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Patrick Briley
September 12, 2006


The FBI issued an all points bulletin (APB) in OKC for two weeks starting after the OKC bombing on April 19, 1995. The APB said to be on the look out for two Middle Eastern males seen fleeing the scene in a late model brown Chevy truck with a bug shield moments for the Murrah Federal building was bombed by Timothy McVeigh and "others unknown."

According to news accounts, witnesses near the scene, including phone company employee, Kay Heron, identified Abraham Ahmad [1] and Al Hussain Hussaini [2] in the truck that was the subject of the FBI's APB.

Hussaini [2] had been seen with McVeigh by numerous witnesses in OKC the days and weeks before the bombing according to reports by OKC station KFORTV.

Ahmad [1] was arrested after he had fled to England less than a week after the OKC bombing. It was reported that bomb making tools and weapons magazines were found in his luggage. Yet the FBI and DOJ released Ahmad [1] a few days later.

Dr. Samir Khalil [3], an OKC slumlord from Jordan employed Ahmad [1] and Al Hussaini [2] along with other Iraqi Republican guard members brought to the US after the first Gulf war by Presidents HW Bush and William Clinton.

Ahmad [1] later acted as an interpreter for Hussaini [2] at a news conference held by Khalil [3] to announce that Hussaini [2] was suing the OKC station KFORTV. CAIR, the Counsel on American Islamic Relations, as the spokesman defending accused terrorist groups and individuals in the US, spearheaded the verbal and legal attacks on KFORTV, their reporters and also terror expert Steve Emerson.

Hussaini's [2] lawsuit against KFORTV eventually failed and the FBI never interrogated Hussaini [2] even when he came to OKC for depositions in his lawsuit. Hussani [2] became a baggage and food handler at Boston's Logan airport but went missing after the (9/11 attacks.

Khalil [3] has known ties to the PLO and a Hamas terror group that the FBI has been tracking in OKC for 20 years. Janice Roberts, staff director for the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, and Congressman David McCurdy of the House intelligence committee have confirmed the FBI monitoring of Hamas in OKC for over a decade. McCurdy was also the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee a year before the OKC bombing. McCurdy wrote a letter to the editor of the Oklahoma Gazette in May 1995 describing the OK Hamas cell and his belief it was connected to the OKC bombing.

On the night of the OKC bombing, OK Congressman Ernest Istook told two deputy sheriffs, Don Hammonds and Dave Kochendorfer, that Istook and the FBI were warned a week before the OKC bombing of an attack by a local OK Islamic terror group (McCurdy's Hamas group?) on the OKC federal building. Federal Prosecutor, Beth Wilkinson, told OKC bombing Federal trial judge Richard Matsch in a November 1996 preliminary hearing that the Federal family in OKC had been forewarned of an Islamic terror attack on the OKC Federal building as the result of a fatwah issued in retaliation for the 1993 WTC bombing trials.

The assistant US attorney Ted Richardson had been conducting a federal grand jury in OKC in early April 1995 into the illicit business enterprises of Khalil [3] that included income tax evasion, HUD property fraud and vehicle and insurance scams. A man with the name Samir Khalil and another man who appears to be his brother were on the un-indicted co-conspirators list for the 1993 WTC bombing. But within a few months after the OKC bombing the DOJ dropped the grand jury investigation of Khalil [3]. A few years later Richardson was found dead from a shot gun blast within a few miles of Khalil's [3] house in OKC.

Samir Khalil [3] became a wealthy man after the OKC bombing when he collected on a $500,000 insurance policy he took out on his estranged wife Carol Khalil, who had been killed while working for the US Dept of Agriculture in the bombed Murrah building.

According to dual US and Israeli intelligence asset, William Northrup, (who was under contract with KFORTV at the time) Samir Khalil [3] was at the same Las Vegas motel at the same time that McVeigh and Nichols met with an Iraqi recruiter. Khalil [3] was a frequent visitor to O'Banion's Horseshoe in Vegas. No action to this day has been taken against Khalil [3] in connection with the OKC bombing

In early May 1995 after the OKC bombing, Khalil[3] was photographed near his auto body shop with Hussaini[2], other Iraqis, a heavy set Egyptian man [4], his wife [5], and a man identified as Jafar Osman [6], an Iraqi intelligence agent and explosives expert. Pentagon terror advisor Jesse Clear and an expert on Iraq, Ms. Lori Milroie, made the id of Osman [6]. The names and locations of the Egyptian man and his wife are known but are part of a continuing investigation and are considered dangerous. In this article they will be referred to as "Bob"[4] and "Sally" [5].

Since before the OKC bombing in 1995 and up to the present Bob [4] and Sally [5] have run a criminal business enterprise (business name and its operations now known), own several Oklahoma mosques and have direct ties to Oklahoma (and national) based Hamas, Hezbollah, AlQaeda and AlFuqra terror cells. Bob [4] and Sally [5] have been recently photographed in 2006 at the address of their criminal business enterprise. These are the same two people that appear in the May 1995 surveillance photographs taken of Khalil [3] with Hussaini [2], Osman [6] and other Iraqis referred to above. The FBI has been notified by memo and in person in the past 6 months of the evidence connecting Bob [4] and Sally [5] to the OKC bombing and to Hussaini [2], Khalil [3] and Osman [6]. But the FBI has so far taken no action to adequately follow up. Shortly after the OKC bombing Bob [4] and Sally [5] sold one of their properties next door to Samir Khalil's [3] residence.

Bob [5] was recently photographed in 2006 at the same address repeatedly used by Bob's [5] criminal enterprise and also used by another man directly involved in the OKC bombing, the black Muslim, Mujahid Abdulqadir Menepta (aka Melvin Lattimore) [7]. A US citizen from St Louis, Lattimore [7] has long standing direct ties to Hamas, AlFuqra and AlQaeda terror organizations.

Lattimore [7] was involved in the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC and 9/11 attacks. According to Federal trial testimony in November 2001 by BATF agent Jerry Whitney, Lattimore [7] was named one day after the OKC bombing to the FBI (by an official FBI informant) as a participant in the OKC bombing. In the same trial proceeding it was also revealed that Lattimore's [7] credit card was used to buy bomb-making materials for the 1993 WTC bombing.

Four eyewitnesses at the Travelers Aid in OKC near the bombed Murrah building told the FBI in 1995 that Lattimore [7] came to the Travelers Aid with McVeigh's Mercury Marquise and FBI/DEA informant James Rosencrans the day before the OKC bombing. Six different FBI agents tried to brow beat the four witnesses into changing their stories over a six-month period. The FBI agents took few notes and wrote no FBI 302 interview reports nor used an FBI sketch artist Jean Boylin who was in town and available. The Director of the Travelers Aid, Gloria Smith, sent Attorney General Ashcroft and DOJ Inspector Genera, Glenn Fine, (acknowledged receipt) two letters about this incident in the summer of 2001 and they were presented to Ashcroft in his residence in August 2001. The Dallas Fox News bureau chief, Russ Cosby, has said that investigators have learned that McVeigh was with Lattimore [7] in several locations in OKC near the time of the OKC bombing.

The mastermind of the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC and 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed [8], sent 9/11 "wannabe" hijacker Zacharias Moussaoui to live with Lattimore [7] in Norman while Moussaoui attended the Norman OK Airman flight school. 9/11 hijackers Atta, AlShehhi and AlHazmi were seen with Lattimore [7] at his Norman apartment according to FBI documents. Lattimore [7] drove to Minnesota in August 2001 just before 9/11 and tried to bail Moussaoui out of jail. This information was known to prosecutors but was avoided in being revealed at Moussaoui's recent trial. The FBI and DOJ prosecuted Lattimore [7] in November 2001 for having a firearm under a previous felony conviction (stockpiling explosives in his St Louis apartment). Lattimore [7] only served 18 months even though BATF testimony at the trial linked Lattimore [7] directly to the 1993 WTC and OKC bombings (see above).

Three other Islamic terrorist men, Anas and Asad Siddiqy [9], [10] and Mohammed Chafti [11], men were seen with McVeigh in OKC moments before the bombing by witness Debbie Burdick. The three men were arrested and bomb-sniffing dogs found traces of explosives in their luggage. However, they were released upon intervention of the FBI shortly thereafter. FBI agent Odom called Burdick from Denver and instructed Burdick "not to talk about the three men or risk hurting her country." The FBI OKC bomb task force inspector, Danny Defenbaugh, with held the FBI 302 reports of their interview and arrests from the Federal trials until the reports were found in his Dallas FBI office in January 2001.

Chafti [11] and the Siddiqys [9], [10] were un-indicted members of the 1993 WTC bombing team recruited by Emad Salem for the FBI and trained by the Egyptian double agent and OKC bombing facilitator, Ali Mohammed [12]

Ali Mohammed [12] was convicted for his roles in the 1993 WTC and Tanzanian and Kenyan embassy bombing attacks but never was convicted for his role in the OKC bombing. According to the National Geographic Channel documentary, "Triple Cross," that aired in August 2006, Ali [12] was never sentenced and is under Federal protective custody.

When arrested in 1998, Ali Mohammed [12] had in his possession a manual he wrote on how to hide explosives in public buildings like was done in the OKC, the Tanzanian and Kenyan embassy, and the 1993 WTC bombings. Two separate Pentagon reports described in the Strategic Investment newsletter (William Colby was editor), Air Force General Benton Partin's analysis, and seismic evidence showed that explosives were placed inside the bombed Murrah building.

Ali Mohammed [12] escorted Khalid Mohammed [8] and AlQaeda leader Dr Ayman Zawahiri [13] in the US and to OKC in March-early April 1995 while Ali [12] was working for the FBI in Sacramento, California.

The former secretary for Samir Khalil [3], Sharon Twilley has told investigators and attorneys associated with the House Government Reform Committee that she wrote two checks for a man she identified as Khalid Mohammed [8] being at Khalil's [3] office in OKC in March 1995. It has been reported that Khalil [3] threatened the life of Twilley by firing a gun at her a few months after the OKC bombing. In 2002 Indianapolis Star reporter, James Patterson, wrote about the presence of Khalid Mohammed [8] in OKC in March -April 1995.

Ruby Foos, a clerk at the Plaza Inn in OKC told investigators and the FBI in May 1995 that two Islamic men dressed in robes and fitting the description of Khalid [8] and Zawahiri [13] checked in the Monday of the week of the OKC bombing. Sean Hogan and her husband made sketches of two Islamic men fitting the description of Khalid [8] and Zawahiri [13] who she and her husband witnessed casing the Murrah building from the Journal Record Building (across the street) the Monday of the week of the OKC bombing. Sean Hogan complained that the FBI would not follow up on her sketches even though the FBI had interviewed her about her eyewitness account of the actual bombing when she was traveling in downtown OKC.

According to OKC attorney Michael Johnston, Ramzi Yousef [14] and his Uncle Khalid Mohammed [8] met with Terry Nichols in the Philippines in December 1994 to plan the OKC bombing with 5 Iraqis, one of who was an explosives expert. Johnston is a litigant representing 20 OKC bombing victims. Edwin Angeles was an undercover Philippine intelligence officer who had infiltrated the Abu Sayeff cell of Youseff [14] and Khalid [8]. Angeles reported that Nichols, "the American farmer", had met with the Abu Sayeff cell members Youseff [14] and Khalid [8] in December 1994. Travel records show that Nichols was in Cebu City, Philippines at the time in question.

Youseff [14] was captured and convicted for his role in the 1993 WTC bombing and was kept in a prison cell in Colorado next to McVeigh for several years. A letter from Khalid Mohammed [8] was found addressed to one of the Siddiqys([9] or [10]?) on Ramzi Yousef's [14] hard drive in the Philippines in early 1995.

Ali Mohammed [12], Khalid Mohammed [8], Melvin Lattimore [7], the Siddiqys [9], [10] and Mohammed Chafti [11], a man named Samir Khalil (and his brother) [3] were all involved in both the 1993 WTC and OKC bombings. It is corruption and treason, NOT coincidence or incompetence, that Lattimore [7], the Siddiqys [9], [10], Chafti [11], and Khalil [3] are intentionally allowed to still walk the streets of America by the FBI and DOJ. It is corruption and treason, NOT coincidence or incompetence, that the OKC criminal enterprise and Hamas cell of Bob [4] and Sally [5] are not brought to justice for the OKC bombing and are still allowed to operate by the FBI and DOJ.

Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher (CA) and William C. Delahunt (MA) are to hold a 1-2 day hearing on FOREIGN connections to the OKC bombing in late September. It is doubtful that these Congressmen will bring up or investigate the 14 Islamic terrorists identified by this article as being involved in the OKC bombing. Why? Because Rohrabacher and Delahunt themselves have been involved with Islamic terrorists for over a decade. Republican journalist Ken Timmerman wrote about his concerns about Dana Rohrabacher's Troubling [Terrorist] Friends. In fact, Rohrabacher knowingly receives large campaign contributions from a terror font company associated with a Hezbollah terror cell in Oklahoma.

Rohrabacher was vice chair of the House Task Force on Unconventional Warfare and Terrorism. His director, Yousef Bodansky, specifically warned Rohrabacher in Feb and March 1995, before the OKC bombing, and again in May 1995, of the Islamic terrorist backing of two "lily whites," McVeigh and Nichols, to do the OKC bombing.

Delahunt is an ardent, public supporter in Congress of CAIR, the defender of accused Islamic terrorists. Delahunt is also a friend and public supporter in Congress of Islamic and Communist backer, Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela and close ally of Fidel Castro.

It will not be incompetence or coincidence if Rohrabacher and Delahunt continue the cover up of Islamic terrorists in the OKC bombing. It will be their treason.

2006 Patrick Briley - All Rights Reserved

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.











Ahmad [1] was arrested after he had fled to England less than a week after the OKC bombing. It was reported that bomb making tools and weapons magazines were found in his luggage. Yet the FBI and DOJ released Ahmad [1] a few days later.