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By Patrick Briley
March 20, 2008

Some Possible Motives for DOJ Coverup

The chief investigator and senior investigative counsel for the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Orin Hatch, wrote memos to Hatch in December 1995 urging Hatch to hold hearings on the FBI and DOJ failures that led to the Islamic terror attack in 1993 on the WTC. Hatch initially said publicly in 1996 that he was going to hold the hearings, but later dropped the hearings. See Memo: Early Word of Warning for 1993 WTC & 1995 OKC Attacks Covered up by Senator Orin Hatch in 1995.

I had repeatedly contacted Senator Hatch's office in 1995 urging Hatch and his staff member Ashley Disque to also hold hearings on the OKC bombing. The failures and participants involved in the 1993 WTC bombing are associated directly with the 1995 OKC bombing and 9/11 attacks. The Senate Judiciary Hearings called off by Hatch in 1996, if done properly, would not only have exposed FBI and DOJ mishandling of the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombing attacks, they would have made the 9/11 attacks less likely.

When asked years later about the possibility of blow back terrorist originally trained by the US and CIA to fight Russians and Serbians, Hatch was quoted as saying he would do it all over again faced with the same choices. Did someone in the FBI, DOJ or CIA persuade Hatch to drop his OKC bombing hearings because of Dr. Zawahiri being in OKC and being involved with AlQaeda in the US effort to train and arm Bosnian terrorist rebels to fight the Serbs?

Interestingly enough, instead of holding hearings on the 1993 WTC and 1995 bombing attacks, Hatch instead held hearings with FBI director Louis Freeh in support of new anti-terrorism legislation that gave the FBI more police state powers ostensibly to pursue Islamic terrorists. In 1996 Hatch also set up the FBI global school for the FBI to train Russian Communist KGB (FSB) agents in Budapest, Hungary.

Dr. Ayman Zawahiri was in OKC as part of the effort to train and arm Bosnian terrorist rebels with the CIA, AlQaeda, Pakistan, and Iran under a plan proposed by National Security adviser Anthony Lake and approved by President Clinton in April 1994. (LA Times, 1994-1995). Lake used the Sudan-based "humanitarian organization," called the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA) for the Islamic network pipeline (Washington Post, 9/22/96). Those behind the 1993 WTC bombing and Bin Laden were also involved in the TWRA pipeline.

Iran, Hezbollah, AlQaeda and Dr. Ayman Zawahiri trained Muslim terrorists in Bosnia in the 1990s with the knowledge and help of Anthony Lake and Clinton. See Jihadists Find Convenient Base In Bosnia.

This 1994 International Herald Tribune article also reveals that Republicans Dole and Gingrich also called for the US to arm and train the Bosnian Muslims that was done with CIA, Iranian arms pipeline and AlQaeda (including Zawahiri) training the Bosnians in the Albanian region, Dole and Gingrich Blast UN as Incompetent and Lament Role of NATO: Republicans Call for Major Air Strikes Against Serbs:

”The two officials [Dole, Gingrich], who will take over as leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives in January, called for a sharply toughened U.S. policy against the Serbs combined with an effort to ARM and TRAIN Bosnian Muslims.”

On December 15, 1997 the senior Pentagon terror advisor, Jesse Clear, briefed Kolan Davis, an aide for Senator Charles Grassley (Iowa), in Grassley’s office about a possible cover up of the OKC bombing. In April 1999 Clear also briefed a legal counsel for the Republican controlled Senate Intelligence Committee (Richard Shelby was Chair then), Joan Vale Grimson, about a possible cover up. Clear also sent tapes to OK’s Senator James Inhofe’s office pertaining to misconduct in the OKC bombing case by an FBI agent, Paul Geiger, who had visited Clear at his home in Virginia in 1996.

But there may have been no advantage or incentive for Republicans like Senators Orin Hatch, Arlan Specter & Richard Shelby (Chairs of Senate Intelligence Committee in 1995, 1999 respectively), or Charles Grassley to press for hearings to investigate and try to hold NSC, FBI, CIA and DOJ officials of the Clinton administration accountable for knowing about, not investigating, and instead covering up Islamic terror connections the OKC bombing. This lack of incentive and follow through may be attributable to the fact that senior Republicans Dole and Gingrich (and likely John McCain) encouraged the Clinton policy to use AlQaeda, Zawahiri, Pakistan, and Iran to train and arm Bosnian Islamic rebels at the time of the OKC bombing,

Within weeks of the OKC bombing Clinton convened an NSC meeting. An attendee of the meeting has said that after Clinton left the meeting, officials of the NSC, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and BATF remained behind and engaged in heated arguments as to who was to blame for failures that would require extensive damage control and cover up.

In a Chicago Tribune article “Trading Privacy (Freedom) for Security” dated April 21, 1995, two days after the OKC Bombing, Admiral William O. Studeman, as acting Director of CIA, is quoted about whom caused the OKC bombing. Studeman confirmed that the OKC Bombing indicated “ the true globalization of the terrorist threat.”

Admiral William O. Studeman served as acting CIA director from 11 January 1995 to 3 July 1995 during the time of the OKC Bombing on April 19, 1995. Studeman had been appointed by President GHW Bush and became Deputy Director of the CIA on 9 April 1992. Studeman became acting Director of the CIA when Admiral Woolsey unexpectedly resigned as Director of the CIA in January 1995. Studeman served as acting director until replaced by John Deutsch in July 1995.

Samuel Berger was the deputy National Security Council (NSC) adviser for President Clinton who served under Anthony Lake from 1993 to 1996. Berger was in this capacity during the time of the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings and their cover ups and also during the time (1994-1996) of the implementation of the polity to use AlQaeda and Pakistani terrorists, Iran and Dr. Zawahiri to train an arm Bosnian Islamic terrorists in the US and overseas. Berger then became the senior NSC advisor from 1997- 2001 and would have been aware of FBI and CIA efforts to track Islamic terrorists in the US involved in the 9/11 hijackings from 1995 to 2000. One of these suspected terrorists, Mujahid Menepta, known to the FBI and CIA and likely the NSC and Berger, has been tied to the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC and 9/11 attacks. Yet the DOJ and FBI and perhaps the CIA and NSC did nothing adequate about these Menepta’s ties.

On July 19, 2004, it was revealed that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating Berger for stealing classified documents (White House working papers of the NSC) relating to Islamic terrorism, by removing them from a National Archives reading room in 2002 and 2003 prior to testifying before the 9/11 Commission. Berger admitted to stealing 4 copies of the same document in 2002 and 2003 but the document was archived on a hard drive so the original information was still preserved despite the theft. However, Berger also had access to original NSC Islamic terrorism documents of which no adequate backup National Archive inventory existed when Berger made two earlier visits on May 30, 2002 and July 18, 2003.

Berger MAY have stolen and destroyed documents relating to the Clinton, Anthony Lake (NSC director) and Berger policy of the CIA working with Albanian, Pakistani and Iranian backed AlQaeda terrorists to arm and train the Bosnian rebels and with the direct help of those tied to one or more of the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC and 9/11 attacks including Mujahid Menepta, Ali Mohamed, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Dr. Ayman Zawahiri, and quite possibly Samir Khalil, Pakistanis Asad & Anis Siddiqy and Mohammed Chafti, as well as the suspected Islamic super cell still operating in OKC.

Ali Mohamed escorted Dr. Zawahiri in the US (and OK) at the time of the OKC bombing and was also involved in the training of Bosnian rebels (terrorists), the 1993 WTC bombing as well as the Tanzanian and Kenyan bombings. Ali Mohamed also worked with the CIA, the FBI (out of Sacramento, CA at time of the OKC bombing) and US Special Forces as well as AlQaeda, Dr Zawahiri and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Ali Mohamed was well known to US Prosecutors Andrew McCarthy and Patrick Fitzgerald (and now DOJ AG Mukasey) instrumental in hiding the coconspirator list of names for the 1993 WTC bombing (from Congressman Rohrabacher and other investigators) that included Ali Mohamed. These prosecutors and Samuel Berger (as well as Anthony Lake-NSC head in 1995) likely interacted with each other through the NSC and DOJ.

Ali Mohamed's activities in the US and overseas were well known to the NSC, FBI, CIA and DOJ from at least 1993-1997 when Berger was deputy NSC director and may have been further covered up when Berger became director of the NSC in 1997. One of Berger’s and Lake’s mentors and protégés, is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former NSC advisor/director for President Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski is the architect of using (and abusing) Islamic terrorists for US national policy agendas. Today, Brzezinski is Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisor.

It has now been learned that Berger’s appears to have possibly stolen documents and destroyed relating to the Clinton, Lake and Berger policy of working with Albanian backed AlQaeda terrorists aiding the Bosnian terrorists and possibly even those tied to the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC and 9/11 attacks such as Menepta and Dr. Zawahiri

Congressman Rohrabacher has recently said in his February 23, 2008 speech ADMINISTRATION NOT COOPERATING WITH CONGRESS that the DOJ is refusing his and 22 other Congressmen requests to polygraph Berger over the theft and destruction of these documents viewed earlier by Berger in 2002. Rohrabacher said the following about Berger in his speech:

“In October of last year, 22 of my colleagues and I wrote to the Acting Attorney General, Peter Keisler, regarding the pending lie detector test for former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger.”

Rohrabacher described the refusal to his request by the DOJ and what he thought about it:

“The [DOJ] letter was dismissive and said that the DOJ found no reason to issue a polygraph test to Sandy Berger, and attached was an old letter the DOJ had sent to Chairman Waxman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee almost a year before our correspondence. The [DOJ] letter this time was signed by Brian Benczkowski.”

“I have never seen such a pattern of blatant disregard and outright disdain for Members of Congress. If Sandy Berger is not to be polygraphed to verify the documents that were stolen from the Archives, we need to know why such verification is not being done. This administration wouldn't even give a respectable answer to the rightful inquiry of Members of Congress of why we are not verifying through a polygraph test what documents were stolen from the National Archives by the former National Security Adviser.”

Another possible reason for the DOJ stonewalling that Rohrabacher has complained about could also in part be explained by a desire by certain officials to avoid accountability, legal and financial, for having forewarning and perhaps foreknowledge of the OKC bombing. Some federal officials appear to not only have not taken adequate steps to attempt to preempt the bombing but also to not have taken adequate steps to forewarn the citizens who went to the Social Security office and day Care Center in the Murrah Building and were killed by the bombing. This is considered especially grievous to family members of victims when they have since learned that some federal officials in the Murrah Building and in the OKC area were forewarned.

The US prosecutor for the McVeigh trial, Beth Wilkinson, an employee of DOJ, admitted to Federal Judge Stephen P. Matsch and defense attorney Stephen Jones that the “federal family” in OKC had been forewarned of a possible attack on the OKC federal building complex (Murrah Building and the federal court house across the street) around the time of the OKC bombing. Wilkinson made the admission during a pretrial hearing in Denver in November 1996. Wilkinson strongly implied in the pretrial hearing that the “federal family members” receiving the forewarnings included local law enforcement (FBI, US Marshals) and federal judges. The relevant portions of the hearing transcript are presented at the end of the article FEDERAL OFFICIALS, LAW ENFORCEMENT FOREWARNED OF OKC.

OKC federal judge Wayne Alley was warned by US Marshals of the possible attack and told his hometown newspaper, the Oregonian that Alley kept his grand children out of the Murrah Building day care center and stayed home after April 4, 1995 because of the warning. The head of the US Marshals, Eduardo Gonzales had issued a warning to all US Marshals in March 1995 due to a Fatwah issued in connection with the ongoing 1993 WTC bombing trials. Robert Rudolf reported the warning memo by Gonzales in the Newark (NJ) Star Ledger in a March 1995 article. References to the US Marshals and Gonzales memo, the Star Ledger and Oregonian articles and judge Alley are also mentioned in the court transcript of the preliminary hearing included in the above referenced article.

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.












After release of his report Rohrabacher also publicly warned that further investigation and actions were required to make sure that those Islamic terrorists and groups he believed were involved could not strike again.