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By Lee Duigon
August 29, 2013

Imagine how surprised and delighted I was last week when my book, “Bell Mountain” (see mini-ad on this page), won an award—a Global Ebook Award, to be exact. Yessir, I was popping my buttons over that.

But then somebody showed me another book, originally published ten years ago, that won a whole shelf-full of awards and endorsements. My book’s target audience is “Young Adults.” Folks, take a look at my competition.

“Boy Meets Boy,” by David Levithan, is described on its page like so:

“Paul’s simple high-school life is confused by his desire for another boy who seems unattainable, until Paul’s friends help him find the courage to pursue him.” The rest of the description is along the same lines.

This tale of teenage sodomy has won the following awards: BCCB Blue Ribbon Book; YALSA Top Ten; Booklist Editors’ Choice; and a real biggie, the American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults. It’s also on half a dozen recommended reading lists, and may be found in public school libraries and municipal libraries throughout the land.

It seems there are a lot of adults who think it a desirable thing for your 14-year-old son to be engaged in homosexuality.

And Jerry Sandusky is sitting in jail because…?

It’s part of our ruling class’s slobbering love affair with sodomy. The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, ersatz Catholic and jive Republican, says homosexuality is not a sin (he knows better than the Bible), and recently signed into law a diktat making it a crime to attempt reparative therapy for children who are troubled by unwanted desires for homosexual relationships. A psychologist could go to jail for that, just like in California. And we’ve got officers being kicked out of the U.S. military for not confessing that same-sex pseudo-marriage is “right,” and the attorney general of Oregon proposing to “rehabilitate” Christians who believe it’s wrong, and so decline to be personally involved in such perverted ceremonies. And a federal judge in New Mexico has declared that being forced to act in violation of your deeply-held religious beliefs is “the price of citizenship.”

Can anyone doubt that our country’s founders, if they were alive today, would raise armed forces to oppose this tyranny?

Oh, but it’s not tyranny! Out of the goodness of their hearts, our rulers grant that we reserve the right to believe, privately, that homosexuality is an abominable sin, as clearly stated in the Bible—as long as our actions proclaim the opposite. Get it? We can cling to our absurd religious beliefs, as long as we agree to act against them all the time. That’s what our rulers call “religious liberty.”

Who put these satanic imps in a position to tell us that? We did! In sloth and folly and apathy, we gave them the power.

But we’re not entirely to blame. How many times have we been hoodwinked by a candidate who lied to us, pretending to share our views, falsely promising to protect us—only to turn around, as soon as he’s elected, and become just another agent of Big Sodomy? How many of us pressed the button for Candidate A in the voting booth, only to have it recorded as a vote for Candidate B?

What are we to do?

Until we can fix our broken electoral system, the only thing we can do is to stand firm. Christians, I say, have a duty to pull their children out of the homosexual-proselytizing public schools and either educate them at home or in a Christian school.

We have a duty to insist that the Bible is right and our ruling class is wrong, and to act accordingly. This we must do in the millions, supported by our churches. If we can’t, or won’t, hold on to our freedom of conscience, we won’t be able to hold on to anything. We must defy those who would leave us with no freedom but the freedom to sin.

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We must vote out incumbent politicians, massively. We are currently under the heel of a regime that would wipe away our religious liberties. This regime must go. If another comes along that’s just as bad, we’ll have to vote out that one, too. Who can say how many times we’ll have to do it before our leaders get the message that they are not our drovers? The important thing is to keep on doing it.

They don’t believe we can do it. They think they can just go on lording it over us forever. Whether it’s their aggressive promotion of homosexuality, or their scheme to change the electorate by granting citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens, they are convinced that they can radically transform our country—and it is our country—whether we like it or not.

We must not let them do it. We must fear God more than we fear them.

I can’t believe we’re living in an age when Russia may become a freer and more righteous country than America. Can you?

� 2013 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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Can anyone doubt that our country’s founders, if they were alive today, would raise armed forces to oppose this tyranny?