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By Michael Cutler
August 11, 2008

I am providing you with two links to two news articles that demonstrate and illustrate the insanity that characterizes the relationship between the United States and Mexico.

The first article appears in today's edition of the Washington Times and is a brief article that appeared with other articles about events around the world. That first article is a short one, but is to the point and makes it clear that the government of Mexico demands that when Americans enter Mexico they had damned well comply with Mexican laws while the government of Mexico simultaneously demands that their citizens be permitted to violate all sorts of laws in our country, including felonies!

I find it all but impossible to believe that citizens of the United States who attempt to purchase petroleum products in Mexico would have their cars impounded for filling an extra tank with diesel fuel. This is not fuel that was stolen, but fuel that was purchased at the going rate of $2.25 per gallon, roughly one-half of the cost for fuel in the United States!

I do not blame the government of Mexico as much as I blame our government. When United States Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean attempted to defend themselves and our borders against a career narcotics smuggler they found themselves being prosecuted by the same government that ordered them in harm's way. Several years ago I was called upon to testify before a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims about the funding requests made by the administration to hire new Border Patrol agents and special agents of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

That hearing was conducted on March 10, 2005 and was entitled:


You can read the transcript of that hearing.

As I have noted on previous occasions Congress had authorized sufficient funds to hire 800 new special agents for ICE and 2,000 new Border Patrol agents for that year and each of the next 4 years.

The administration slashed those numbers to hire only 143 new special agents for ICE and 210 new Border Patrol agents.

I was disappointed in the number of new ICE agents that had been authorized by Congress and absolutely outraged at how the President and his administration slashed the numbers of new ICE agents and new Border Patrol agents. Clearly the only explanation that makes sense is that the President was adamant about not securing our borders and not enforcing the immigration laws, even though this enables drugs, criminals and terrorists to have easy access to our nation even as the President and his administration 'bobble heads' invoke the "War on Terror" at every turn.

The result of what has to be viewed minimally as constituting dereliction of duty, if not complicity, by the Bush administration in its failures to secure our nation's borders and enforce the immigration laws from within the interior of the United States. This has emboldened and enabled millions of illegal aliens, including thousands of criminals, undoubtedly terrorists, to enter our nation in violation of law impacting so many major areas of concern for our nation, including national security, criminal justice, the economy, the environment, health care and education.

Then we come to the second article, about how Mexican drug traffickers have taken a new tactic of buying up precious land that had been used for the cultivation of vineyards to be used to grow marijuana within the borders of the United States!

There had been previous news reports about those same drug organizations growing marijuana in national parks of the United States and now, without adequate enforcement by the federal government, we are witnessing a continuing expansion of Mexican drug traffickers growing ever-increasing quantities of marijuana within the United States!

With all of this ongoing madness, neither major candidate for the Presidency has been willing to address the issue of border security and the creation of an immigration system that has real integrity that protects our nation and honors those lawful immigrants who have abided by the laws of the United States and have made the effort to legally become part of our nation.

Just as I blame our government for the lunacy to be found in the one-sided relationship that exists between the United States and Mexico, I blame the citizens of our nation for the current state of affairs in the political process!

My dad used to tell me that I would teach people I encountered, how they should treat me. The first time he told me this, I was a bit confused, so I asked him to explain what he meant by that. He told me, "Mike, if you accept abusive treatment by anyone, you are encouraging that abuse. You need to quickly establish limits and make it clear that there are situations that are utterly unacceptable to you. By making it clear to those you deal with, you will force people to treat you the way you want to be treated!"

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We the People must take that lesson and employ it with our elected representatives. We the People must make our voices heard! This is not a Liberal issue nor is it a Conservative issue- this is the way that all Americans must force those politicians who purport to represent us, to truly represent us!

The stakes are far too great for us to allow the status quo to continue!

You are either part of the solution or you are a part of the problem!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

2008 - Michael Cutler - All Rights Reserved

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Michael W. Cutler graduated from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York in 1971 with a B.A. in Communications Arts and Sciences. Mr. Cutler began working for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in October 1971 when he entered on duty as an Immigration Inspector assigned to John F. Kennedy International Airport. In August 1975 he became a Criminal Investigator (Special Agent) for the INS at NYC.

He rotated through virtually every squad in the Investigations Branch. From 1988 until 1991 he was assigned as the INS representative to the Unified Intelligence Division (UID) of the DEA in New York. In 1991 he was promoted to the position of Senior Special Agent and was assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) which required that he work with members of other law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF, U.S. Customs and local and state police as well as law enforcement organizations of other countries including Israel, Canada, Great Britain and Japan, to conduct investigations of aliens involved in major drug trafficking organizations. He retired from the INS in February 2002, after a career that spanned some 30 years.

Finally, Michael Cutler has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including Lou Dobbs, Fox News, MSNBC and many other television and radio news-oriented programs to discuss the enforcement of immigration laws.












Mexican drug traffickers have taken a new tactic of buying up precious land that had been used for the cultivation of vineyards to be used to grow marijuana within the borders of the United States!