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By David Brownlow
June 23, 2003

Is President Bush really pro-life? That is a very fair question to ask, especially since he receives intense loyalty from the major pro-life groups. We are obligated to ensure that our support has been well directed. So after two and a half years into his administration, it is time to take a look at the progress President Bush has made toward ending legal abortion in America.

If you ever want to really tick off any of the big names in "Conservatism," just go ahead and imply that President Bush is not the committed pro-life believer he claims to be. Trust me, you can lose friends in a hurry that way. But the truth is:

There is very little evidence that President Bush is pro-life.

Other than the few bones he throws us in his speeches every now and then, the President seems to be fairly unconcerned that 3,000,000 unborn American children have been murdered - just since the day he was inaugurated.

The President of the United States is arguably the most influential man in the world, with a vast array of powers available to him. It is impossible to believe this President cannot find one single thing he can do to make sure another 2,000,000 kids are not killed before the end of his first term! But that is exactly what is going to happen in the next eighteen months, unless we do something to stop it.

We are not fooled by his promise to sign the meaningless "Partial Birth Abortion" Ban. Read the "Ban" for yourself. But the way it was written, not even one child will be saved. It should be titled, "The Instruction Manual for Abortionists," because all it does is clearly define the baby's proper position in the birth canal in order for the abortion to be a legal kill. The ban is a pathetic sham, and signing it would carry zero political risks.

Banning abortion - one horrendous method at a time - is a highly questionable tactic at best. But if the President wanted to show he is really in the fight against legalized child killing, then a ban on the Weapon of Mass Destruction called RU-486 would be a far more effective place to start. He could ban RU-486 without asking for permission from anyone.

RU-486 - The "WMD for Tots" Program
President Bush entered into a war against Iraq based largely on the premise that Iraq possessed WMD. He was willing to drag America into an undeclared war and kill many thousands of Iraqis in order to rid the world of a danger we only assumed they posed.

In all his speeches and press conferences during the war, the President never once mentioned the RU-486 killing of over 500,000 innocent, unborn American children since 1994 - which our own government sponsored! Is the President saying that chemical weapons are OK for some countries but not for others?

Does anyone see the hypocrisy in this? Does anyone see the madness in this?

The responsibility for the last two and a half years of the RU-486 killing (many tens of thousands of children!) falls squarely on the head of President George Bush. That is because there are at least two methods the President could use to ban the American WMD called RU-486 by tomorrow morning - on his authority alone.

First, The Memo
There is no Constitutional provision that requires the federal government to allow the FDA approved WMD killing of an unborn child (obviously!). The FDA is under Health and Human Services, which is headed up by Tommy Thompson. Since HHS is a Cabinet level department of the Executive Branch, the FDA reports directly to the President, not to the Congress.

If the president wants to end the chemical warfare that is being waged against American children, he could direct Mr. Thompson to rescind the FDA approved use of RU-486 via a single page memo. There is nothing in the Constitution that would prevent the President from doing that.

Would there be a huge stink? You bet. Would NARAL, NOW and the ACLU have a total cow? Of course! Would there be massive political risks? Most definitely!

But a truly committed pro-life leader would do whatever it took to stop the WMD killing of children without regard to the political consequences. So some people get mad at him - Who cares?

Second, The Executive Order
That Executive Orders are of a highly dubious Constitutional nature is not in dispute. None the less, they have been used (abused) over 13,000 times for things as trivial as thanking a foreign leader for a gift, on up to the big ones like President Clinton's Executive Order that locked up 1.7 million acres of land in Utah and Nevada.

There is no real definition of what an Executive Order can and cannot be used for, which means an Executive Order from President Bush banning RU-486 would have no real basis on which to be disputed. He has already written over 100 Executive Orders and could write another one tomorrow morning issuing a ban on RU-486. Why does he refuse to do this?

Would people get mad and holler if he did? Yes, loudly and often. Should any of us care? Not in the least!

There is no law that says we always have to be nice to the death peddlers and follow the exact path the enemy has laid out for us.

The Real Fight
While a Presidential ban on RU-486 would be easy to achieve and would certainly be dramatic, it would still only be nibbling around the far edges of the real problem - that our government has been the chief sponsor in the killing of 42,000,000 Americans.

If the President really wants to avoid another 2,000,000 casualties in the next eighteen months, he should:

1. Vow to veto every bill that comes across his desk until the Congress agrees to obey Article 3, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution and set aside the illegal 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

2. Be willing to allow the government to shut down due to the fact that no spending bills are passed.

3. Vow to only nominate federal judges who commit to overturning Roe v. Wade. It would be better to have a completely empty court than to have one that will further the lie that killing children is a Constitutional right.

4. Request removal of every federal judge who furthers the lie of Roe v. Wade.

5. Write an Executive Order declaring the humanity of the unborn.

6. Issue an Emancipation Proclamation declaring the humanity of the unborn.

7. Call out the National Guard to protect the young Americans who are being deprived of their 5th amendment rights. He swore an oath to defend the Constitution and we need to hold him to it.

8. Vow to cut off every federal dollar that goes to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

9. Be willing to take the heat when the death peddlers start to scream.

10. Trust the Lord for his re-election!

Would the slick, brain dead ACLU lawyers come forward to challenge any real action by the President? You can count on it.

Instead of us running around wasting time on meaningless "Partial Birth" abortion bans, we need to force the enemy to be on the defense for a change. To say that there is nothing this President can do to fight abortion, is just an excuse to allow him to continue misleading us about his commitment to life.

At the very least, we could expect a passionate plea from the President for the 4,000 children that are murdered each and every day on the same level that we saw from him after 3,000 were killed on 9/11. The terrorists were amateurs compared the serial abortionists that roam freely around our nation, killing millions and getting rich.

By every outward appearance, being the beloved and respected Commander in Chief - and getting re-elected - seems to mean much more to this President than obeying the oath he took to defend the Constitution. After 3,000,000 children have been killed on his watch, the President should be walking around in sackcloth and ashes!

Would his enemies try to destroy him if he ever did anything to seriously threaten legal abortion in America? Oh, most certainly.

But the time has come for this President to choose whose side he is on.

� 2003 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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"We are not fooled by his promise to sign the meaningless "Partial Birth Abortion" Ban. Read the "Ban" for yourself. But the way it was written, not even one child will be saved. It should be titled, "The Instruction Manual for Abortionists,"

The ban is a pathetic sham