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Heidi Cappadona
January 31, 2005

Americans are becoming painfully aware that psychological fitness has become the single most important factor in hiring a prospective employee. Employers will deny this but the simple fact remains, if you don't pass this test, the answer is, "no hire." [Read: Weeding Out Societies Misfits] Americans are now being forced to answer 'yes' or 'no' to a barrage of weird questions like, "Does society put too much control on individuals?", "Are there times in your life when your future looks very dark to you?", and "Did you hate having your parents order you around?" The reason behind these tests is one of many secrets they hope Americans don't discover.

This discrimination is not just against Christians�it goes far beyond that. With these assessments, controlling forces behind the scenes are beginning to sift out from among Americans, those who still possess that spirit that made America a great nation. Independent thought, personal determination, creativity, and integrity, coupled with firm loyalty to their country as a sovereign nation are the very characteristics that threaten the forces of tyranny. Americans who still possess these dreaded characteristics will have to be re-educated, weakened by poverty, or eventually subjected to diagnosis by psychologists who use very different definitions of 'mental health' then we do. These Americans are a great threat because while they remain, there also remains the thought that those Americans may discover what is happening to their country and unite like they did in 1776. Together, they may find the solution that has been hidden from them so well and for so long. We may rediscover the true meaning of the jury system.

Many of us have been told that here in America, the people are the final voice of their government. We are told our votes are our voice like any Democracy. However, we do not have a Democracy, we have a Constitutional Republic and with this form of government, the people have a voice, a final voice, through the people's jury system. This is the best safeguard against tyranny as no one has the general welfare in greater concern then the people themselves.

Just as the fox will not tell the hens how to guard the henhouse, a corrupt government will not tell a free people how to preserve their freedom, in fact, they will most assuredly hide it from them in hopes that in a few generations they will simply forget, and forget we have. Today we have not only forgotten how to guard our freedom but why we want to. We have forgotten our rich heritage and so many of us have made strangers of that spirit of freedom that once brought so many together in unity. Thomas Jefferson said, "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principle of its constitution."

The people are not told they can personally access the Grand Jury with their grievances without first going to the District Attorney. Search their websites or go to your courthouses and ask for Citizen Jury Complaint forms. These forms exist, though they are hidden well. There were times when our court Judges had respect for the jury system and actually honored this voice of the people. Honorable Chief Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase, when speaking to the Grand Jury, stated, "You must not be satisfied by acting upon such cases only as may be brought before you by the district attorney, or by members of your body to whom knowledge of particular offences may have come. Your authority and your duty go much further. You may and you should, summon before you, officers of the government, and others whom you may have reason to believe possess information proper for your action, and examine them fully."

We the people of America are the Grand Jury and this is our most important of duties. Today most of us are not even aware of our Jury responsibilities which go far beyond what today's judge tells us and our juries are tampered with and weeded through just like Americans in the work force. Our juries are to be selected randomly from among the citizens and we are to judge both the facts and the law. The Constitution makes us masters of our public servants. Those public servants are keeping secrets from us. Does a servant have to tell his master what his rights are? No, it's our responsibility to know what our rights are and how to preserve them.

Wake up loved ones, we are a united free people and we need to put an end to this usurpation of our liberties. We have been divided by master manipulators and while we fight amongst ourselves, they are taking what does not belong to them. We are Americans and it does not matter if we are black, white, woman, man, liberal, conservative, Christian, atheist, or anything between. These divisions do not matter. The only real division among us is the same as it has always been; the elite few who want to rule over the many and the common individual who yearns for true freedom. Outside of America, this true freedom has never existed for the common man.

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Our juries are to be selected randomly from among the citizens and we are to judge both the facts and the law. The Constitution makes us masters of our public servants.