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By Lee Duigon
January 3, 2013

As the year drew to a close, God took something from the back of my mind and moved it to the front.

My books have a mission.

There, I’ve said it. Some guy whose books have been read by very few people so far—he’s on a mission? Tell us another one. What’s the mission, ace?

To attack the ignorance of God that impoverishes the souls of America’s young people.

To speak a basic truth that’s been ignored—in fact, the most basic truth of all: God is a person.

To proclaim the need for a connection to that Person, who made us to be persons, too, in His own image. We need to know Him better, and to learn how to please Him: because He is a person, we are His creation, and He has expressed a desire that we should not only strive to please him, but that we should also love Him, as He loves us.

That’s the work my books must do.

It all sounds very grand and pompous. What are these great theological and philosophical tomes he’s yakking about? Well, actually, they’re a series of fantasy novels, Bell Mountain and its sequels (for more information, see and click on “Books”). I’d be happy to know how to say such things without poking my head through the hole in the canvas, as it were, to get things thrown at me. But now that I know what my books are for, I have to say them.

I am an ant who has been commanded to remove a great tree-trunk fallen across a path where no one but ants can get at it. One ant can’t carry out this mission; but a great multitude of ants can. There are already other ants at work on it. Eventually the tiny ants, each one only a small thing in itself, will turn the tree-trunk into sawdust.

My generation was brought up to be in touch with God. Look at us now. My generation has always sought the easy way, the lazy way. We drifted apart from God without even knowing it. Our parents, remembering the Depression and World War II, wanted us to have it better than they did. They made it too easy for us; and in the 1960s, we freaked out. Today our country is governed by deluded men and women whose minds never left the 1960s, who are still rejecting everything their mothers and fathers taught them: still rejecting God and His commandments, booing His name at their national convention.

We showed very little wisdom in raising our children. Let the schools do it. Let television do it. And our children did the same with their children.

If we knew and cared what God wanted, we would never do what Barack Obama wants. Race-baiting and class warfare would be wasted on us. But we don’t know and we don’t care, and our country’s condition proves it.

Millions of young people who do not know God: who do not know why right is right and wrong is wrong: who have been taught, by public schools and a corrupted culture, to worship damned near everything but God—that ignorance is the tree-trunk fallen across our path. Only ants like you and me can remove it.

Obviously not everybody is going to write novels for young people to read, and hopefully be moved by them to think. But there are many ways to attack the fallen log.

Home schooling and Christian schooling—for the love of God, don’t leave young minds in the care of teachers’ unions! Stop presuming public school is necessary! Remember that not one delegate to the Constitutional Convention ever spent a single day in a public school classroom. Shakespeare, Beethoven, Luther, St. Patrick, and a jillion other luminaries never went to public school. Your kids don’t need it, either.

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View all things through the lens of faith. Our greatest national folly has been to think we can keep God locked up in church, where we can visit Him once a week as if He were a patient in a nursing home. God is God everywhere—in your living room, at your table, in your friendships, your daily problems of everyday life, your business. You are never in a place where He is not. Teach your children to remember that. Get them thinking and talking about it.

A few years ago, when I first started writing about how God called two children to climb Bell Mountain, I didn’t appreciate the full scope of my metaphor. But now I know that I, too, have a mountain to climb. We all do.

Our young people don’t know God. This is an enormous mission field, a colossal task. But God will bless our labors, fellow ants, if we put our trust in Him and get to work.

That’s one of those things that pleases Him.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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Home schooling and Christian schooling—for the love of God, don’t leave young minds in the care of teachers’ unions! Stop presuming public school is necessary!