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By Lee Duigon
December 8, 2011

Republican establishment types think America’s way of selecting a president has been “hijacked by charlatans” (George Will says so) and “trivialized” (says Karl Rove). Will has singled out Herman Cain as the most notorious offender. Rove’s scowl is focused on Donald Trump.

Where have these guys been, the last four years? George, Karl, it’s time you were clued in: we already have a charlatan in the White House! And you, you dolts, helped put him there. The process has already been trivialized. And you, you elitist prigs, helped trivialize it.

What could be more trivial, more inane, more pitiful than voting for someone for president because he’s black? Because you love the way he prattles on about “hope and change”? Do you want to see “trivial,” Karl? How about the spectacle of some community organizer Man from Nowhere standing between a pair of Styrofoam Greek columns and spouting a lot of bilge about making the sea levels go down?

Don’t these country-club numbskulls understand that the system is already broken? And who broke it? The professionals! The experts! The political insiders! They were supposed to guide our nation’s destiny. They knew all the ropes. You amateurs, you Donald Trumps and Herman Cains—get out of the way!

Having brought us the Obama presidency, and the reign of Harry Reid in the Senate—not to mention Obamacare, a quadrupling of the national debt with absolutely nothing to show for it, and double-digit unemployment—we can hardly wait to see what the Republican establishment has in store for us next.

Do you ever get the feeling that there’s a great big party going on in Washington, Democrats and Republicans all whooping it up and getting rich together—a party which we the people pay for, but to which we are not invited? That it’s all one happy, cozy family steering the Titanic straight for the iceberg? Wasn’t it the experts, the insiders, and the professionals who brought us World War I and World War II, the Depression, welfare, a 40% out-of-wedlock birth rate, public schools with armed guards, and the rest of the disasters that all started out as their brilliant ideas? How much worse could Herman Cain have done?

Because our experts and insiders are wise in their own eyes, they plunge headlong into folly. Because they are proud, devoid of humility, and blinded by their own exalted self-image, they stumble into pitfall after pitfall. Because they are insulated by their wealth and power from the consequences of their actions, they subject their country to ruinous policies and herd it toward the brink of bankruptcy.

Because they as a class refuse to see the counsel of God in prayer, in deep searching of the scriptures, in meditation and discussion, they march ahead without God’s blessing and none of their enterprise can prosper. The only oracle they know is their own short-term political advantage; they hollow out the nation’s treasury to buy votes, while inflaming the people to envy and covetousness. No damage to the country is too grim for them to contemplate, as long as it buys them another term in office.

Our experts and insiders preside complacently over the de-Christianization of America. Even the alleged “conservatives” court the support of gay activists: what harm can it do, if there’s a campaign contribution in it for them somewhere? Very few of them would publicly proclaim themselves atheists; but their public policies are atheistic.

To what degree have they corrupted the whole citizen body?

Do we demand humility and prudence in our leaders? Do we look for them to have a smatch of godliness, or even honor, in their hearts? Do we demand they tell the truth? Do we insist that they be just? Do we require them to be good and careful stewards of our money, which they wring from us in taxes?

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One could easily get the impression that we don’t care what our leaders do, as long as they pillage other groups of citizens more than they pillage us, and give us a share of the spoils. We pity ourselves and call ourselves “the 99%,” while those other citizens, whom we hate, we call “the 1%” and howl with glee when our leaders rob them in our name. We don’t care what they do to anybody else, as long as our own little special interest group gets taken care of first.

This is America’s sin, and our servitude to fools and thieves and tyrants is our punishment for it.

This is how a republic dies.

National repentance, anyone?

� 2011 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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Do we demand humility and prudence in our leaders? Do we look for them to have a smatch of godliness, or even honor, in their hearts? Do we demand they tell the truth? Do we insist that they be just?