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Chertoff Created Terror Pretexts for US Police State

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Patrick Briley
July 26, 2007

The attorneys who controlled the escrow account for the Hamas terror front, Holy Land Foundation, were Adkin and Gump, well known narco attorneys who have represented Bush family interests for decades. Saudi banker and billionaire Khalid Mahfouz was on the board of Holy Land Foundation. Mahfouz helped bankroll the Bushes in Arbusto and Harken Energy with CIA operative James Bath who went AWOL at the same time as GW Bush from the Alabama Air National Guard. Mahfouz sued and recently won a judgment in British courts (because of weak British laws involving liable) against US citizen Rachael Ehrenfeld for her book that disclosed Mahfouz terror fundraising ties.

Mahfouz and Adkin Gump, are being protected by Bush and have not been named in the Holy Land case going to trial in Dallas despite their direct ties to Holy Land and to Hamas terrorism funding. Holy Land Foundation was raided by the FBI 5 days before the 9/11 attacks and it is strongly believed incriminating evidence against Mahfouz, Bush, and Adkin and Gump from the raid was not turned over to the federal grand jury investigating Holy Land at the time. Mahfouz and Adkin and Gump were also associated with the board of InfoCom across the street from Holy Land. InfoCom ran a website for Iraq.

Another associate of Mujeeb Cheema, Mufid Abdulqadir, is a defendant in the Holy Land case. Abdulqadir was the top fundraiser for Hamas in the US while he was at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and working with Menepta and the Muslim Brotherhood super cell criminal enterprise and network in Oklahoma connected to the OKC bombing. This super cell, Hamas, and Abdulqadir are known to and protected by the DOJ and FBI in OK to this very day. A dedicated and patriotic attorney with strong and reliable credentials has presented to FBI agents hard evidence of this super cell criminal enterprise and network and its involvement with Hamas, AlFuqra, and AlQaeda. FBI Director Robert Muller effectively shut down an FBI investigation of the Oklahoma super cell criminal enterprise and network when he reassigned the FBI agents who had taken the evidence seriously.

The absolute corruption of Mueller and Bush in protecting this Oklahoma terror super cell criminal enterprise and network, the terror connections of NAIT, Bush associated Saudi bankers and royals, and Mujeeb Cheema is manifested in the fact that public records positively and directly connect NAIT with the Oklahoma super cell going back to before the time of the OKC bombing. These same records also suggest a collaboration of a white supremacist with the Muslim terror super cell and NAIT.

Tom Cole is a powerful Oklahoma Republican Congressman with close links to fellow Yale alumni member GW Bush and the RNC. Tom Cole made a highly questionable Tribute to Muslims in the United States that is posted on CAIR’s website in Chicago. Cole’s tribute is questionable because Cole, like Bush, knows that CAIR and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) are named as unindicted co-conspirators in the trial against the Bush affiliated Hamas terrorist organization, Holy Land Foundation (See Part I of this article). NAIT’s headquarters, like CAIR’s website, is in Illinois.

Tom Cole, whose Congressional district includes the University of Oklahoma (OU), misled the public about the involvement of Islamic sponsored terrorism with OU student Joel Hinrichs in the October 1, 2005 OU bombing. Hinrich’s roommate at OU was Fazel Cheema, who may be a relative of Mujeeb Cheema, the Director of Bush protected NAIT. Cole worked closely in the cover up with Chertoff’s replacement at DOJ's Criminal Division, John C Richter, OKC's FBI SAC Salvador Hernandez, and two prominent Oklahoma politicians, Oklahoma’s governor Brad Henry and OU's President David Boren. Both of these men are associated directly (see Part I of this article) with the American Turkish Council (linked by Sibel Edmonds to the 9/11 attack activities in Turkey). Boren is very close to GW Bush’s current Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

Bush has also been involved with other Hamas terrorist leaders and groups besides Mahfouz and Holy Land. GW Bush openly met and took monies from professor Al Arian and Mr. Alamoudi, the convicted head of the American Muslim Council (AMC) despite being told by the Secret Service that the men were terrorists. Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, Carl Rove, Congressman Rohrabacher, the treasurer of the AMC, William Suffuri, were directly involved in sponsoring the meetings and receipt of monies by Bush from Al Arian and Alamoudi.

Condi Rice and Bush have intentionally kept the AlFuqra terror group off the US terror list even though AlFuqra has been involved in more terror attacks in the US since 1978 than all other terror organizations combined. See US Islamic Terror Network Protected by US Gov't.

Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, and John Muhammed, the DC beltway sniper were members of AlFuqra. AlFuqra has numerous and well-documented terror training camps throughout the US. AlFuqra is known to provide mules and couriers for AlQaeda in the US and around the world. See Radical Muslim paramilitary compound flourishes in upper New York state.

The leader of AlFuqra is Sheik Jilani, protected by the CIA in Pakistan. Menepta, who was involved in the 1993 WTC, and 1995 OKC bombings and 9/11, is also a member of AlFuqra. Numerous members of the Oklahoma criminal enterprise and Muslim Brotherhood terror super cell have direct ties to Sheik Jilani including Menepta, Bilal Benu and Jamille Smith. Jilani works with AlQaeda in Pakistan and may have ties to Pakistani Mujeeb Cheema. New York Times reporter Danny Pearl was beheaded when trying to meet with Jilani but instead was kidnapped and turned over to AlQaeda in Pakistan.

Sheik Jilani and AlFuqra trained Bosnian and Kosovo mujahideen members for the CIA and Pakistani ISI in Pakistan to fight the Serbs and Croatians. Jilani’s role with the Bosnians and Kosovo terror rebels for the CIA is one of the reasons why Bush protects Jilani, AlFuqra training camps in the US and AlFuqra members including Menepta. Bush is still protecting and using AlFuqra. See FBI Agents "Groom" Muslim Scouts, AlFuqra [AlQaeda] Terrorists in US.

The second in command of AlQaeda, Dr. Ayman Zawahiri also trained Bosnian and Kosovo mujahideen members for the CIA in Bosnia with the help of Hezbollah and the Iranian government with munitions and missiles provided by the US with the direct approval of President Clinton and his national security advisor, Anthony Lake. FBI and CIA operative Ali Mohammed escorted Zawahiri throughout the US and to OKC in March and April 1995 to raise monies for Bosnian and Kosovo terror rebels and to set up a terror underground network in the US with the full knowledge of Clinton and Lake. Zawahiri was in OKC and at the OU mosque at the time of the OKC bombing. Zawahiri’s presence and the US program for supporting Bosnian terrorists is a reason Clinton ordered the DOJ and FBI to shut down the investigation of Islamic terrorists involved in the OKC bombing. Zawahiri met with and interacted with members of the Oklahoma super cell criminal enterprise and network.

Bush and Rice are not only covering up the role of Zawahiri and Jilani in training the Bosnian and Kosovo rebels and their involvement with Menepta in the OKC bombing, Bush and Rice are openly supporting, along with Democrat and Clinton ally Tom Lantos, making Muslim terror state of Kosovo a member of NATO and perhaps the EU in accordance with the demands of Saudi royals close to Bush. Furthermore, the former Bush appointed head of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, has a multimillion-dollar contract with Ali Berisha to bring Albania in NATO. Bush recently met with and praised Berisha in Albania even though Berisha is close to Bin Laden, allows AlQeada to operate in Albania, harbors Kosovo Muslim terrorists, and is a world government socialist reported by major US news outlets as being involved in drug trafficking with AlQaeda.


ABC News has recently reported that classified DHS documents reveal AlQaeda is preparing a “spectacular terror attack” in the US this summer. Earlier ABC reports stated that 300 new terrorists specially trained by AlQaeda and the Taliban have been sent to the US and England for terror attacks in the near future. The latest reports say that an AlQaeda intelligence cell from Pakistan has been dispatched with the 300 new, specially trained terrorists

At first DHS director Chertoff denied the ABC reports of AlQaeda planned spectacular attacks, but later publicly stated that the potential for AlQaeda attack threats in the US was serious after ABC released the excerpts from the DHS report. ABC reported that an urgent meeting had been called by the White House to discuss the threat only to have the White House later downplay the meeting as merely routine and to dismiss the seriousness of the concerns that had been expressed by Chertoff.

Some of the Muslim doctors involved in the AlQaeda planned London car firebomb attack plots applied for jobs in the US and some may have been from the US. Their plans included attacks on the USS Kennedy and Florida Naval facilities. Several months ago Bin laden had told reporters “those who heal you will kill you”, an obvious reference to Muslims doctors who planned terror attacks.

Not all of the Islamic terrorist plotters for the Ft Dix, New Jersey attacks have been located in the US and are still at large and available to help in an AlQaeda terror attack.

Iran has threatened the US numerous times to unleash Hezbollah attacks against US interests around the world including the US if the US or Israel took military action against Iran over Iran’s nuclear program and/or support of Hezbollah and Syrian attacks against Israel and Iranian sponsored attacks against US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Al Qaeda and Hamas are now working together with Hezbollah in the US, OKC and around the world in super cells under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. Bush protected AlFuqra and AlFatah terror members in the US like Menepta are couriers, mules and enablers for AlQaeda and Hezbollah that could help AlQaeda, Taliban or Hezbollah terrorists sent into the US or already in the US along with Muslim terrorist doctors for a spectacular terror attack this summer.

These same terrorists can also arrive in the US as illegal aliens and then be protected by illegal aliens already in the US. Yet Bush and Chertoff are not adequately trying to stop illegal aliens at the US border. FBI Director Robert Mueller has refused to move against 1000 known AlQaeda operatives in the US on a CIA action list according to former IG of DHS, Clark Kent Irvine. Mueller declined to move against the AlQaeda operatives because he claimed they had not yet started actions for a specific attack even though Mueller knew they were committing crimes that normal citizens would be prosecuted for including raising money for terrorist organizations, a violation of the Patriot Act. These 1000 sleepers are also available to help the 300 AlQaeda and Taliban terrorists recently sent to the US once they arrive.

Further, Bush is continuing to allow the buildup of and to protect AlFuqra and AlFatah terrorists in Pakistan, Israel and in the US that could help the 300 AlQaeda and Taliban terrorists sent into the US. Will the AlQaeda intelligence unit dispatched from Pakistan to help the 300 newly trained AlQaeda suicide terrorists be helped by Bush protected members of AlFuqra and AlFatah, by the Bush protected Saudi controlled NAIT mosques, by the Bush protected Pakistani head of NAIT, Mujeeb Cheema, and /or by the Bush protected Muslim Brotherhood terror super cell in Oklahoma?

Regardless of Bush’s motives, Bush’s actions and policies will lead to terror attacks in the US. Bush intentionally does not enforce the law against illegal aliens who can be terrorists. Bush is bringing ten of thousands of inadequately screened and potential Iraqi, Bosnian and Kosovo Muslim terrorists that the US helped train overseas. Hezbollah the “A” team of terrorists in the US has major US cells that Bush and the FBI have not gone after. See Hezbollah, WMD Attacks, Inside US Cities?

Does Bush want to permit a terror attack pretext to trigger suspension of the US Constitution while he warns of terror attacks but also aides and protects US terrorists? Bush has already issued executive orders to immediately institute martial law in the US and suspend the Constitution after the next major terror attack in the US according to General Tommy Franks, the US commander for the Iraq operation in 2003.

The Patriot Act provisions were written BEFORE 9/11 by Chertoff who protected many of the 9/1l AlQaeda backers before the attacks. See Chertoff Created Terror Pretexts for US Police State.

Bush is using terrorists, the Islamic dream for a worldwide caliphate, and Bush’s MEFTA in an attempt to establish a false peace in the Middle East and a global governance economic center in northern Iraq. Bush is allowing and protecting terrorist groups in the US to establish the NAU and world government. For part one click below.

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.












Bush has already issued executive orders to immediately institute martial law in the US and suspend the Constitution after the next major terror attack in the US according to General Tommy Franks...