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Patrick Briley
March 16, 2006

Some have asked why the US is not on a higher state of alert given the recent high profile threats from Al Qaeda leaders Bin Laden, and Zawahiri (who is known to be alive), Iran leaders (control large Hezbollah terror organization in US) and FBI warnings about US basketball tournaments. Some doubt the threats and warnings and suggest that terrorism threats are either being intentionally fabricated or overblown by Bush to maintain support for illegal Bush police state, no court approved, warrantless spying tactics.

The truth is that a large number of real Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists operating in the US have the capability to attack the US and that Bush and Robert Mueller are violating the law by intentionally ordering FBI agents to not take these known terrorists off US streets.

The Bush policy of intentionally leaving known terrorists on the streets nullifies Bush arguments to justify violating the FISA law by circumventing the FISA law provisions for timely, court review of NSA spying, especially when there is no martial law or war formally declared by Congress inside the US. The war on terror can not succeed if known terrorists in the US are protected, kept on the streets, allowed to illegally immigrate, and if their foreign sponsor China is never held to account, regardless of how much spying, how many Patriot Act laws or Homeland Security or National Intelligence agencies and czars are created.

Porter Goss, Bush’s CIA director, said in testimony before Congress last year that he considers it a certainty that a terrorist illegal immigrant will drive a nuclear device into the US across one of our borders. Recent testimony about the insecurity of our ports by Bush officials has also raised the likely specter of terrorists bringing WMDS in the US via unprotected, foreign (Chinese, Islamic nations) operated US ports. See

60 Minutes: Coast Guard Admiral Loy Describes Terror

Threat to Ports and Bush Promotes China’s [COSCO] and UAE’s Terror Access to US Ports

Given this level of Congressional testimony, there can be no doubt that the UAE ports deal and failure to stem illegal immigration and take known terrorists off US streets is not just criminal negligence by Bush, it is an intentional treasonous invitation by Bush to ensure and encourage a successful terror attack in the US. Of course, Bush will claim that he did not know enough of the specifics to have stopped the attacks or have given a specific warning as to time, place or method. But Bush will then be sure to use the avoidable but intentionally encouraged terror attacks to declare martial law to solidify his dictatorial police state powers and save himself from illegal NSA spying charges in violation of the FISA law and the Constitution.

Recent testimony in the trail of the twentieth hijacker, Zacharias Moussaoui, by FBI agent Anticev revealed that the FBI investigated known AlQaeda terrorists training at flight schools in Norman, OK and in the US for years when the FBI knew they were Al Qaeda terrorists but did Clinton and Bush nothing to take them off the streets or try to stop them before 9/11. The FBI, Clinton and Bush incredibly dishonest excuse still is, not that the FBI did not know they were terrorists, but that they did not know these terrorists would fly planes into US buildings or precisely when or which buildings they might try to attack. Agent testifies it knew of al Qaeda pilot training, but not of plot.

It is clear that the FBI, and now Chertoff and Bush are once again repeating this same subterfuge to set up the American people for another unnecessarily successful terror attack that will be used to declare martial law, implement more police state powers and further establish a Bush dictatorship:

The FBI and HomeLand Security has been investigating large numbers of truck drivers at training schools and with access to our ports who are illegals and terrorists without valid ID or drivers licenses for over two years without taking them off the streets, If one of these truck drivers is involved in a terror attack, Bush and the FBI will once again falsely assert they did not know the time and place or exact method of attack and therefore should not be held accountable even though they should have taken known illegals and terrorists off the streets beforehand.

FBI investigates Missouri trucking school

1000's of US Port Truckers: Criminal Records, Fake IDS, Drug/Money Laundering

The next successful terror attack will certainly be used once again by Bush to implement more police state powers. Some have wondered if Bush's not taking known terrorists off the streets and not addressing the real Islamic terror threats on university campuses is the Bush way of guaranteeing that there will be more attacks and ensuring that Bush will get to implement more of his police state powers.

Al Qaeda will use their "supercells" that are currently operating in the US when (?) the next terror attack comes. Limbaugh on his radio broadcast yesterday stated "Al Qaeda supercells are known to be operating in the US" and Limbaugh used that as an excuse for Bush to violate the FISA laws to have warrantless spying (wiretaps) without streamlined court review safeguards first applied.

I am for going after the real terrorists in the US but maintaining safeguards to prevent spying on innocent Americans for political purposes in the US. But Limbaugh exposed the stupidity, corrupt strategies and police state tendencies of the Bush administration when he used the existence of the supercells as a cover for Bush illegal activities.

Why is the Bush administration not taking Limbaugh's "known" Al Qaeda supercells off the streets now since they are known and the US has all these Patriot Act and NSA spying tools to catch them? The reality is that Al Qaeda started using couriers after 9/11 in the US and the wiretaps have not proven all that effective against real terrorists according to FBI officials quoted in several major media articles.

Intentionally ordering FBI agents NOT to take known terrorists off the streets is a violation of the law by Bush and FBI director Mueller and clearly exposes the American people to a greater risk of terror attack than necessary.

"Al Qaeda supercells" are terrorist cells made up of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, AlFuqra (Black Muslims), Tabligh Jamaat, Jaish E Mohammed, Iraqi, Pakistani, Syrian, Iranian agents known to be closely collaborating and training at 20-40 KNOWN training camps in the US being monitored (but not rolled up) by FBI agents after the groups held meetings in Baghdad in 2000 and early 2001 to combine operations. "Supercells" in general only have to contain two or more collaborating terror groups or organizations and do not have to include even Al Qaeda.

With respect to the FBI warnings concerning the basketball tournaments- a lot is known that has not been widely disseminated about the nature of the threat. It is incompetent at best and intentionally criminal negligent at worst for these details not to be made more public by the Bush administration so the public would have a chance to be more vigilant and to avoid or head these attacks off by knowing what to look for. In fact there has been an effort to downplay this threat at universality campuses and to dummy down the American people to such an extent that a terror attack may be more likely because people are not as aware or vigilant.

The most recent plan for the attacks in sports arenas included these features:

Detonate explosives at entrances and exists of the arenas AFTER delaying and AFTER first detonating explosives inside the arena in order to maximize the number of deaths of those fleeing to the arena exits.

Use blondes (females), students and blacks as suicide bombers to avoid suspicion and to divert blame.

There is some indication that Algerian based AlQaeda cells in and out of the US may be behind the arena attack planning and execution.

A similar plan by the Algerian Al Qaeda and AlFuqra types was underway at OU when OU student Joel Hinrichs accidentally blew himself up before he could enter the OU stadium with a backpack holding 3 pounds of TATP explosives. According to the Norman Police Department Hinrichs had three other Middle Eastern accomplices who may have detonated explosives at stadium exits later had Hinrichs been able to detonate his backpack inside the OU stadium first.

Recent Islamic terror inspired bombings at OU, UNC, San Diego State, Georgia Tech, UCLA bombings (or attempts), have been downplayed at the universities, by the FBI and by Bush officials to avoid exposing the strong Islamic terror incitement connection known to be behind the attacks. In fact students are incited and used at universities near sports arenas by Islamic terror agents and recruiters at university mosques with the agents and recruiters being professors, language instructors, imams, clerics, teaching assistants, etc.

The FBI has aggressively encouraged local news media and university officials in all these cases to trot out Muslim Student Association, CAIR and other “pseudo-moderate” Isalmic spokesmen to falsely try and convince the public that there were not terror ties to the bombings or attempts when the FBI and Bush know full well that Islamic terrorism incitement was behind the bombings.

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.











The truth is that a large number of real Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists operating in the US have the capability to attack the US and that Bush and Robert Mueller are violating the law by intentionally ordering FBI agents to not take these known terrorists off US streets.