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By David Brownlow
February 1, 2004

Looking back at thirty-one years of legalized child killing in America, it is clear that the tactics of compromise, patience and appeasement have condemned an entire generation of children to a barbaric and gruesome death. So if asked to choose between being called a nice pro-lifer and being called a crazy pro-lifer, you can call me crazy � please!

There was a Saturday Night Live skit featuring two ladies sharing a coffee together while they discussed "being nice." One lady would comment on "how nice it is to be nice," then the other would answer back that, "yes, it is so nice to be nice." The women would continue on in a rambling conversation of the "niceness of being nice." It was funny only because of the absurdity of it.

That little skit is a fairly good description of today's pro-life movement. We have been nice to the peddlers of death to the point of absolute nausea! We have been nice to phony pro-life Congressmen, we have been nice phony pro-life Senators and we have been nice to phony pro-life Presidents.

We have also been nice to phony pro-life leaders who refuse to act like each abortion is the murder of another American child.

I received a newsletter from a famous national pro-life leader where he writes, "Four other pro-family leaders and I met with the President in the oval office just prior to the signing, and then witnessed the historic event." The historic event of course, being the signing of an abortion ban that does not ban any abortions. Thirty-one years of pro-life effort and we have resorted to calling such a sorry excuse for an abortion ban, historic. Go figure.

Invitations to meetings like that have come at a terrible price for America's unborn. The mainstream pro-life organizations have found that gaining access to the political process, getting invited to the right parties or sitting with the President in the oval office requires being thought of like this:

"Those pro-lifers are such nice Christian people. They never call anyone names and they never give us any real trouble. We have developed a very good working relationship with them over the years. They are a pleasure to do business with."

Feel free to mark me down as one very impatient pro-lifer, who after living through the murder of 44,000,000 American children, no longer cares about being known as "nice," or getting invited to the right parties!

Instead of being "nice" in our fight to stop the murder of innocent children, we should strive to have the death peddlers think of us as:

"Those crazy lunatics! They are really starting to act like they believe all that rhetoric about killing babies. They finally came out and told us the compromising is over, that they won't stop until abortion is outlawed and every abortionist is in jail! What are we going to do now?"

After thirty-one years of carnage, it is clearly evident that while we were busy compromising and making friends, the enemies of life have been busy protecting their main interest - which is a pathological desire to kill as many innocent children as they possibly can.

We spent ten years and millions of dollars to pass an abortion ban that does not ban any abortions. The next installment on this road to compromise is a law that makes it a crime to kill an unborn child while their mother is being assaulted.

Not that protecting that child is a bad thing, but you just know we are going to spend another ten years on this, without ever dealing with the core issue - that the child in the womb deserves protection from the moment of conception no matter how it is killed!

Some genius at NRTL, or whoever it was that dreamed up this next fundraising bonanza, must think this long, slow, incremental method of fighting abortion is going to allow us to sneak up on the legalized child killing industry without them ever knowing it, and poof, abortion will go away!

The enemies of life are surely laughing at our stupidity.

For some strange reason, we pro-lifers seem to be bound by an unwritten set of rules that says we always have to be nice and behave ourselves according to a set of rules our enemy has no intention of ever following.

Is it written in stone that:

  • We must continue to support and fund an illegitimate government that has presided over the murder of 44,000,000 Americans?
  • We must cheer "pro-life" leaders when they pass meaningless abortion bans, and continue to send them money?
  • The U.S. Marshals, the FBI and the federal courts will continue to act as the federal protection arm of the legalized child killing industry?
  • We continue to re-elect the same phony "pro-life" politicians who refuse to call for overturning the illegal Roe v. Wade decision - which Article 3, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives them full authority to do?
  • We continue re-elect the same phony "pro-life" politicians who refuse to define the "person" referred to in the 5th amendment so that it includes the unborn person"?
  • Our only choice is between two political parties, which despite their rhetoric will both work to ensure the continuation of legalized child killing?
  • We continue to give Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of your tax dollars each year for the express purpose of destroying our country?
  • The churches set aside one day a year, January 22, to wonder how so many could have been killed - while the church did nothing for the other 364 days?

We are three years into the administration of a "pro-life" President and his "historic" signings, and almost ten years into the great "Republican Revolution," yet we are still murdering 3,800 American children every day!

Doesn't that bother anybody in pro-life leadership just a little bit?

Could you imagine if Hitler had been deposed in 1943 and his successor was still killing Jews just because the German courts made it legal? Would that have stopped my dad and the crew of his B17 from bombing the German countryside into rubble? Most certainly not! Or what if the Germans offered to stop using .308 caliber bullets to kill Jews but all the rest of the killing methods would still be legal? Would that have ended the war?

We tried being nice, but nice has been a spectacular failure. Maybe it is time to take the gloves off and get into the fight. Maybe we should act like we really believe the killing of a child in the womb is murder.

Maybe we should quit playing by a set of rules that have been handed to us by the enemies of life.

Maybe it is time for us to act a little crazy and get serious about ending the thirty-one year abortion holocaust!

� 2004 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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Dave Brownlow, an engineer, has been designing and selling industrial automation control systems since 1979. He lives in Clackamas OR with his wife Suzanne and their four children. Active in the pro-life movement and conservative politics for over 20 years, David ran for US Congress in the 3rd District of Oregon in 2002 on the Constitution Party ticket. He has announced his plans to run again in 2004. His Web-Site  E-Mail: [email protected]








"I received a newsletter from a famous national pro-life leader where he writes, "Four other pro-family leaders and I met with the President in the oval office just prior to the signing, and then witnessed the historic event." The historic event of course, being the signing of an abortion ban that does not ban any abortions."