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By Lee Duigon
September 13, 2012

Okay, you’ve seen the Democrat convention. You saw their “God is out, God is in—boo, God!” moment. You’ve heard the plethora of speeches in favor of abortion, and the 30-year-old “student’s” demand that you pay for her contraceptives. You saw their non-stop celebration of homosexuality and heard their strident push for homosexual mockmarriage.

You heard them pay incessant lip-service to their schemes to “help” the middle class. Democrats help the middle class like tsetse flies help cattle. You’ve all seen how they do it! Hire another multitude of public employees to expand their voter base; and then the middle class, what’s left of it, can pay off all those spiffy pensions.

You witnessed their bizarre attempts to camouflage themselves as Christians. You must have heard the flatline pastor from the UMC passionately proclaiming that God belongs on the same platform with unlimited abortion and triumphant sodomy—not to mention the mad nun who flew in on her broomstick to bless the coercive redistribution of wealth.

Have you seen and heard enough? Is there anything else you need to see, before you can agree that nothing would better serve the interests of America than to put the Democrat Party out of business? And not just for a few years, but forever?

I can hear some of you saying, “Oh, but what about the Republicans? The Republicans are just as bad, they’re just the same—“

Stop it. This is not about Republicans. The Republicans we’ll have to deal with later. There is nothing more pressing than the need to crush the Democrats. It’s the Democrats, the party of abortion and sodomy and the all-devouring state, who currently hold the White House, the Senate, the courts, the media, and our schools and colleges. If they are not wiped out in this election, they will continue to hold those institutions.

And they will finish what they’ve started, and we’ll never get another chance to stop them. The question of the GOP’s misdeeds will remain forever academic.

You can’t stop them by voting third-party. You can’t stop them by staying home and feeling self-righteous. The continuance of this regime is far too high a price to pay for you to feel good about yourselves.

You can only stop them by voting for Republicans.

Some of you don’t want to hear that. You want your country on a silver platter. Well, there is no silver platter. There’s only the hard reality of first things first. If you can’t face that, you might as well slap an Obama bumper sticker on your car, while you’re still allowed to have a car.

But what about the Republicans? There are a lot of RINOs out of office now because the TEA Party drove them out. This must continue—at the local, county, and state levels, not just in national elections. The TEA Party must be empowered to take over the Republican Party: either that, or grow strong enough to become a major party in its own right and make the Republicans a third party.

Destroy the Democrats today. Defeat the RINOs tomorrow.

Our government has grown too big, too powerful, too costly, too hungry for our liberties. There are too many people working for the government, and more being added every day—people who are paid too much, awarded benefits unknown to us who have to live and work in the real world, produce nothing, are not accountable for their performance, and on top of it all are pensioned lavishly. We pay people not to work! How sustainable—to use one of their favorite words—is that? [Update: This week the Chicago teachers’ union, a part of the Democrat voting base, rejected a 16% raise and went out on strike. Think you could use a 16% raise?]

There are too many rules, regulations, executive orders, and court orders tell us what to do, what not to do, and more are coming. They will tell us what to drive and what to eat, how much electricity to use, how much health care we can get, what our churches can and cannot teach, and what we can and cannot read, hear, or see.

Who are they, these masters of ours, this ruling class? Fools and sinners that we put into office! Our public servants have become our masters, and we put them there. As the Bible so frequently reminds us, if we refuse to submit to the real God, there are plenty of false gods waiting to enslave us.

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We have one more chance to haul ourselves out of the brick pits, one last chance to say to Pharaoh, “No!” If we only wind up with another Pharaoh, then he, too, must be defied. But first we have to get rid of the Pharaoh that we have.

There is no salvation in this world apart from God. Our leaders have seduced us, and made fools of us, with a vision of salvation by the state. It’s well past time we turned our backs on this. The state is an idol, the work of our own hands. It must not be worshiped anymore.

We cannot do without a government. The civil magistrate is ordained by God for our protection. That ours has been allowed to grow into a monster is our fault, not His. We must correct that fault, starting with the permanent repudiation of the Democrat Party.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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Who are they, these masters of ours, this ruling class? Fools and sinners that we put into office! Our public servants have become our masters, and we put them there. As the Bible so frequently reminds us, if we refuse to submit to the real God, there are plenty of false gods waiting to enslave us.