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By David Brownlow
April 19, 2004

No rational person would ever agree to leave their family, fly to a country 8,000 miles away, spend a year in cities they never heard of, only to get shot at by people they never met before - unless there was a very compelling reason.

Now that everyone knows THERE WAS NEVER a compelling reason to invade Iraq, those in charge of the criminal enterprise we call the U.S. government have simply made up a whole new pack of lies to cover up the old ones. Just a few:

New Lie #1: The invasion of Iraq will make America a safer place.

New Lie #2: Killing a bunch of Iraqis will make them free.

New Lie #3: The Iraqis are grateful we are killing them.

New Lie #4: Any Iraqi who is not grateful is a terrorist.

New Lie #5: We need to kill all the Iraqi terrorists.

In order for our soldiers to feel good about killing people who NEVER threatened to harm a single one of us (before we invaded their country anyway!), it is important that we first dehumanize anyone who resists our occupation. So it is not by accident that the Bush propagandists have labeled any Iraqi resistance fighters as "terrorists." After all, terrorists are bad, and if they're all terrorists, we can feel good about killing every one of them!

While President Bush admits we have no evidence that ties Iraq to the attacks of 9/11, he gives the almost daily subliminal suggestion that there really was a connection, by referring to the Iraqis as "terrorists." In typical fashion, the American people are following blindly along, sending our sons and daughters off to die under the guise of "defending our freedom." What a tragedy. What a lie!

Many of the Bush stooges in the "conservative" media/Pravda have also begun using the word "terrorist" to describe any Iraqis who resist our occupation. It has gotten so bad it is nearly impossible to stomach the pro-war drivel coming out of Rush, Sean, Michael, et al. It's a sad day in America when we have to turn the dial to Al Franken in order to hear even the tiniest shred of common sense about this war.

The "terrorist" talk can lead to some very twisted logic from otherwise intelligent people. Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, a man who has generally earned "conservative" respect over the years, wrote an absolutely revolting, venomous piece where he called for the complete destruction of Fullaja, a place few of us had ever even heard of until a couple of weeks ago.

After the four Americans were murdered in Fallujah Mr. Farah wrote, "We may need to flatten Fallujah. We may need to destroy it. We may need to grind it, pulverize it and salt the soil, as the Romans did with troublesome enemies." (Rome, now there's a great role model) Read it for yourself. Definitely not "Compassionate Conservative" stuff.

What that gang of hoodlums did to the bodies of the American contractors was disgusting and barbaric. But we invaded their country, for crying out loud! What did we think was going to happen? Did we think an armed convoy driving through a hostile city would get a ticker tape parade?

Now that we have killed several hundred Fallujans in retaliation, let's call it even and agree to stay out of their town. What a mess.

By our definition, there are about 23 million potential "terrorists" left alive in Iraq. Do we really want to get in a fight with every one of them? If not, we better try to figure out what is driving them to want to kill our soldiers.

Could it be that after waiting for over a year to figure out what we are up to, many Iraqis have concluded that our army is just another brutal occupying force, no better than the one we threw out? Or is it that many of them are just genuinely ticked off that gun-toting foreigners are in their country telling them what to do?

Whatever the particular reason the Iraqis have for resisting our occupation, calling them "terrorists" is not going to help us understand why they hate us enough to drag burning American corpses through their streets. Calling them "terrorists" is not going end the killing of our soldiers. Calling them "terrorists" is not going to help us figure out a way to get our troops out of Iraq!

The government propaganda machine tells us the "terrorists" hate us "because we are free, " or they hate us "because of our way of life," or some other such nonsense. Just because someone does not like our way of life, would that drive them to attack an M1 tank armed only with a rifle? Not very likely.

Has it ever occurred to anyone to ask any of them why they hate us? Maybe if we tried actually listening to what these "terrorists" are saying, we might learn that they do not hate us for who we are. They hate us for what we do.

Could it be they hate us for exactly the reasons they have been telling us they hate us? Could they hate us be because we have been meddling in Middle Eastern affairs for many decades, and are occupying their lands? Could it be because we, through a variety of methods, have killed an awful lot of their people? Could it be that they have had enough time to study our version of "democracy" and decided they want nothing to do with it?

If we'd do a little more talking and a lot less shooting, we might find out that like most of us, the Iraqi people just want to be left alone.

Thomas Jefferson got it right when he said, "...peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none..."

Whatever goodwill (if any) we may have earned during the first weeks of this war is now long gone. We have definitely overstayed our welcome. All the "terrorists" seem to want now is for us to get the heck out of their country and allow them to work out their future by themselves.

Which sounds like a very reasonable request! So let's give the Iraqi people what they want and get our troops out of there immediately!

� 2004 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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Dave Brownlow, an engineer, has been designing and selling industrial automation control systems since 1979. He lives in Clackamas OR with his wife Suzanne and their four children. Active in the pro-life movement and conservative politics for over 20 years, David ran for US Congress in the 3rd District of Oregon in 2002 on the Constitution Party ticket. He has announced his plans to run again in 2004. His Web-Site  E-Mail: [email protected]









"By our definition, there are about 23 million potential "terrorists" left alive in Iraq. Do we really want to get in a fight with every one of them?"