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By Lee Duigon
September 5, 2013

Why is the mainstream pro-family movement so completely ineffective in the culture war?

That it is ineffective, there can be no doubt. Just look at what’s been happening to our culture.

As a perfect illustration of futility, see the column by Rebecca Hagelin from the Aug. 28 edition of, “Culture Challenge of the Week: Public School Culture.” For utter cluelessness, and as a fool-proof recipe for ineffectuality, this one beats ‘em all.

Ms. Hagelin admits that “the social and moral climate within our schools has turned an ugly corner, and poses sharp new challenges for children who are religious believers… Our public schools are a prime battleground; our children are in harm’s way. It’s up to us to make sure that our children do not become the ‘collateral damage’ from the left’s relentless strike against marriage and heterosexuality.” In brief, public school “educators” are going all-out to indoctrinate children into homosexuality. Ms. Hagelin is not bashful about recognizing that as the big problem with “public school culture.” We agree: it is.

It’s only when she suggests what ought to be done about the problem that she comes out with pure, jaw-dropping tomfoolery.

First, she advises, parents should warn their children what to expect in the classroom by way of public school’s promotion of aberrant sexuality. How will she answer if a child asks, “Gee, Rebecca—if it’s so bad, why are you sending us there in the first place?” Good question, no answer.

Next, she says, “Talk to your principal and your child’s teachers about your concerns… Insist that they… respect your child’s religious freedom to uphold marriage as between a man and a woman. Let them know you are confident that they will preserve a respectful climate in the classroom…” Then I guess you ought to step back, because they’ll be rolling all over the floor, laughing.

In any conflict, it’s disastrous to misunderstand the nature of the enemy. Ms. Hagelin misunderstands in neon letters ten feet high. She thinks she’s dealing with nice, rational persons who play by the rules and respect others’ points of view. She could not be more hopelessly, totally wrong. Can she honestly believe these unionized “educators,” in their lust to debauch and de-Christianize the culture, will respect her views on marriage and the family? They hate her views! Indeed, they couldn’t be more blunt about it. There is no excuse for not knowing how wildly pro-homosexual, how fervently anti-family, these people are.

Any attempt to have such a discussion would likely find the teacher or principal staring at the parent as if she had earwigs crawling out her nose.

Ms. Hagelin then advises, “Offer to help educate teachers, students, and staff about the religious and speech rights of all students.”

So you, the despised and lowly parent, are going to “educate” the expert educators? While you’re at it, why not just ask for a kick in the pants? Believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear what they say about you in the faculty lounge after you go home. Really, Rebecca—haven’t you read any of those teacher union papers on homeschooling? Do you really not know what they think of parents?

If there is any worse advice out there to deal with any problem, I don’t want to hear it.

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The only way to protect your children from “public school culture” is not to put them in the public schools. If you think you can protect them from gender coaches, “King and King,” and subtler messages like “The Bible is hate speech” and “Communism has a lot of good ideas” by having a nice, civil chin-wag with a teacher or a principal who’s going to think you’re just another homophobic Christian moron—well, you really need to think again. But this is precisely the kind of fruitless drivel regularly indulged in by the pro-family movement. They dive for minnows in a pool full of sharks. They babble away about 9-year-olds being “salt and light” in schools run by adult immoralists. Somehow it makes them feel righteous.

But the mal-education of their own children seems a high price to pay for a personal sense of righteousness. Why send Christian children to be “educated” by persons who loathe Christianity?

Let’s hear the excuses.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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The only way to protect your children from “public school culture” is not to put them in the public schools.