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By Lee Duigon
July 17, 2011

A homeowner in Oak Park, Michigan, could go to jail for 93 days because she planted a vegetable garden on her property. (See the picture of her home here) She has been given a ticket, formally charged with a misdemeanor, and—if this farce is permitted to continue—faces a trial by jury and a possible three months in the hoosegow.

Update: Thanks to international media coverage and public outrage, the city has since dropped the charges against the homeowner—but now they’re charging her with owning dogs without a license, a charge which her attorney says is groundless.

No one beats our country’s glorious leaders when it comes to prattling about “freedom.” But do they even understand the word? What are they talking about?

In Oak Park, Michigan, you don’t have the “freedom” to set up garden boxes on your own front yard. For that matter, you don’t have the “freedom” to have a clothesline in your back yard.

But that’s just Oak Park. Nationally, the same driveling hypocrites who squawk the loudest about “freedom” also propose to force you to buy health insurance, install “smart meters” in your home so they can regulate its temperature via remote control, and force you to use dangerous mercury-vapor light bulbs in your dining room. They also tirelessly plot and crusade against your right to defend yourself with a gun, your right to make a living without joining a union, and your right to celebrate Christian religious holidays in public. The grandees of Santa Rosa County, Florida, egged on by the American Civil Liberties Union—what “liberties” can they possibly mean?—threatened three individuals with six-month prison sentences for the crime of… saying grace.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has banned smoking outdoors and in bars and restaurants, banned trans-fats, and rhapsodized about someday banning salt, calls his actions “using capitalism to encourage the right behavior”—“right” meaning “as defined by me.” His take on capitalism might also strike you as vaguely fascist: “Tax policy is the way government uses capitalism.”

So where is all this “freedom” that we hear so much about?

Oh, wait—here it comes: hard to see at first, because it’s so flaming obvious…

The only “freedom” that these statist prigs intend for us to keep is the freedom to fornicate.

While our real freedoms shrink faster than our poor old U.S. dollar’s purchasing power, our freedom to fornicate is busting out in all directions. One could easily fill several hundred pages with examples. Schoolchildren are being encouraged to try anal sex practices which don’t even have names in the English language. (Source: Chalcedon Education) Intensely disturbed people strut their stuff in “Pride” parades—what they have to be proud of, don’t ask!—and our wonderful politicians march with them.

Why do our leaders wish to make fornication flourish?

Theologian R.J. Rushdoony knew why. “In almost every instance that totalitarianism has taken over a major country,” he wrote in 1975, “it has done so in the name of liberty. People welcome tyranny in the belief that their liberties are being greatly increased.

“In only one direction is their freedom increased, however, and it is the ‘freedom’ to sin… The banner of sexual freedom is thus simply a deception which spells slavery. It leads men to forsake responsibility for license, and freedom for bondage… The only freedom which the sexual liberation movements produce is freedom for totalitarianism and tyranny, The world is being made safe for slavery by all such people.” (California Farmer, Nov. 15, 1975 )

This is very easy to understand. Statists promote sexual anarchy, alias “freedom,” because it undermines the family and estranges its practitioners from God: and church and family have always been the juggernaut state’s main competition. This is why statist politicians and Castro wannabes march in Pride parades—pink neckties and all.

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We are turning our whole culture into a temple of sin. Unable to throw off America’s old Puritan impulse, our leaders have simply redirected it. They have taught us to come down really hard on new “sins,” as defined by them—sins like having a clothesline in your yard, cooling your bedroom on a sultry summer night, enjoying a peaceful pipe, or bowing your head in prayer while in a public cafeteria. They have taught us a whole set of new virtues—“saving the planet,” “abolishing hate,” “protecting children from second-hand smoke,” “sustainability,” “diversity,” and so on. They fully intend for us to remain a highly moral people. All they’ve done is to change the definition of morality. So now it’s “immoral” to have babies, drive a car, eat meat, have lights on in your house at night, or do any of those other things that our Congressmen and movie stars and union chiefs can still do on epic scale.

In the name of “freedom,” they have reserved to us the right to fornicate our brains out.

Just as long as we don’t eat any trans-fats.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on


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We are turning our whole culture into a temple of sin. Unable to throw off America’s old Puritan impulse, our leaders have simply redirected it.