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By Patrick Briley
May 1, 2008

Another roommate of Moussaoui and AlAttas in Norman, OK was US citizen and Muslim convert, Melvin Lattimore, aka, Mujahid Abdulqadir Menepta. When AlAttas and Moussaoui were arrested in Minnesota, Menepta drove to Minnesota, bailed AlAttas out of jail and brought him back to Norman, OK.

AlAttas and Menepta were later arrested and interrogated by the FBI. Menepta contacted a local immigration attorney in OK to defend AlAttas. At one point AlAttas’ relatives in Saudi Arabia contacted the attorney who was not allowed to have contact with AlAttas.

Although AlAttas was prosecuted for lying to the FBI about Moussaoui, taped testimony by AlAttas was used against Moussaoui at Moussaoui’s trial in 2007

A man with the name Hussein Moshen (Mohsen) Al Hassan AlAttas lived at the same apartments on 49th Street where Hazmi and AlMihdhar lived. This same man is a half brother of bin Laden and was born of Yemeni parents. Hussein Al Hassan AlAttas also lived in Norman Ok with Moussaoui and Menepta who were visited in the summer of 2001 by Hazmi, and another 9/11 hijacker, Marwan AlShehhi.

Despite overstaying his visa, lying to the FBI, “being on jihad”, and likely being with Hazmi and AlMihdhar in San Diego, AlAttas was allowed to stay in the US and is attending school in Alabama. The FBI agents in Minnesota may not have known all of this information about AlAttas at the time of his arrest, but the CIA (and later the DOJ) did know and did not appear to communicate this adequately to the FBI agents in Minnesota. The DOJ has taken no further action against AlAttas. Does AlAttas have powerful Saudi friends in high places that have protected AlAttas and kept him from being prosecuted more by the DOJ?

A staff director on the House intelligence committee, James Lewis, who wrote the Congressional 9/11 report, specifically left out many of the details presented in Parts 1 and 2 of this article about the connections to the San Diego cell. I know, because Lewis threatened me with an FBI investigation for my calling Lewis and giving him info about the San Diego cell members even before (but near the end of) the 9/11 Congressional report was completed. AlAttas and the Saudi connections with the San Diego hijackers and Bayoumi were related to the 28 missing pages (see Part 1) redacted by James Lewis specifically for his boss, the former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and former CIA director, Porter Goss.

Mujahid Menepta was prosecuted in November 2001 for illegally having a firearm since he had a previous felony conviction for stockpiling explosives in St. Louis. However at Menepta’s trial, BATF agent Jerry Whitney testified that Menepta’s credit card had been used to buy explosives for the 1993 WTC bombings and that Menepta was a leading OKC bombing suspect because of his being seen with McVeigh and McVeigh’s yellow Mercury Marquis at a number of places in OKC. Despite this BATF testimony at his trial, Menepta was only prosecuted for the firearms violation.

A review of declassified FBI internal communications and with CIA officials in the Counter Terrorism Center in August 2001 reveals Menepta’s long-standing ties to Saudi terrorist supported organizations. The FBI and CIA knew even more about Menepta that should have led to his being prosecuted for more than having a firearm. This may also explain why Menepta tried to get legal representation, with help from Saudi Arabia, for his Saudi friend and roommate, AlAttas. Here is what else the FBI and CIA also knew at the time, but that the DOJ, FBI and CIA did not reveal about Menepta at his trial in 2001:

Like the OKC imam, William Webb, who also intervened for AlAttas, Menepta was a known recruiter for the AlFatah terrorist organization in the US and the Middle East. Menepta also was closely connected to the AlQaeda affiliated AlFuqra terror organization of Sheikh Jilani in Pakistan that works directly with AlQaeda and has had a large presence in the US since 1978. In fact the FBI knew that Menepta had lied to the FBI about when he was in Pakistan since Menepta had a visa issued to him in New York in 1990 that permitted his travel to Pakistan later than what he told the FBI. AlFuqra should be, but is not on the US State Department terror list, especially since the beltway sniper, John Muhamed, and the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, are known members of AlFuqra.


Menepta also told the FBI that he was a member of the terrorist organization, Tabligh Jamatt, and used that as his reason for his saying he traveled to Pakistan in 1989. However, he was issued a Pakistani tourist visa 4/24/1990 in New York City which indicates he likely traveled to Pakistan after 1989 to meet with AlFuqra and Tabligh Jamaat leaders and to recruit Muslims like AlHazmi (who visited Menepta in Norman, OK) for Bosnia and Kosovo. Tabligh(i) Jamaat adopted the ideology of "jihad in Pakistan and beyond" in the early 1990s.

The Saudi Salafist/Wahhabist organization, World Muslim League (WML), paid for the building of a Tabligh mosque in Drewsbury England which today is the Tabligh headquarters for all of Europe. Tabligh Jamatt runs 600 of the 1350 mosques in England and has a presence in over 80 countries. Imam William Webb (see Part 1) is also likely associated with Tabligh Jamatt now that he is in England, was an associate of Menepta in OK and was also an AlFatah recruiter.

The call made from Saudi Arabia on behalf of AlAttas to a local attorney in OK concerning representing AlAttas may well be connected to WML's and Saudi Royal connections to the 9/11 hijackers AlHazmi and AlMihdhar but also possibly to AlAttas, Webb and Menepta.

It is astounding that Menepta was not prosecuted further and is allowed to be still active inside the US today when one realizes from reading declassified FBI documents that the FBI, CIA and DOJ knew that Menepta was an active member of AlFatah, AlFuqra and Tabligh Jamaat as early as August 2001 if not before. Tabligh Jamatt, like AlFuqra, is believed to run a terror courier, recruiting and money transfer operation for AlQaeda while posing as a “Muslim missionary” group. Does Menepta have powerful friends in high places in Saudi Arabia and/or the US that protect him like they protected AlAttas? Was there a lack of desire to pursue Menepta since he may have had a role in recruiting Alhazmi, AlMihdhar and other Saudis for fighting in the US-Saudi operation in Bosnia?
McVeigh defense attorney Stephen Jones and California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher concluded that Terry Nichols likely got assistance for designing a bomb from the Islamic 1993 WTC bomber Ramzi Yousef (tied to Iraq and AlQaeda) when they both were in the Philippines. Ramzi Yousef and his uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (911 mastermind who also served in Bosnia), operated an Abu Sayyef terror cell in the Philippines with the direct help of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi government, Iraqi explosive experts and bin Laden’s brother in law, Khalifa.

McVeigh was in Florida in 1993 when Rodney Hampton El was there recruiting former US military personnel for wealthy Saudi Arabians, AlQaeda, AlFuqra and Saudi Wahhabist terror organizations. McVeigh was a Gulf War veteran who had also served in Saudi Arabia. McVeigh could have been a target of the Saudi’s and Hampton El’s recruiting efforts, especially since McVeigh washed out of his US Special Forces training after returning from Saudi Arabia.

For his recruiting efforts, Rodney Hampton El was given a list of US military personnel men who had served in Saudi Arabia and the first Gulf War by a Saudi government employee, Bilal Philips.

Bilal Philips taught at a school in a Philippine region known for Islamic terror activity including the Saudi and Khalifa backed Abu Sayyaf terror cell that included Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Mohammed and that may have been visited by Terry Nichols. While in this Abu Sayyef cell in 1994, Ramzi Yousef and Kahlid Mohammed are believed to have devised assistance for not only the OKC bombing but also the 9/11 style plot using hijacker pilots. Bin Laden approved the 9/11 plot plan in 1996 when Khalid Mohammed presented the plan to him.

Hampton-El flew to Saudi Arabia, then to the Philippines to see Bilal Philips again in May 1993. Hampton El has said he visited a terrorist safe house and terror training camps during his trip to the Philippines. This safe house and the training camps may have been for the Abu Sayyef group associated with Yousef and Khalid Mohammed and Terry Nichols.

Like Menepta, Hampton El- was involved in the 1993 WTC bombing. Hampton El was prosecuted and convicted for his role in the 1993 bombing even though the Saudi’s Bosnian jihad recruiters, Menepta and Bilal Philips, were not prosecuted.

For his role in the 1993 WTC bombing, Hampton-El received training, bomb-making manuals and U.S. military documents from Egyptian Ali Mohamed. Mohamed worked with the CIA, the FBI and US Special Forces in the 1990s. But he also was a chief of security for Bin Laden during part of the same period.

Ali Mohamed was arrested and indicted for his involvement in the 1993 WTC and the US Tanzanian and Kenyan embassy bombings. Ali Mohamed worked closely with the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, also another Bosnian operation member for the Saudis. But despite all this, Ali Mohamed was never sentenced, was put under “house arrest”, but now appears to be out of prison.

Mohamed was Al Qaeda’s California connection while he worked with the FBI’s Sacramento office and trained terrorists. Mohamed escorted top al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on a Bosnian terrrorist fundraising tour of California and the US in 1995.

AlQaeda’s number 2 leader, Dr. Ayman Zawahiri was in Norman, OK the week of the OKC bombing in April 1995 likely accompanied by Ali Mohamed to raise funds for Bosnian terrorist rebels. A check of records with the Oklahoma Department of State reveals that monies were being raised in OK for Bosnian Muslim rebels and terrorists at the time of the OKC bombing.

A law enforcement official of Cleveland County, Oklahoma informed a member of the intelligence community in 2007 that local law enforcement and the FBI were aware of Zawahiri being at the Norman, OK mosque near Oklahoma University at the time of the OKC bombing. The FBI and CIA likely were aware of Zawahiri’s presence in OK at the time because Zawahiri and Ali Mohamed were part of the US-Saudi Bosnian operation to arm and train Islamic terrorists to fight the Serbs and Croatians.

The staff director for the House Task Force on Terrorism, Joseph Bodansky has publicly written and said that Dr. Zawahiri was in OKC at the time of the OKC bombing. Bodansky has also written and said that in February and March 1995 he and the House Task Force had intelligence that the Murrah Building was one of several Islamic terror targets of terrorists wanting to avenge the 1993 WTC bombing trials.

While in OKC in 1995, Dr. Zawahiri was written two checks by Sharon Twilley, the secretary of the employer (Dr. Samir Khalil) of the Iraqi, Al Hussaini, who is also suspected of assisting McVeigh in the OKC bombing. The checks may have been donations by Khalil to Dr. Zawahiri for the effort to arm and train Bosnian rebel terrorists. At the time of the OKC bombing a federal grand jury were investigating Samir Khalil for tax evasion. Were the funds from this suspected tax evasion for the Bosnians?

Was Ali Mohamed given special treatment by the DOJ in part because he too had been also active training recruits for the US-Saudi Bosnian and Kosovo operation like so many of the other Saudi operatives described earlier in Parts 1 and 2 of this article? Or was the special treatment also in part because Ali Mohamed’s roles may have opened up US political leaders and federal agency heads to charges of criminal negligence (or worse) if they had prior warning and prior knowledge of the 1995 OKC and 1993 WTC bombings from Ali Mohamed? This must be considered since Zawahiri, Ali Mohamed and Saudi AlFatah, AlFuqra and AlQaeda operatives, like Menepta, had been known to the FBI and CIA prior to their being connected to both bombings and also as Bosnian terrorist recruiter operatives for the Saudis.

The FBI was ordered to stand down on any further serious investigation of Islamic terror ties to the OKC bombing within a week of the bombing. The CIA stopped its investigation into Islamic terror connections to the OKC bombing only 8 days after the bombing, despite Acting CIA Director Admiral William Studeman telling a Chicago audience a week after the bombing that the OKC bombing was an example of global terrorism. For part on e click below.

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2008 Patrick Briley - All Rights Reserved

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.













It appears that the policy of US White House officials is still to conceal knowledge and understanding of this from the public to not only protect the ongoing US backed Bosnian and Kosovo Islamic state operations but also to protect the Saudi Arabians for their connections to the Bosnians and 9/11 hijackers.