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By Lee Duigon
August 15, 2013

Where will Big Government stop? How much power will it take to satiate our rulers? At what point does a bureaucrat hold up his hand and say, “No, thanks—I just can’t eat another mouthful of someone else’s liberty”?

A few days ago The Drudge Report alerted us that the federal government, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has proposed a new rule “to racially, economically integrate neighborhoods.” It even has a nice name that’s sure to delight the nation’s dunderheads: “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.” That sounds so much nicer than “Another Way to Trash Our Country.”

And guess what! “Details of how the policy would specifically work are unclear…” Now where have we heard that before? Oh, I remember—“You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” That was Obamacare. We signed for the package, tore it open, and got a face-full of angry rattlesnakes and hornets.

We are not talking about legislation here. No—this will be just another “rule” handed down from the bureaucratic throne, with no opportunity to vote it down. Just another edict from on high. Hear, ye subjects, and obey.

To make it easier for states and cities to comply, HUD has promised to provide a “geospatial tool.” What’s that? We went to the HUD page to find out, and ran into a wall of gobbledygook. But HUD does provide us with a nice photo of a white man, a Hispanic woman, a black man, and an Asian child all sitting happily together on an urban stoop. Pass the barf bag, please.

The NAACP has rushed to support the new rule. According to some guy named Muhammad, “It’s not just having people of different colors live together just to do so… This kind of integration strengthens economic equality.” You bet: just like forced busing made the schools better.

It could be worse. We could be living in Germany, where the Green Party has proposed a law to make one day a week compulsively vegetarian. American libs and progs are licking their chops over that one.

So our glorious rulers—to call them “representatives” or “public servants” is obscene—now propose to tell us where to live, and what kinds of neighborhoods to live in. They’ve got the Midas touch—only what they touch doesn’t turn into gold.

But it’s all in a good cause! It’s for “equality,” whatever that is. We shouldn’t mind if they take our hard-earned money and give it to their voting base, minus the 90% of so that sticks to their own fingers. We shouldn’t mind if they themselves have absolutely no intention of living in these new “neighborhoods” that they decree for the rest of us. If stuff like that bugged us, we’d just be a bunch of racists who oppose “equality” and “justice.”

Isn’t it terrible, what happens to honest English words when “progressives” get their hands on them?

If our representatives in Congress had any courage, any impulse to defend our liberties—if pigs had wings to fly—they would defund HUD. They would slash the tires of this juggernaut. But then the media and the occupier of the White House would call them racists. They have a mortal fear of that. Besides which, if you can successfully strip the people of their right to live where and as they choose, you can probably take their meat away from them, too.

Where in the Constitution does it say that they can do these things? Probably in the same section that says they can abort babies, redefine marriage, and redistribute wealth.

They have all got to go. We can’t be governed by people like this and still have any hope of freedom. They recognize no limit to their power over us. If George Washington were alive today, he’d be in arms against them.

But who cares? As long as we have video games and Obama-phones, and can watch Dr. Oz and the new “Let’s Make a Deal,” why should we care if a few hundred schlubs in government rob us of freedoms that many of us don’t even know we have? Why, any one of us might be among the lucky few who get a handout! Food stamps, housing subsidies, free phones—it’s a regular cornucopia.

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And look at all the freedoms they’ll let us keep. The right to abort babies; the right to sodomy; the right to be here illegally; the right to have as many out-of-wedlock babies as we can; the right to get together in a flash mob and loot the local store—all this, and “equality,” too! If we wind up having to live like the people in “The Hunger Games,” so what? Don’t our leaders know what’s best for us?

They will always reserve to us the right to sin; and for many of us, that’s what “freedom” is all about. We won’t be God’s people, but we can always be their people.

Anyhow, when was the last time God gave anyone a free cell phone?

� 2013 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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They have all got to go. We can’t be governed by people like this and still have any hope of freedom. They recognize no limit to their power over us. If George Washington were alive today, he’d be in arms against them.