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By David Brownlow

October 13, 2004

What a complete waste of time. 290 million Americans to choose from and we are stuck watching two warmongering, big-government-loving socialists face each other off in another presidential "debate." Columnist George Will summed it up perfectly when he called it a "vertigo" moment. Down was up, wrong was right, and confusion ruled the night.

Despite all the huffing and puffing, Bush and Kerry were together on almost every issue - from invading countries that never threatened to harm us, to the further expansion of a federal government that, by almost any objective measure, is spinning wildly out of control. Their only disagreement was quibbling over how quickly our few remaining freedoms should be taken away.

The "best question of the night" award went to the lady who asked Bush to name three mistakes he had made. His defiant, "I make the decisions around here, therefore they must be correct," look said it all. Inexplicably, out of the dozens of mistakes he has made just during his Iraqi invasion, he could not name a single one.

We are running out of excuses to explain away our President's increasingly odd behavior.

One of the greatest theatrical, as well as comedic, moments of the night came when Bush called Kerry a big-spending liberal. This from a President who has helped crank up federal spending by almost 30% in just four years, while the national debt has ballooned by almost two trillion dollars!

Bush's joke fell flat. Apparently, no one saw any humor in the near certainty that our headlong plunge into moral and fiscal anarchy will continue to accelerate no matter which of half of the Bush/Kerry ticket wins the election.

Debate Summary:

Iraq: What a complete disaster! Neither of them has the foggiest idea how to get our sons out of there. Kerry thinks it would be nice if more nations sacrificed some of their own sons to help us "win." What a brilliant plan.

The economy: It's in a shambles and they both believe the way to fix it is through more federal intervention. At least we know which way the economy is going.

Jobs: Blah, blah, blah.

Taxes: Bush: Cut 'em for the middle class. Kerry: Cut 'em for the middle class. Translation: Hold onto your wallet!

Abortion: Kerry feels a little pain, but thinks abortion should be a personal choice. Bush feels a little pain too, and thinks the proper way to end abortion is to publish an instruction manual, (i.e. the PBA "Ban") complete with targeting coordinates, to teach abortionists the proper way to kill a child in the final inches of the birth canal. Which means we can safely assume that another 5,000,000 children will be murdered during the next four years no matter which one of them wins.

Stem cells: Bush: experimenting on "old" stem cells is OK. Kerry: We need to experiment on the little people, in order to improve healthcare for the big people. So take your pick, Dr. Frankenstein A, or Dr. Frankenstein B.

The Draft: Hide your sons and daughters!

I'm not sure I can sit through another one of these "debates." What a waste of time. Glad I recorded this one on my TIVO so I didn't have to suffer through it all. My wife had the only bright idea of the night. She ignored the whole thing and read a book.

It is painful to watch so many otherwise intelligent people fall for this sham we are calling an election. Do we need any more reasons to boycott the entire "two party" charade?

� 2004 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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David Brownlow, an engineer, has been designing and selling industrial automation control systems since 1979. David and his wife Suzanne have four children and reside in Clackamas OR. He has been active in the pro-life movement and conservative politics for nearly 25 years. David is the 2004 Oregon Constitution Party candidate for the United States Senate. His Web-Site E-Mail: [email protected]








The "best question of the night" award went to the lady who asked Bush to name three mistakes he had made. His defiant, "I make the decisions around here, therefore they must be correct," look said it all.