is done. The left was half right about Viet Nam and their King Arthur, John Kennedy, who was far more conservative than both Bushes.

Lastly, Minority Report is a movie made by Steven Spielberg, staring Tom Cruise, this past year. The setting is a hundred years into the future. The movie depicts a time when technology could predict, by reading a person’s thoughts, when and if he or she would commit a crime. Based on this prediction people were arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced for a crime that never happened. Well, we do not have any such technology today. Nor are we God. Moreover, the idea that men and nations are innocent until proven guilty is the cornerstone on which America stands. We stand on this foundation as surely as the WTC buildings stood on its concrete foundation. Based on this principle of principles we could never seize a man walking down the street, and because of his criminal history, convict and take away his life to prevent any possible future crime.

Nowhere among men of reason could such a scenario exist. And yet, this is what we propose for Iraq. Oh, the nation of my birth will you not pull back from the lunacy of your pride? Do not offend the God who has given you everything, including lifting you above any nation that ever existed. Holster your weapon, and stand down from the evil that will revisit you seven times the force you inflict on others. We are mighty. Do not lust after Almighty status. It is reserved for Deity. There is no shame, but great honor, in pulling back form a precipice that will ultimately crush our heads. To do so will bring praise from a world we sought to conquer. It will exchange fear for genuine respect. It may even reduce the price of oil while solidifying a genuine brotherhood of nations, giving honor to America and God, and a return to a time when truth stood in our watchtowers.

Long live America.

© 2002 Emanuel McLittle - All Rights Reserved

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Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance.