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Patrick Briley
July 29, 2006

Another person to add to the list of names associated with the Middle Eastern terror connection to the OKC bombing is Terry Lenzner, president of IGI, close to the CIA, a close associate of Hillary and Bill Clinton as well as a friend of the Pentagon terror advisor in 1995, Jesse Clear. Lenzner contacted KFORTV reporter Jayna Davis by letter in 1995 and offered his services to investigate the Middle East terror connection. Lenzner and Clear investigated the Middle Eastern terror connection to OKC and found evidence to support their suspicions.

However, Lenzner also worked for Tulsa OK company Hawkins oil who employed Mujeeb Cheema, a Paksitani Muslim tied to the terror group AlFuqra, the Paksitani ISI, and is a director of the Wabbabist North American Islamic Trust. Cheema is strongly suspected in the Middle Eastern terror connection to OKC and NAIT operates all the mosques in the US that have been identified with the 1993 WTC and the OKC bombings and the 9/11 hijackers stretching from the East coast to California. A relative, Fazil Cheema was the Pakistani roommate of the 2005 OU bomber Joel Hinrichs.

Mujeeb Cheema is on the list of witnesses that should be called in Congressman Rohrabacherís September hearing on the OKC bombing along with Terry Lenzner. Cheema appears to be connected with 9/11 hijacker AlGhamdi who attended the Spartan flight school in Tulsa.

Rohrabacherís OKC bombing hearings should fully explore the terror activities of AlFuqra in the US and why AlFuqra has intentionally been kept off the US State Department Terror list. Secretary of State Condi Rice and FBI Director Mueller should be called and asked about this.

The FBI and Steve Emerson have recently claimed that the FBI is on top of Hezbollah operations in the US. It is a hollow claim because the FBI continues to do nothing to stop Hezbollahís protected helper in the US, AlFuqra.

AlFuqra headquartered in Pakistan is working closely with AlQaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah around the world and inside the US. AlFuqra, like AlQaeda, is based in Pakistan and its leader is Sheik Jilani. Reporter Danny reporter was trying to track down Jilani and his close associate, Khalid Sheik Mohmmed (KSM) in Pakistan when Pearl was beheaded. KSM sent hijacker wannabe to live with Melvin Lattimore while Moussaoui attended the Norman, OK flight school.

Yet AlFuqra has been kept off the official US terror watch list for over 20 years even though AlFuqra has been involved in serious terror attacks, has thousands of members and scores of terror training centers in the US. See list of recent AlFuqra terror involvement at end of this article.

Why does Jilani get a free ride with US law enforcement and Congressional committees?

***AlFuqra is part of the OK Terror network that includes Hezbollah, and has been for over 16 years***

Congressmen Rohrabacher and Saxton knew from their director, Joseph Bodansky ( House Task Force on Terrorism -1995) of the AlFuqra terror connection via Lattimore (Menepta) ties to McVeigh in OKC (Travelers Aid) and at an AlFurqra training center at Talahini OK near the white supremacist compound Elohim City, called and visited by McVeigh to see the German national Andreas Strassmeyer. AlFuqra, like AlQaeda, is based in Pakistan ant its leader is Sheik Jilani.

Joseph Bodansky had identified in his book "Terrorism," that AlFuqra operations (pages 148-165) in the US has been known to the FBI, CIA for over twenty years and that AlFuqra has worked with AlQaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas on terror attacks in the US including the OKC bombing. Dana Rohrabacher and James Saxton have known about AlFuqra in the US for years and have done nothing to pressure law enforcement to dry up AlFuqra in the US. AlFuqra was directly involved in the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings and the 9/11 attacks. yet AlFuqra is NOT on the US state Department terror list. Rohrabacher and Saxton should be asked why they have not pressed to put AlFuqra on the terror list..

Here are some very recent examples of Al-Fuqra's violent history in the US:

John Muhammed, the Beltway sniper had direct ties to Al-Fuqra.

Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, who used TATP, had direct ties to Al-Fuqra

Joel Hinrichs, the OU bomber who used TATP, had direct contacts to Al-Fuqra members in OU's and OKC's mosques as well in Colorado Springs.

Menepta (Melvin Lattimore) involved directly in the 1993 WTC and OKC bombings as well as the 9/11 attacks is an AlFuqra member.

Sean Gillespie from Tacoma Washington came to an OKC Jewish Center and fire bombed it around 2003. He is another example of a disaffected (feels disenfranchised) white supremacist skinhead "lilly white" likely used by Islamic extremists like AlFuqra in Tacoma to carry out attacks in OKC as they did in the 1995 OKC bombing. Nichols and McVeigh met up with Lattimore and they were considered as lilly whites ( McVeigh went to a Christian Identity compound -Elohim CIty- of white supremacists even though he had worked with blacks before) who worked with the Black Muslims Lattimore (Menepta) and Joe Cecil!

AlFuqra has had a violent past in Tacoma Washington before Sean Gillespie fire bombed the OKC Jewish Center.

AlFuqra and AlQaeda will recruit and exploit any people who feel disenfranchised (with a grievance) to carry out US terror attacks-every one from Blacks, white supremacists, illegal immigrants (from any country, not just Mexico), native American Indians, inmates, etc. This in fact did happen in the OKC bombing case. The Chinese, North Koran and Russian communists are giving AlQaeda and ul-Fuqra guidance on how to use these disgruntled people for their purposes to attack and weaken America.

Excerpts from "Oklahoma Terror network to Hezbollah in US Attacks?"

Members of this network were directly involved in the 1993 WTC bombing, OKC bombing and the 9/11 attacks. Some of its more publicly known participants are black Muslim Melvin Lattimore, Mujeeb Cheema, Samir Khalil, Mr. G, Dr. H, AdulQader and Suhaib Webb.

The head of Syrian Islamic Jihad (now in Lebanon with Hezbollah) Ramadan Sallah was involved with this OKC network and a Syrian OKC attorney Mrs V. An OKC mosque was raided by Fed authorities on March 13, 1995 in a search for Sallah and others associated with Sammy AlArianís group at WISE at University of Southern Florida. The FBI used agent Kerry Myers to track this group in Florida with Israeli and US dual agent William Northrup for over 13 years.

Hamas leader Meshal was also directly connected with this OK network until going to Syria like Sallah to be protected and work with Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. Mesahl is now in Egypt with Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Close monitoring of Meshal's and Sallah's activities in Egypt and Lebanon is needed especially if they attempt to make contact with Mrs V and other members of the OK network to help Hezbollah carry out attacks in the US and OK.

Abdulqader was Hamas' top fundraiser in Oklahoma and associated directly with HolyLand foundation and the OK terror network. He has been indicted but is working in Texas on highway designs. GW Bush and his Saudi friends and attorneys (Akin and Gump) were directly involved at HolyLand Foundation in Richardson Texas with Khalid Mahfouz, Dr. H (lives in Ok), AbdulQader, Idris, Alamoudi, AlArian, etc. Bush has used the DOJ and FBI to directly cover up this involvement.

New Information.:

Abdulqater, Meshall and Sallah all were assisted in OK by the AlFuqra terror group and Melvin Lattimore to help in the 1993 WTC and OKC bombings and the 9/11 attacks.

Abdulqader (Hamas, HolyLand Foundation) and Meshall are brothers and both have been and are close to Ramadan Sallah. Sallah and Meshall were protected by Syria after leaving OK and the US after the OKC bombing. Sallah was head of Islamic Jihad and both Sallah and Meshall are working to help Hezbollah and Hamas. Sallah was the target of a raid at an OKC mosque March 13, 1995 known about by OK Congressman Ernest Istook and associated with the OKC bombing and Sammi AlArians group at the University of Southern Florida tracked by the FBI a (agent Kerry Myers) and dual US, Israeli intelligence asset William Northrup.

Abdulqater, Meshall and Sallah all were assisted in OK by the AlFuqra terror group and Melvin Lattimore to help in the 1993 WTC and OKC bombings and the 9/11 attacks.


Taken Questions
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
January 31, 2002
Question Taken at Daily Press Briefing of January 31

Jamaat ul-Fuqra [AlFuqra] Designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization?

Question: The group headed by Shaykh Gilani used to be designated by the State Department as a terrorist group but it was taken off the list. Why?

Answer: Jamaat ul-Fuqra has never been designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. It was included in several recent annual terrorism reports under "other terrorist groups," i.e., groups that had carried out acts of terrorism but that were not formally designated by the Secretary of State. However, because of the group's inactivity during 2000, it was not included in the most recent terrorism report covering that calendar year.

Released on January 31, 2002

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.











Rohrabacherís OKC bombing hearings should fully explore the terror activities of AlFuqra in the US and why AlFuqra has intentionally been kept off the US State Department Terror list. Secretary of State Condi Rice and FBI Director Mueller should be called and asked about this.