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By David Brownlow

September 24, 2006

Those of us who have been in the abortion fight for many years find ourselves at a loss to explain how a spirit of compromise could have so completely permeated the pro-life movement. The consequences of this total sellout have been profoundly negative for the cause of life. Most of the mainstream pro-life groups, particularly those attached to the poisoned tentacles of National Right to Life, have either walked off the field of battle, or have actually joined the other side.

For those who remain in the fight, it has become nearly impossible to distinguish friend from foe, making an already difficult job even more complicated.

Case in point: During the last session of the Oregon legislature, "pro-life" Republican lawmakers fought with all their political might to fully fund the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) - thereby ensuring that a steady supply of blood-money will continue flowing to the likes of Planned Parenthood, Lovejoy Surgicenter, and a number of other death-peddlers across the state. This betrayal came after many months of direct lobbying efforts by LIFE SUPPORT and Oregonians for Life � in which we provided irrefutable, horrific evidence that nearly one out of every three abortions in Oregon are funded by the state. In the end, only six Republican Representatives (out of thirty three) ended up opposing the bloody budget.

These state-funded abortion supporters were not rogue elements within the Republican Party. Instead, it was the entire Republican leadership team, who all claim to be pro-life, that spearheaded this effort - with House Speaker Karen Minnis, Majority Leader Wayne Scott, Ways and Means Chair Dennis Richardson and Rep. Linda Flores, voting to continue funding the blood-money. Instead of choosing life, they chose death, and 9,000 unborn Oregonians will pay the ultimate price as a direct result of their cowardice.

The culmination - and shock - of this spirit of compromise was evidenced recently by the Oregon Right to Life (a NRTL affiliate) endorsement of Ron Saxton for governor. Saxton, an unabashed pro-abort, has never lifted a finger to fight against the carnage being inflicted on so many thousands of unborn Oregonians. In contrast, Mary Starrett, the Constitution Party candidate, has nearly three decades of pro-life leadership under her belt. This one was not even a close call, but ORTL came down on the wrong side because they "did not believe Starrett could win."

"What?" you ask, "Pro-life groups are now endorsing pro-abort politicians?" Sadly, yes. We can only shake our heads in disbelief.

A LIFE SUPPORT press release summed it up, �The �Oregon Right to Fundraise� endorsement of Ron Saxton was inevitable. This is because the pro-life charlatans over at ORTF are nothing but a Republican front organization, whose sole purpose is to deceive pro-life voters into giving money and votes to Republican candidates, regardless of their position on abortion.�

LIFE SUPPORT issued this warning to pastors: �The 2006 ORTF voters guide will be a complete pack of lies - once again. Every effort should be made to keep this deceptive piece of Republican propaganda out of church lobbies!� Odds are high that the NRTL affiliate in your state is putting out similar garbage.

Nationally, the situation is in even worse shape.

"Pro-life" Republicans have controlled Congress for the last 11 years. Hundreds of millions have been spent keeping them in power. The result? 14,000,000 dead babies during that time. The failure of "the Republican Revolution of 1994" is absolutely staggering.

We allow George Bush to blather on about "stem cells" and the �culture of life,� while seven million unborn American children have been murdered under his reign (of terror!). Compromised organizations like National Right to Life, continue to bow before this pro-life imposter. Our President has broken the oath he made to defend the Constitution, ignoring the 5th Amendment rights of the unborn, while launching illegal, immoral wars that have led to the death of nearly 100,000 people! Yet, the lost sheep, led by blind shepherds, sit in their backslidden churches, and defend this lying wolf as a good Christian man.

The Republican controlled FDA recently allowed Plan B - a chemical weapon with a near 100% mortality rate on the unborn victims it was designed to kill - to be bought off the candy rack at a drug store near you. This rare feat is something the Democrats could never have pulled off by themselves. Billions and billions continue to be given to

Planned Parenthood and the United Nations to quench their thirst for death. Our military has been turned into an imperialist fighting force, dragged into one bloody conflict after another - all to fulfill the lust for power that has infected the minds of the madmen who have seized control of our country. The list of Republican atrocities goes on and on.

If all of this were not happening before our very eyes, in such a public manner, we would say that none of this could be possible. But there you have it folks, laying out there for all to see - like dead shrimp rotting in the sun.

On a positive note:

No one can argue that the last 33 years of pro-life compromise and appeasement - of voting for the "lesser" of two evils - has produced any measurable result toward ending the abortion holocaust. We would hope that this total failure would drive the real pro-lifers to their knees, finally willing to embrace a strategy of principle over politics. We shall see.

Why do we stay in this fight against such seemingly impossible odds? We are duty bound, as the blood of the tens of thousands of Oregon children we have murdered is crying out for justice. The hands of every Oregonian are stained by the innocent blood we have shed, as all of us who live here have helped finance the carnage in one way or another.

Of this we can be sure - there will be an accounting. May GOD have mercy on Oregon when the payment comes due.

In his days Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came up, and Jehoiakim became his vassal for three years. Then he turned and rebelled against him. And the Lord sent against him raiding bands of Chaldeans, bands of Syrians, bands of Moabites, and bands of the people of Ammon; He sent them against Judah to destroy it, according to the word of the Lord which He had spoken by His servants the prophets. Surely at the commandment of the Lord this came upon Judah, to remove them from His sight because of the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he had done, and also because of the innocent blood that he had shed; for he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which the Lord would not pardon. --2 Kings 24:1-4

� 2006 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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David Brownlow, a regular columnist for, is the Executive Director of Life Support, an Oregon based "No Abortion, No Excuses" anti-abortion organization that is focused on eliminating all government funded child-killing. David, an engineer, former Constitution Party candidate, and 25 year political activist, resides in Damascus, Oregon with his wife Suzanne and their four children.


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Republicans have controlled Congress for the last 11 years. Hundreds of millions have been spent keeping them in power. The result? 14,000,000 dead babies during that time. The failure of "the Republican Revolution of 1994" is absolutely staggering.