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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
September 27, 2012

I got booted off of the radio station from which I have broadcast over the past 10 years.

You read that right. For nearly a decade I hosted a Saturday morning talk-show called Pass The Salt “Talk Radio with a Sting” on a local radio station “in the cornfields of Ohio.” I wasn’t an employee of the station. I was an independent contractor. I purchased my radio time. Last month the new station manager cancelled my show via email.

Yep. He sent me an email telling me that the show was being cancelled immediately and that I would have no opportunity to say goodbye to my regular listening audience because he was afraid of what I might say.

He should be afraid. The truth is always frightening to those who have something to hide.

It was a small Christian station, but it did provide me the opportunity to stream the program live around the world. I moved the program from a larger station nearly a decade ago, in part, out of loyalty to the station founder who was struggling to make the station viable.

Rick Finke was a lover of the Truth and wanted to do all that he could to create an “out-of-the-box” radio station that would appeal to the lost. He broadcast “edgy” stuff and always gave me the liberty to be me and drew a secular audience to a Christian station.

He passed away last year and “new management” took over the station. Gradually the format changed to syrupy Christian music, and nicer-than-Jesus pastors who preached the non-offensive Gospel.

That led to the courageous email from the station manager casting the “salt” out the window where it could be trodden under the foot of men.

They traded salt for sugar. It is happening in churches all across America.

I have since moved my show to You can check out my archived radio shows here. Listen to one of the shows and it won’t take you long to figure out why the weenie “Christian” manager cancelled me via email. After nearly 500 shows and thousands of dollars he didn’t have the decency to look me in the eye. I assume my show offended the “pastors.”

I am becoming more and more leery of those who call themselves “Christians” these days. What does that even mean today…Christian…?

What I would like to do with this commentary is to “coach” you a bit on how to stay in the good graces with the average American-Christian. Perhaps you didn’t realize that there is a party-line to Christianity and if you don’t toe it you won’t take long before you experience the left foot of fellowship. I’m not the first to experience it and I won’t be the last.

(By the way. I am more determined than ever to speak the truth. I am not discouraged, I am encouraged. You know you are hitting home when the pigs start to squeal.)

Sin number one. Never speak out against the pastors

They are the untouchables in the American Church. It matters not what denomination they are a part of, or what they teach, they are the expert on all things Christian and to question them is to “touch God’s anointed.” At least that is what THEY tell me. I simply tell them that I have been anointed to hold them accountable.

Here’s the truth. There are many standing in the pulpits of America that have no business representing the Lord. Many of our churches are nothing more than a small business started by a Christian entrepreneur. Start a church. There is great job security in it. Tell the folks what they want to hear, hide inside and wait for the rapture, and teach the people the Old Testament law of tithing. Immediate job security. Plus, they get to be boss and exert their power over the sheeple.

MANY “pastors” are building their own kingdom rather than advancing God’s. They don’t agree with their fellow pastors on much…but they do agree that the salty guy on Saturday mornings has got to go.

Pastors are full of pride. They will never admit it, but they are in competition with other pastors over power, privilege, and prestige. They serve “their ministry” not the Lord. Have you ever watched pastors interact with each other? Tension…

Multitudes of sheep are being led astray by these hirelings.

Sin number two. Do not speak out against the government schools

There is nothing in America more destructive to America’s children than the Government Schoolhouse down the road. But don’t speak against teachers, don’t point out the lies that the schools teach, don’t chastise parents for putting God’s children into the Devil’s indoctrination centers, and don’t point out how worthless the average church youth group is in combating them.

Don’t point out that their children cannot navigate their way through the Scriptures, that nearly 90% of Christian-children leave the faith when they go to college, that the teaching of the religion of evolution destroys the faith of their children, and that statistics show that Christian children think no differently than their non-churched classmates.

Plus, the chances are pretty good that many of the folks sitting in the pews work in some capacity for the government schools, either as a teacher, aide, coach, cafeteria worker, or bus driver. Don’t be shocked to find out that the pastor’s wife is one of those government school workers.

As one pastor told my friend Jim, “The schools are where I do a lot of my fishing for souls.” He got pissed when he was advised to build his own aquarium.

Sin number three. Don’t question the Republican Party.

There is an un-holy alliance between the church and the Republicans. Unless you are black. The alliance there is between the blacks and the Democrats. It never dawns on either group that their allegiance is supposed to be to the Lord and not to a political party. White-Christians trust the Republicans to save America while black-Christians trust the Democrats to do it. One set of believers cancels out the vote of another group of believers. Neither group trusts the Lord. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book.

Do not point out that only a defensive war is permitted by the Scriptures. Don’t point out that the Republicans have been “pro-life” for forty years while babies continue to be slaughtered. Don’t point out that taxation is government thievery, that the justice system has become a money-making operation for the government, and that the Republicans are every bit as responsible for the mess as are the Democrats.

And certainly don’t point out that the lesser of two evils is still evil…or that Mormons are not Christians.

Sin Number Four. Don’t say anything that might convict believers.

Christians don’t realize that they are deeply trapped in sin. Pointing out that they spend most of their waking hours serving “other gods” will not help one curry favor with the pew sitters. Oh, they love it when you rail against the “homos” or the “baby-killers” but you are getting a little too close to home when you begin to speak about making idols of one’s children, or job, or the Buckeyes.

Stay away from the issue of education and the responsibility of the parents to train their children “in the fear and admonition of the Lord.” Don’t touch the way they permit their daughters to dress like sluts. Don’t exhort them to live out their faith by actually DOING something to fight the cultural rot destroying America. Don’t discuss unsound money, the New World Order, the culture of death in the schools, that the sanctity of marriage applies to heterosexuals as well as homosexuals, or chastise them for their indifference to the lies being promoted to their neighbor’s children. And for God’s sake don’t point out personal sin.

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Stay away from appearing judgmental, hateful, intolerant, or unkind. Not toeing the Christian party-line is a sure way to draw the ire of “God’s people.”

I make them mad because I asked them who drew the line and what happens when you cross it?

Better yet…what happens if you don’t…?

One of the refrains I often hear from self-proclaimed “brothers in the Lord” is: “Brother Coach, I love what you do…but I don’t like the way you do it.”

“Really?” I love to respond. “I like the way I do it better than the way you don’t.”

Rock the boat. Step over the line. Tear down those idols.

“Do I now become your enemy because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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Pastors are full of pride. They will never admit it, but they are in competition with other pastors over power, privilege, and prestige. They serve “their ministry” not the Lord. Have you ever watched pastors interact with each other? Tension…