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By Emanuel McLittle
July 24, 2010

There are two ways to view the world. One is as a blind man sees. The other is with the eyes that see what is beyond what the enemy magician hides. It is by no accident that there has been more material progress in the United States during the 20th century than there was in the entire world, during all the previous centuries, combined. During the past 50 years life expectancy has increased by 30 years. Killer diseases, such as tuberculosis, polio, typhoid and pneumonia almost disappeared during the age of baby-boomers. Food that only the wealthy ate a century ago is today being eaten, daily by America's poor. Wages have quadrupled from $3.50 an hour to $12.00 per hour, on average in the last 50 years.

During the course of last century alone, the affordability of all goods has greatly increased. Most poor Americans make choices only the upper middle class made 80 years ago. Near 95 percent of every American household have no less than two telephones, electricity and a flushing toilet, all conveniences our grandparents were lucky to have. More than 70 percent of Americans own a car, a VCR, a microwave, air conditioning, cable TV, Googles daily and a washer and dryer. Such goods are common today, but were scarce a century ago. Dr. Julian Simon (deceased in 1998) was an economics professor at the University of Maryland and senior fellow at the Cato Institute. He studied and wrote, "America's 20th century was the greatest century of Human progress in history." While America's getting was better than good the God who delivered colonists from the clutching fingers of English mid-wives, is dying in the minds of more Americans every year.

The World Christian Encyclopedia documented in 2006 that "The status of faith is especially dire in the west, [Europe and America] where churches face an unprecedented crisis that threatens the existence of organized faith as a viable entity. There is surprisingly little that can be done to change the massive defections from Christianity that's taking place in Western Europe, due to secularism and in America, due to materialism. The number of non-religionists in the 20th century skyrocketed from 3.2 million in 1900, to 697 million in 1970 and on to 918 million in 2000." But the predicted defections are due to deeper causes than fat wallets, fat waistlines and full cupboards.

The great "falling away" is still occurring and will continue among a huge, unnumbered crowd that never really knew the real God. So few actually know or know of the real God that it's time to illuminate, just a bit as to whom we are talking about. Existence, all that is, was never a place. Existence is a living, active thinking but unseen Being. Existence forever existed. Existence exist now and will forever exist in the forever future. To make matters simple let's start at the beginning of our insight, since there actually never was a beginning of Existence.

Before anyone, anything or any place existed Existence, consisting of a single living, spherical, MEGA-MAGNIFICENT ATOMIC LIGHT existed then and now. Existence is a forever living fiery Sun many times larger and much more atomically intense than any light known to Humans. This One absolute Being is the whole of all-existence, alone. Remember, Existence is a massive, living BEING, who used His actual everywhere presence to replicate the Human form. This is a difficult concept for most. Let's use familiar icons to illustrate. Imagine, if you will that the entire Existence is the sum total of one HUGE INVISIBLE LIGHT that is the whole of Existence. Before the beginning of anything, less than 100,000 years ago, there were no people, animals, insects, no universe, planets of any kind anywhere. Before anyone, anything or any place existed a brightness that could think, see, hear, smell taste and feel existed and will forever exist.

Step two of this illustration requires you to imagine that a really massive MASTER UNIVERSE, called Heaven, was created not more than 100,000 or so years ago, containing all other universes and was the second creation. The first creation wasn't really a creation. It was the active, verbal portion of Existence, who was almost a separate individual from He that never moved, since He was already everywhere simultaneously. His active self He called HIS-WORD. Heaven, the universe holding all other universes is centered by a matter-based planet called Paradise, where a small portion of God's INVISIBLE-BEING rules the Master Universe, the whole of creation, His Kingdom.

The Master Universe, the universe-of-universes is the design and creation of the One Humans call God and contains all else in existence. The Master Universe is constructed inside of God, the beyond massive Being who pre-existed, designed and created all else, everywhere. So God is the only entity inside and outside of the Master Universe. We'll devote ourselves to this universe-of-universes and its child, the Physical Universe, centered by a planet called Earth. The point to grasp is outside the Master Universe nothing exists accept God. Imagine the Master Universe is just one small organ in the body of a forever living, extremely intelligent and intensely bright, PERSON, who isn't hiding. God is the sum total of all POWER in existence and is a perpetual Atomic Fire so bright and intense that no living person could prevent instant disintegration, even at a distance of billions of miles away. God exist behind matter, everywhere. Now we see that God is far, far more than God. God isn't hiding. He's protecting us. This is extremely important to understand.

Again, Existence is THE source of all life, everywhere and is beyond any living person or thing's ability to survive, even a few seconds of its Atomic, Ultra-Gamma Rays: the highest, most intense electro-magnetic nuclear radiation in existence. The ultimate, living and far beyond Brilliant, Supreme Person is the body of an unending, massive Atomic-Fire, which never extinguishes. Because of His size and intensity God had a serious problem with His desire for companions. He could construct no other intelligent Beings who could tolerate, survive His far beyond Atomic, electro-magnetic and huge presence, then or now. So, He reverted to plan "B" of His infinite longings for companions. He created miniature universes, all inside the Master Universe and much more miniature Beings, Angels and Humans who could all relate to a miniature version of Himself. This worked. God's essence is now in trillions of forms, everywhere, especially on Earth, where His essence is the life force of all that lives, especially Humans. The Master Intelligent source of all life has a Human representative, an immortal, living in a partly physical body, ruling the Physical Universe, now. He is historically known as Jesus Christ.


Astrophysicist Bernhard Haisch, President of California Institute for Physics believes that everything, everywhere, living and non-living is made of various soups of Atoms. All Atoms are made of various forms of Light. Anything that has mass and takes up space is called matter. All matter is made up of atoms. Atoms, the cells from God's body are the basic material of all that exist, everywhere. Each Atom has a nucleus, containing protons, electrons and neutrons, all forms of light. Remember, before the beginning nothing existed anywhere except a massive EVER-BURNING, INTENSE, ATOMIC LIGHT, which was the entire body of Existence. So, when the Light thought and designed the Master Universe (smaller than HIS baby finger), He had only one material - LIGHT. Being beyond genius God figured millions of different formulas to construct the Master Universe and every living and non-living content of every world, inside the Master Universe. When it came time to construct Humans God followed His careful plans. He first constructed the Earth with one of His best inventions, WATER. In addition carbon energy, hydrogen, citric acid, various sugars, sodium hypochlorite and organic matter, all of which were originally different forms of Light. God filled the Earth with an atmosphere containing His life force. In addition to these ingredients rock and grasses (bone, veins, teeth, finger-toe nails, hair). The chief portion of Human genetics is the life force of God, blown directly into the physical body of the first man.

It is very obtuse to postulate that every living thing on Earth (and the universe) lives by "oxygen." Science claims that oxygen is an atomic, reactive gas. You are alive not by a chemical gas? Every person, animal, bird, insect, fish, every blade of grass, everything of every kind, everywhere lives off the essence of the massive Intelligent Being, God. What we call oxygen is actually an element of the life force of the one God. Science hates to admit that they, you, I, no one can continue to exist for five (5) minutes without HIM. You'd be unconscious in three and a half (3.5) minutes. You'd be dead in less than five minutes twenty seconds (5.2), without God. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology Astronomer, Dr. Claude Canizares spoke to a gathering of colleagues at a September, 2005 meeting of the American Astronomical Society. He said, "what we call oxygen was the original infusion of life on Earth, from deep space. Explosions of strategic supernovas surrounding Earth were constant a million years ago. [I wonder why no explosions now.] Other raw material accompanied by precious gases eventually spread throughout the whole universe, including our own solar system." The word every professional, especially science professionals is educated to avoid is "God."

Scientific terminology avoids any capitulation to the obvious facts that "someone" infinitely brilliant, designed, constructed and perpetually maintains every living and non-living principal on Earth and every universe, now. All science knows that if there were no current and constant relationship with the One Everywhere, Supreme Being, nothing anywhere would - could exist at all. Most scientists, are bone-to-bone with the enemy of man and God. The two have worked feverishly to fully possess and control the planet God awarded to Humans. It is these mostly unseen, physical and political powers that in the early 1700s established an unwritten policy, amounting to, avoid at all cost any mention of "intelligent design, creation and certainly God." Words like "explosion" give back-up to a universe coming into existence by a chaotic explosion. The evolutionary notion of "millions of years" are refuted by a U.S. Senate report, made a part of the record by Oklahoma Senator, James Inhofe on March 2009. Listed in this report are over 700 scientists, who agree with a fellow scientist, a professor emeritus at the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Edward Blick, who documented, "The Earth couldn't be more than 10,000 years old."

Certainly the delicate property of life could do no less than arrive by chaotic explosions, since all Humans are subjected to the notion that the best of Texas Watermelons and Hawaiian Pineapples, came from an explosion with a sizable bang. This says nothing about the latest computer programs that almost think. But now the concealers are in trouble. Nearly all scientists originally knew, a century ago the character of the everywhere life force, the unseen Light invisible to Human eyes. The 21st century doors opened with more proof that an intelligent Power - is behind all there is.

Only a few scientists have sources of income not depending on the science establishment and therefore have a free voice. Albert Einstein was one of many scientists who did and he knew. Dr. Einstein said in a March 1954 speech he titled, The Merging of Spirit and Science. He said, "Humans are part of a whole we call the universe, which is a part of a larger whole. Our value is the measure we obtain liberation from self. A beautiful and most profound experience is learning of the mystical, the sower of all true science. To know that what is incomprehensible to us really exists, manifesting Himself as the Highest Wisdom and the most Radiant Beauty, which our dull minds can't comprehend. This knowledge, feeling is at the center of true science and religion." The early sprouting of a quiet campaign to eliminate any direct or indirect reference to God found most scientists cooperative. There were, are a few rebels.

It all began in 1772, when Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a Swedish Chemist got a career boost. He gave the commonly known everywhere life essence a new name. He called it "oxygen." Scientist all over the world then knew how to move their careers forward, "kill God." By 1850 a clever but deceptive theory, dressed in science's tuxedo called Evolution blanketed the world in nine months. It endeavored to hypnotically delete the Human mental connection remaining to God. It used science to suggest a biological record exists, verified by fossils and the diversity of many living organisms. The lie proposed, "all species evolved, including Humans, who were not created by Divine Intelligence," science claimed. A process called natural selection, proposed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace was the evolutionary chain that produced Humans and everything else, the "theory" claimed. In 1859, Darwin's seminal work, Origin of The Species, theorized that Humans originated from primate genetics. This theory was accepted by science and education, worldwide. The domineering deception is that all life originated from organic cells, which over billions of years evolved to fish, animal, apes then to Human. The unasked question is will apes be required to purchase Obama's Health Care Insurance? There simply must be massive health issues with apes who haven't transformed to Human, yet.

Galileo was the first to point a new pair of eyes at the Heavens, with an instrument, a telescope he made himself. From one of the first telescopes Galileo saw Jupiter's moons, for the first time in July 1609. Today, NASA boasts of new X-ray telescopes that are seeing what was once invisible in black outer space. Even amateurs now see images of the celestial sky, the latest from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. The Chandra X-Ray is the world's most powerful X-ray telescope. NASA launched the crown jewel of X-ray telescopes on July 9, 2010. What science doesn't know is how to say their new discoveries, made by a new generation of Space Telescopes show that an incomprehensible source of energy is behind the entire universe. Strange? Now we are beginning to see what Isaiah, an Israeli prophet said in or around 731 B.C., "Look up into the heavens. Who created all the stars? He brings them out like an army, one after another, calling each by name. Because of His great power and incomparable strength, not a single one is missing." Isaac Newton backed Isaiah up in 1714 when he said, "This most beautiful system, the Universe, much more intricate than any time piece, originated from the counsel and dominion of an Intelligent Being." The question now is have we been given X-Ray technology to glimpse a portion of the One who no longer wants to hide Himself?

In May 2001, Dr. Bruce H. Margon, Chairman of the Astronomy department at the University of Washington, told the New York Times, "It's embarrassing to admit that we can't find 90 percent of the universe." NASA never wanted it admitted that scientists had been struggling to try and find answers to where and what the invisible is. This puzzling very powerful form of Light-Energy that is not physical comprises just about the whole physical universe. Dr. Margon, one of the scientists tired of hiding the scientific ignorance, said to a New York Times science reporter, "What it is, is any body's guess. Mother Nature is having a laugh. She's hidden most of the universe in a form that can't be seen." What science don't yet know how to admit is that nature is the "Father," not mother. Yes. Science knows.


One of their own opened the doors and windows to science's empty house. As soon as the exposure was obvious a term was given to the universe's missing mass. It is now called, "Dark Matter." For the past century whenever the public was appraised about cosmic issues, the experts were speaking only of the eight (8) percent of the universe they knew of, matter-based planets, stars, galaxies and intergalactic space. Science didn't like Einstein's ideas that what is now called Dark Matter is actually the most powerful energy in existence, God. What X-Ray telescopes are now seeing and video recording is intelligence. The Intelligent Power, which brought all matter into existence, is the 92 percent of a Monumentally Intelligent Mind that designed, created and forever has maintained all matter. Few know and science wouldn't tell that God was this close. It is nearly impossible for most scientists to accept that an Intelligent Consciousness is everywhere.

The Originator, Intelligent Consciousness cannot be in one place only. All matter, especially living matter, you, I and every living thing depends, moment by moment on our physical, direct connection to the only bank of life in existence, God. Material scientists and the medical profession quietly knows this fact more than they know anything else. Most of them hate this hidden, biological first law. Medical science has not considered this reality properly. They have angrily jumped suddenly into hasty conclusions. Their difficulties are apparent. Science is quietly afraid.

There now exist several theories to account for the 92 percent missing mass, ranging from exotic subatomic particles to black holes. The Dark missing Matter is misleading. Nothing is missing. What's missing is its visibility. In 1933 an Astronomer, Fritz Zwicky studied the motions of massive galaxies. Zwicky found that each galaxy moved at around light-speed by an invisible surrounding luminosity, every galaxy's power source. Two years later Zwicky discovered to his surprise, that the surrounding light of some galaxies was 400 times larger than the galaxy. Zwicky's explorations were ignored until the 1970s. That's when scientists began to seriously explore Dark Matter, already knowing what the "dark energy," POWER was. Cosmic Law binds a relationship of action to reaction between every living or non-living body in existence to the One unseen Source. The term gravitation in the physical world, only alludes to it.

It is impossible to grasp that all the material in Existence, all the water in Existence, all the Light (fire) in Existence, all the life, all energy-power of any kind originates from the body of a single, endless, far beyond Intelligent Person, we refer to as God. One of the world's most honest scientists, Isaac Newton said in 1733, "God not only exist. He is a Living, most Intelligent and most Powerful Being, who has lived forever and will forever live. God controls everything in existence." All credible scientists know this primary fact, from Aristotle who declared it in 349 B.C., to British Biological Scientist, Dr. Antony Flew, once an avowed atheist. He wrote his 1984 book, The Presumption of Atheist. A biologist, Flew was fascinated by the Human cell. The intricate science of the Human cell changed Dr. Flew's mind about God. He said, "I think the DNA material in every Human cell shows that an Intelligent Mind was involved in getting the extraordinarily diverse elements of every cell together. A cell's enormous complexity is a cell's encyclopedia. It is the definite work of a Brilliant Intelligence."

There is no person, no thing visible or invisible in no place, universe, world, not a single grain of sand that did not originate from the existence-wide body of Him we call God. It is impossible to know Him in His organic form. Knowing this God hid His original mass behind matter and created a Human-like image now ruling all from a physical planet called Paradise. He went even further. He gave Humans a perfect member of the Human family who represents His intentions for a future Immortal Human World. Jesus said emphatically, "No one has ever seen God." But you say, "how could that be when many have entered the home planet, Paradise saw and was blessed by God?" The term God is certainly inadequate, no matter your beliefs. Humans conceptualize everything by the ruler of our size and existence. The problem with that is, so does each of your trillion body cells. This prevents you from realizing that you, all 160 or so pounds of you are a microscopic cell in someone else's body. God Himself tried to give us clues when He said, "Heaven, the most massive universe-of-universes is my throne and the Earth, the much smaller Physical Universe is my footstool. Could you build me a temple as good as that? Could you build me such a resting place?"

It's not probable that the Supreme, Originating Source of All Existence will remain invisible, forever. He constructed a physical universe, no less than 10 or more trillion of miles in diameter. Even NASA knows and hides that our entire universe was built for Human habitation. It's not just for Humans to visit galactic neighbors and friends, which we will. God built a physical universe where He could comfortably and visibly stretch out in, center of trillions or more Human Immortal Sons and Daughters. The Earth and the universe as we know it, are already old. It may soon be time for them to "fold like a garment," to make room for a new Heaven [master universe] and a new Earth [physical universe]. It may be close to the time when "every tear is wiped away from every eye, no one ever to shed tears again." "It may be near that time when everyone enjoys the vigor of a 16-year-old, never to know sorrow, pain, age or death ever again." The time may be near "when all former Human things, including mortality are passed away." It may be almost time that "all things are made new." Included will be the newness of the Immortal Human ability to see a higher percentage of God's actual Fiery Presence, never seen or celebrated before. No doubt the best of Existence was saved for the last. Science is unwittingly proving him right, who once said, "It hasn't even entered into Human imagination the things [worlds] in store for them that genuinely love HIM." Could it already be that something right in our midst is emerging and nothing is as it seems?

Humans are Eden's original Immortals and are now the quiet theme of a lone planet housing 6.7 billion fallen Humans, at the opening of the 21st century. A jealous enemy temporarily dominates the Earth and has hidden many first century secrets, but not for long. Immortality was physically restored 2,000 years ago. But we see no evidence of it. The reason is because nearly every government on Earth conceals and totally suppress knowledge of Immortal Humans, living today.

It was the winter of 2006 when Ben Abba, a successful baby-boomer had a life crisis. Abba grew up in a traditional household in middle America where he excelled in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geography, history and biblical studies. From his college years, he gained extensive experience in computer and business security, which he used to form a career protecting financial institutions' information and assets. That's until he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness. Fear drove him to irrationality. In late 2006 he decided to travel for searching reasons. One internal question drove Abba farther and farther around the globe. Month's flew by in strange, foreign motels with little to less contact with his worried-sick wife. In his late fifties Abba was driven to know how people 90, 98 years old reached old age. He was now driven to looked for the oldest people he could find. The unexpected shock came when in June Abba found, though an Internet contact, authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, who publically documented a woman from a remote mountain village who had turned 130, making her the oldest person on Earth, Abba mistakenly thought. Antisa Khvichava from western Georgia was born on July 8, 1880, said Georgiy Meurnishvili, spokesman for the civil registry at the Justice Ministry, in a telephone interview with Abba.

By early 2007 Abba had abandoned a 20 year career. He was back home and busy every day searching for the oldest Humans alive on Earth. He had made profound discoveries that changed his entire life. He now vibrated with a new mind-set. He no longer bowed to a broken fable. He had found proof that not every person dies. What he found shattered him, dozens of friends and computer colleagues. Discovering that only a third of the world document records of birth and death to government officials. Abba found hundreds of people who are more than likely hundreds of years old around the globe, often verified by census records. With a year under his new belt Abba's fatal worries are now gone. His new web-site is where the question greets bloggers in boldface: Do Immortals Really Exist? Ben Abba's blog about his experiences searching for and locating the world's oldest living people, including a real life "immortal" who is nearly 2,800 years old. Abba claims proof in his books, co-authored with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Secrets of an Immortal – An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History.

An emerging community of Earth's growing class of Immortal Humans may about to burst onto world headlines. Unbelievably, there are perhaps millions of Humans living now, who may never experience death's sting. The presence of an evil enemy makes it impossible for Humans to fully appreciate our history and potential for Physical Immortality, possibly one of the biggest hidden secrets of our age. Our Maker restored and reactivated our lost immortality 2,000 years ago.

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Nearly no one believed HIM then or now. In today's world, evil insist on a worldwide policy of death and they're getting it, at 60 million, yearly. The only true source of immortality is inseminating ordinary people like you, or a family member, who may be now living with or next door to an Immortal, a child of the first Immortal, now. It may not be true that the Redeemer has been sitting around in luxury for 2,000 years doing nothing.

2010 Emanuel McLittle - All Rights Reserved

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Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance.










The World Christian Encyclopedia documented in 2006 that "The status of faith is especially dire in the west, [Europe and America] where churches face an unprecedented crisis that threatens the existence of organized faith as a viable entity.