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By Lee Duigon
July 5, 2013

This July 4, we might reflect on what a mercy it was that our forefathers really didn’t know what they were fighting for. Imagine standing up against the greatest military power in the world, to be killed or maimed; or captured, and shut up in the darkness of a prison hulk in Boston harbor; or to have your house burned down, and all your wealth destroyed; to see your family decimated—all this, so that men can perform satanic parodies of marriage with other men, and women with women: and so that anyone who speaks against it may be branded, by a justice of the United State Supreme Court, an enemy of the human race.

Gee, Justice Kennedy—if everybody had a “gay marriage,” would there even be a human race?

And did many of us notice that, while they were gutting marriage itself, the Supes also gutted the initiative and referendum process? So another chunk of our freedom falls into the black hole of Washington, D.C.

If George Washington were alive today, he would surely march in arms against the capitol that mocks his name.

But don’t worry—at least our “president” has promised that he won’t force the churches to perform “gay marriages.”

He wouldn’t have said that unless he thought he could force them to do it, if he wanted to. He’s already forcing Christians to pay for other people’s abortions and contraceptives, so we know how much he respects religious liberty. And I think we also know by now how much his promises are worth.

What happens in a month, or two, or whatever? This antichrist will change his mind, and then his regime will force churches to defile themselves. To be sure, any pair of sodomites can already waltz into an Episcopal or PCUSA or UCC church and have their abominable union celebrated. But that’s not good enough for them. They want it done in your church, by your pastor, and hell to pay if he won’t. We predict the Roman Catholic Church will be the first to get it in the neck, with faithful evangelical churches to follow.

“I won’t force the churches to do this.”

“I won’t force anyone to say they approve of this.”

“I won’t make gay marriage compulsory.”

Where does it stop? No one knows.

In a way, we might be almost thankful that this has come to pass. Now the lines are clearly drawn. We will know who is on the Lord’s side, and who’s lined up against Him in rebellion.

The Supreme Court—five of them, at least—is wrong. The “president” is wrong. The liberal mainline-flatline churches are wrong. The noozies in the media, the celebrities in Hollywood, the professors in the universities, the teachers’ unions—all wrong. And no amount of words, or posturing, or threats, or name-calling will ever make them right. Unless they repent and change their tune, they will die in the wrong and be judged for it.

They’re wrong because they have gone against God’s law, as clearly stated in the bible. No argument from sociology or politics or psychology or economics, or any other source of worldly wisdom, which is vanity, can ever make them right. If they could prove that allowing men to “marry” men will pay off the national debt and make us all rich, they’d still be wrong, and this would still be an abomination.

Because God says so.

I don’t expect that out-and-out rejection of God’s word will bring anything like blessings on this country. Do you? Do you think Obama is a blessing—a lawless leader for a lawless people? He is a one-man plague of locusts.

Our only concern must be to stand: to stand on God’s word, no matter what the wicked throw at us. The more they do, the more they openly reveal themselves as wicked, and the greater damnation they heap up for themselves.

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Let us pray.

Father, although we are all sinners, we pray you hold us guiltless who have called on your name and not bowed the knee to this abomination. We pray you make us strong, that we may stand in the face of persecution—knowing that you have already set the time for this evil age to pass away.

We are your people, and we pray you will deliver us from these wicked rulers who have risen up because of our nation’s sins and sloth and folly. Scatter them like chaff and erase their works, O Lord—not for any poor righteousness of ours, but for the glory of your own great name, and Christ’s kingdom on the earth.


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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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Our only concern must be to stand: to stand on God’s word, no matter what the wicked throw at us. The more they do, the more they openly reveal themselves as wicked, and the greater damnation they heap up for themselves.