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By Lee Duigon
October 27, 2011

What does it look like when a civilization falls apart at the seams?

Let the four recent news stories below serve as vignettes to show exactly what it looks like.

Introducing… the Computerized Toilet! The world’s on fire, but when you’re perched on one of these luxury high-tech “Numi” toilets from the Kohler Company, what do you care? For a mere $6,500, you can get a toilet that opens and closes by itself, plays music, warms your feet, remembers your favorite water temperature, and for all I know, gives you red-hot stock tips, too. Ideal for sitting under the stars in your glass-walled penthouse: see the ad. Just don’t get caught there during an electrical storm.

Real-life superheroes, in capes and masks, have been turning up in many cities, Startribune reports. Some folks are watching too many movies, reading too many comic books. (They’ve got their own website) Supposedly they’re out to stop crime in their neighborhoods. Police are afraid these costumed kooks will barge in on a situation and injure some innocent citizen, or wind up getting shot, stabbed, or beaten up by some annoyed criminal.

Gee whiz! No one ever beats up Batman! Follow the script, people! I’ve got a cape, I’ve got a mask, I’m wearing tights and a Speedo—what could possibly go wrong?

According to the Startribune, there are hundreds of these nuts out there. I feel safer already.

Governor Chris Christie says homosexuality is not a sin, because “you’re born that way.” So now we know why the New Jersey governor decided not to run for president—he’s much too busy in his new careers as a theologian and a biologist.

Mr. Christie makes a big deal out of being Catholic and sending his children to a Catholic school. He admits he knows “my religion says it’s a sin… but for me, I don’t… I understand that my Church says that, but for me personally, I don’t look upon someone who’s homosexual as a sinner.” (Source: “New Jersey Gov. Christie cornered on homosexual views,” by Kathleen Gilbert,, June 15, republished Oct. 24 ) Maybe the wrong Christie is going to school. The governor talks like a graduate of the Nancy Pelosi Theological Seminary. How does he explain to his children that the Bible and the Church are wrong?

Christie joins the long list of “conservatives” who cry uncle whenever the Gay Lobby looks cross-eyed at them. Christie made a name for himself by standing up to the rich, powerful, predatory New Jersey teachers’ union. But it seems the “gays” scare him silly. If there is a politician left in America who dares to oppose this aggressive, tyrannical “minority,” I’d like to know who it is.

I am so glad Christie didn’t run for president and trick me into voting for him.

Transgender etiquette is all the rage at Grinnell College, Iowa. In an effort to prove the truth of George Orwell’s saying that only an intellectual would ever believe in anything so asinine, Grinnell officials have turned their college into a transgender hothouse. Here, safely insulated from reality, it’s good manners to ask these intensely disturbed poor souls what pronoun they prefer, and to use the newly-coined pronouns “ze” and “hir” instead of oppressive old words like “she” or “he.” Should such a word slip out, one hastens to apologize with, “Sorry, I gendered you.” (Source: Des Moines Register, “Grinnell College dorms: Where gender doesn’t matter,” by Mike Klein, Oct. 23)

Yes—higher education is alive and well at Grinnell College. “More students today don’t identify with the binary,” says an associate professor of “gender, women’s, and sexuality studies.” How much would you pay for your offspring to get a degree in that? “In gender neutral, that [male-female] binary is destroyed. There is a spectrum of gender,” prates a student adviser of gender-neutral housing. One is reminded of a line in Ray Bradbury’s classic horror story, The Jar: “Is it a he, or a she, or a plain old it?”

Housing boys and girls together, and allowing them to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers absolutely does not lead to any kind of hanky-panky, college officials insist. Again, only an intellectual would believe anything so asinine. Then again, who in his right mind would want to engage in hanky-panky with some of these characters?

Today’s students of gender, women’s, and sexuality studies are tomorrow’s Occupy Wall Street protesters. They may even be today’s Occupy Wall Street protesters—who says you have to go to class to get a degree in gender studies?

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As the idiocy, the cowardice, and the delusion spread throughout our society; as perfectly normal babies grow up into masked superheroes and transgender basket cases; as our best and brightest minds to try invent something to top the computerized singing toilet; as our politicians tiptoe past the burning questions; as one disastrously bad idea succeeds another…

We are comforted to know that God is watching, listening, and working. He hears our prayers. He sees the spiritual chaos boiling all around us. He hears the boasts of the ungodly. And He remembers His promises.

God will bring the day when all this wicked foolishness will pass away, and those who subjected us to it will not be found anymore. That day is already marked on His calendar.


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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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Governor Chris Christie says homosexuality is not a sin, because “you’re born that way.”