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By Lee Duigon
August 25, 2011

As the national economy goes down in flames, America’s passionate love affair with sodomy burns hotter and hotter.

On the Sesame Street front, the buzz is that Bert and Ernie—these are puppets in a children’s TV show, remember—may soon get “married.” As reported by The Washington Post (blogPost, Aug. 10, “Bert and Ernie should be married at long last…” by Elizabeth Flock), there is a petition drive to unite the two puppet roommates in homosexual bliss. “If done tastefully—“ what?—“this would greatly help to put an end to the bullying and suicide of LGBT youth,” says the person who is organizing the petition. Yes—two puppets having sex will certainly give these folks something to live for.

Well, how might this be done tastefully? Maybe history provides a clue, in the example of the Roman Emperor, Nero. The Roman historian, Suetonius: “Having tried to turn the boy Sporus into a girl by castration, he [Nero] went through a wedding ceremony with him—dowry, bridal veil, and all—took him to his palace with a great crowd in attendance, and treated him as a wife.” Soon afterward, Nero indulged himself in another gay wedding, this time as the “bride.” Suetonius again: “Doryphorus [a former slave] now married him—just as he himself had married Sporus—and on the wedding night he [Nero] imitated the screams and groans of a girl being deflowered.” (By Suetonius, in The Twelve Caesars.) Adds the historian Tacitus: “Everything was in public, even down to those items which are usually performed in darkness when the bride is a woman.” (Tacitus, The Annals.)

If it’s good enough for an emperor, it ought to be good enough for a couple of puppets on a kids’ TV show.

And what, may we ask, are America’s conservatives doing to arrest our culture’s slide into Neroism?


Ann Coulter, for one, has just accepted an appointment as “Honorary Chair and Gay Icon” for GOProud, a group of “Republicans” devoted to the practice of sodomy (reported by , Aug. 9, by Karen Ocamb). Coulter, an alleged conservative pundit, said she will “look forward to being the Queen of fabulous.”

What in the world are such “conservatives” conserving?

They call themselves Christians. But that can’t be right, because the Bible clearly teaches that homosexual acting-out is a grave sin, an abomination, loathsome in the eyes of God. GOProud and the Bible can’t both be right. Is it possible Ann Coulter doesn’t know this?

If God is real, and if the Bible really is His Word, then a nation that promotes and celebrates abomination can hardly be in line for a blessing. If there is no God, and the Bible is not His Word, then no blessing is even possible. We are left with only cause and effect, and no escape from it.

As a child, I wanted to grow up to be like Willie Mays or Davey Crockett. Today’s children are being encouraged to grow up to be like Nero. It would seem Ann Coulter is okay with that.

So, all right, Ann—let’s throw away the Bible, jettison Biblical morality, and live according to the principles of a strictly secular conservatism. As long as we don’t raise taxes, we can maim the culture anyway we please. Break down the family; reduce the church to comfortable buffoonery; teach children the joys of fornication. And if God’s wrath doesn’t come crashing down on us, then lawlessness and national poverty and running-amok statism surely will.

Meanwhile, kids can’t even watch a doggone puppet show without being targeted for “gay” recruitment. Sometimes living in this current popular culture is like being lost in a Sistine Chapel painted by Bosch instead of Michelangelo. Everywhere you turn, it’s nothing but leering devils and naked revelers, with Hell waiting to engulf them. All traces of innocence and wholesomeness have been scrubbed away.

There is no way that this can turn out well for us.

Can a free and prosperous republic ever be maintained by a citizen body of corrupt, immoral, ignorant baboons? But that’s precisely the kind of citizen body that our public schools and media are giving us.

It’s folly to defy God. Surely Ann Coulter knows that. Does she think the Lord will give her an exemption because she opposes higher taxes?

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Open your eyes. Look! All over the world, our secular humanist civilization is going apart at the seams. You watch the news; but do you ever ask yourself what it means? Do you think London is burning for no reason? We force-feed our children lawlessness, then gasp in astonishment when they form a gang and assault people at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Christ’s hand is stretched out to the whole human race, to save all who put their trust in Him. But if you’re too busy getting pumped up for Bert and Ernie’s “wedding,” you just might miss Salvation.

� 2011 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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On the Sesame Street front, the buzz is that Bert and Ernie—these are puppets in a children’s TV show, remember—may soon get “married.”