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By Shaun Curry
July 1, 2014

For too long the two party system has dominated politics. Not only has it dominated politics, but also every other facet of society including economics, military, and ideology. Historically, it has been thought that the two party system was the most accurate representation of American society. It was viewed that not only did the American people identify more closely with either Republican or Democrat but that a viable third party was simply not possible. Well, not anymore.

Politicians have witnessed a precipitous increase in disgust with them, their policies and behavior recently. Paralleling this is the sharp decline in trust, faith or support in our elected official’s abilities to perform their duties properly and admirably. It has become commonplace to view our elected leaders as corrupt, deceitful, and concerned only with reelection while being beholden to special interests and maintaining the status quo. This disdain for politics is clearly reflected at the polls where disillusioned voters routinely don’t vote or, as witnessed in the past few elections, have gravitated to “alternative” parties who don’t embody the cronyism and elitism that is so prevalent among the two major parties.

This article will highlight not only the need for the evolution of a strong third party but provide evidence that it is already in full effect and is only being deterred by simple generational differences. Those generational differences will, obviously, disappear as a younger demographic with a much different ideology will come into power and embrace a third party that will balance out the political system to adequately reflect a changing American populace. This new age of thinkers that embodies and adheres to a libertarian mindset is at the forefront of this change and will soon come to reflect the heart and soul of what will be a great nation again.

Politics influence on Ideology, Economics and Military

Politics is the driving force of ideology, economics and military. This is easily illustrated by simply dividing the two major parties to highlight how influential both are in all facets of society. Typically, Democrats allege a philosophy that is more liberal where bigger government, as opposed to the private sector, is more capable of determining our economic and social path and military interventionist policies should be curtailed in favor of multilateral/global approaches and defense spending is rolled back. Republicans purportedly embody more of a conservative mindset, where smaller government in favor of free market and free enterprise principles are favored and hawkish foreign policies through democratization of tyrannical states is accomplished through utilization of greater military spending. The major problem with both of these platforms is that both parties are utterly corrupt and susceptible to massive outside influence from those they are beholden too and because of this their “ideology” fluctuates like the volatile commodities markets and rarely do either consistently stick to their platform.

Republicans spend and increase the size and scope of government through massive NSA surveillance, democrats extend wars they vowed to withdraw from; republicans pick and choose their interventionist policies with no consistency, democrats advocate for illegal drone strikes in states with no authority to do so and without global consent. Both party’s continually stray from their professed political platform and ideology through military and economic means on a regular basis and it’s a major reason why neither can be trusted and their constituents continue to hold them in contempt. It is because of the blatant inconsistencies, flagrant disregard for representing the will of the people, and the fact that politics dictates all facets of life that this new generation of thinkers has sprung into action.

Balance of Power in the American Political Machine

Balance of Power is one of the most fundamental aspects of international relations. It determines how the international system operates and how states relate to one another by constantly conducting themselves according to their own self-interest to maintain or elevate their position in the system. The Cold War is probably the most notable example of power, essentially, evenly distributed among the two major states of the former Soviet Union and the United States. The American political machine operates in a similar manner where Republicans and Democrats have been vying for supremacy for some time but that particular Cold War is beginning to come to an end where a veritable political hot war will ensue and revolution of the system is the only logical conclusion. The evenly dispersed power structure that has been American politics within the Republican/Democrat structure is beginning to deteriorate as the American populace recognizes the need for a viable third party to adequately reflect their evolving ideology.

With the introduction of a viable third party, in this case a blend a Libertarian ideology, the two power system of Democrats and Republicans will begin to erode and diffuse among a three power system. The unpredictability factor in this inevitable scenario is how the new balance of power structure will divide power among the three party system. It’s highly unlikely that the new three party system will be an even blend and disbursement of power. This will cause rifts and dynamic shifts in power until the system is able to correct and come to a balance. Once it does, and spurred on by the new libertarian movement, a new system will prevail where Republican/Democrat dominance will no longer reign.

All of this is being inspired by a social revolution at the behest of a younger generation that embodies a much different ideology of the past. This struggle within the populace is vying an older generation bent on maintaining the status quo versus a younger generation disgusted and fed up with the “politics as usual” that plagues the cronyism capital of the world in Washington D.C. This breed of thinkers represents the foundation for this revolution and will resemble the future America.

Embracing the Movement

This movement will, ultimately, be embraced at all levels but will be most critical through its support at the local level in a grassroots/social media effort. Local parties who are only concerned with maintaining the status quo will do everything possible to stymie such efforts. However, the victories at the local level will open the door for larger regional triumphs and change that, ultimately, will be seen at the national level.

It’s at the local level where we want to take back politics anyway. It’s the area where we live and know and are most concerned about. We should dictate the policy that takes place there and it is where the libertarian movement is really beginning to take hold because libertarianism puts the power back into those hands and out of intrusive and encroaching federal government.

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This movement and the change that will revolutionize this country are going to take place. The younger demographic simply embodies a much different mindset than the antiquated ideology of the past. Local campaigns, local parties, and community groups need to begin adopting similar mindsets and accepting the inevitable change that is going to occur or they could find themselves absent and in a deep minority in the future. Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal recently summed up this article best by saying, “I can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.” He couldn’t be more right.

© 2014 Shaun Curry - All Rights Reserve

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Shaun Curry holds a bachelors in Social Sciences with a primary in Political Science and a secondary in International Relations received at California State University, Chico. He received his Masters in Diplomacy from Norwich University where he specialized in International Terrorism and had a secondary focus in International Relations

He has worked on several political campaigns within the Republican party and was a former college republican president at California State University, Chico. He also worked in the financial sector from 2006-2009 during the financial meltdown as a commodities broker. Currently, he is a regional director for the Dennis Richardson Gubernatorial campaign.





For too long the two party system has dominated politics. Not only has it dominated politics, but also every other facet of society including economics, military, and ideology.


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