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By Lee Duigon
August 23, 2012

I once knew a man who, in a drunken rage, wrecked his beautiful apartment. The next day he showed me the mass of splintered furniture, broken glass, and gouges in the walls, waved a hand at it, and said, sadly, “Look what happened.”

Happened? It didn’t “happen,” champ. You threw stuff down the stairs and across the living room while you were screaming mad drunk.

The great comedian John Cleese, creator and star of “Fawlty Towers,” Monty Python alumnus, was in the news last summer, complaining about what “happened” to Great Britain. Here are a few of his remarks, culled from various UK newspapers.

”London is no longer an English city. That’s how we got the Olympics.”
He doesn’t like an England in which “the parent culture kind of dissipates.”
He decries Britain’s shift away from a “middle-class culture” and into a “yob culture.” “There were disadvantages to the old culture, it was a bit stuffy and it was more sexist and more racist. But it was an educated and middle-class culture. Now it’s a yob culture. The values are so strange.”
Cleese now lives in California. When he visits England, he prefers to stay in Bath rather than London. “I love being down in Bath because it feels like the England that I grew up in.”

And now comes the kicker.

Cleese turned down an appointment to the House of Lords—he’d have gone from being Basil Fawlty to being Lord John Cleese—because he didn’t want to be in England for the winter.

Why was he offered a peerage? Because, he explained, he’d done so much for, and donated so much money to… the Liberal Democratic Party.

But let’s get back to those things he doesn’t like that have “happened” to England.

If the English are being displaced from their capitol city by mass immigration, did that just “happen,” or was it the easily foreseeable result of liberal politicians’ immigration policies?

If the native culture of the country is being dissipated, could that possibly have any connection to liberal leaders’ avowed passion for multiculturalism? You know—that whole idea, if that’s the word for it, that all cultures are equal and that preferring your own culture, in your own country, to imported foreign cultures, makes you a bigot and a hate-monger. So you have self-hating English tinhorn bureaucrats removing the English flag from English public buildings because its presence might offend some immigrant from Pakistan. We are not aware of any immigrant from anywhere actually demanding that this be done. Liberals just have an instinct for urinating on their country.

As for the passing away of middle-class culture—well, it didn’t just dry up and blow away, did it? Know-it-all liberals have made war against it for longer than John Cleese has been alive. They couldn’t contain their hatred and contempt for what academics and movie stars and leftist speechifiers called “the bourgeoisie” and “bourgeois values.” Cleese himself made a whole career of making fun of the middle class.

Some Americans might not know what a “yob culture” is. It’s the English equivalent of what passes for culture in the worst parts of Detroit or Washington, D.C. Yobbos or yobs are perpetually unemployed welfare cases devoted to crime, violence, alcohol, and ignorance. Trying to educate them is an exercise in futility. The dole, generation after generation of fatherless homes, and the removal of Christian morality from the cultural mainstream have combined to create the yob culture. In other words, it is the product of jackass public policies avidly pursued by liberals—the same twits to whom John Cleese donates so much time and money. Kind of like buying another drink for the guy who’s wrecking his apartment.

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The yob culture didn’t just happen. Members of Parliament, experts in the social (lol) “sciences,” and pundits in the British media painstakingly, and at great expense, created it. Ordinary people in English cities who can’t get any sleep at night because the yobs are out there breaking windows and yelling curses have England’s ruling class to thank for this. And unlike John Cleese, they can’t just move to another country. They’re stranded in England.

No, John, these things you’ve come to hate in England didn’t just happen. You wanted a post-Christian, post-bourgeois, post-English utopia in England, and now you’ve got it.

When you knock on the Devil’s door, he always lets you in.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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The great comedian John Cleese, creator and star of “Fawlty Towers,” Monty Python alumnus, was in the news last summer, complaining about what “happened” to Great Britain. Here are a few of his remarks, culled from various UK newspapers.