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Patrick Briley
November 4, 2005

Joel Hinrichs was blown up by a powerful TATP explosive 100 yards outside of an ongoing University of Oklahoma (OU) football game on October 1, 2005. Facts uncovered in an investigation of the incident now show Islamic terror extremists influenced Hinrichs. Despite public denials to the contrary by the FBI, OU’s president David Boren, and the US Attorney, John Richter, Hinrichs had clearly and originally planned to harm others beside himself in an Islamic extremist inspired terror attack.

Hinrichs dropped out of OU after 2002. From 2003 until he re-enrolled at OU in the spring of 2005, the whereabouts of Joel Hinrichs is still unaccounted for by the FBI. When he returned to OU in spring 2005 Hinrichs suddenly took on Pakistani Fazal M. Cheema and other Islamic students at his OU Parkview apartment as visitors and friends, started visiting the Norman mosque at OU’s campus, and grew a full beard, the symbol of new Islamic convert. Strangely Hinrichs apartment windows were covered in newspapers for months. KWTV in OKC reported Cheema had booked a one-way ticket to Algeria.

But consistent with an Islamic convert on a jihad mission, Hinrichs next shaved his beard before he tried to buy components for an ammonium nitrate fertilizer bomb like the one used in the 1995 OKC bombing. The Norman, Oklahoma police have reported that they knew for certain on September 28,2005 from one of their police officers that Hinrichs tried unsuccessfully to buy almost 1000 pounds (22 bags) of ammonium nitrate fertilizer at Ellison’s, a Norman feed store near the OU campus.

Hinrichs had also stockpiled a large cache of explosives in his car and in his apartment shared with Cheema and their Islamic friends. It took several large bomb squad vans many hours to haul away the explosives found in Hinrichs’ apartment, explosives which were later detonated at a nearby Norman police firing range on October 2, 2005. One of the explosives found in Hinrichs’ apartment, TATP, was the same explosive used to blow up Hinrichs outside OU’s stadium.

TATP is a powerful and very unstable explosive that was used by Islamic terrorists in the recent London train bombings and by Richard Reid, the Islamic terrorist shoe bomber.

Reports from witnesses indicate Hinrichs had tried to enter the stadium (using a ticket that could have been provided by or purchased from anyone) during the game but was turned back since he was wearing a backpack and security was patting down entrants. Backpacks are not allowed in the stadium by rule. Yet, KWTV reported that the backpack was found near Hinrichs after his death, contained TATP explosives and was blown up by bomb squad personnel even before OU football game over (witnesses reported this blast as well).

Hinrichs apparently went to the park bench with his backpack after being turned away at the stadium. Hinrichs took off his backpack and set it aside, took TATP explosives out of the backpack and was bent over (bus driver witness described this) on the bench when the TATP explosive he was holding exploded. The explosion of the TATP on the bench at that time may have been accidental since TATP is very unstable and has been known to have blown up other suicide bombers prematurely. Hinrichs may have intended to either attempt to enter the OU stadium with the TATP bomb and without his backpack, or to detonate the TATP bomb outside the stadium during halftime or after the game when crowds would have gathered. An examination of the tree trunks and leaves near where Hinrichs was blown up revealed that the bomb that killed Hinrichs contained shrapnel material.

Hinrichs stockpiling TATP and other explosives in large quantities, his attempt to buy 1000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, the remaining TATP in his backpack, the presence of shrapnel in the surrounding trees, and Hinrichs’ beard growing and shaving jihad actions are consistent with original intent to harm others even if the explosion was accidental or even if he changed his mind at the last minute and decided then to only kill himself. The bus driver who was close to Hinrichs at the time of the explosion was whistling the tune “Lord is Good” and one would hope that the tune had somehow miraculously thwarted the deaths of many more people in or coming out of the OU stadium.

The OU Daily newspaper reported that within a very short time after Hinrichs’ death, the FBI picked up and interrogated Fazal Cheema, an OU Arabic instructor Hossam Barakat, and two other Arab students who were all attending a party or small gathering together. OU student TV reporter Rachael Kahne is quoted in an article by distinguished journalist Michelle Maulkin’s as saying that “Minutes after the explosion, police busted into a student’s apartment and arrested four Muslim students who were there for a small gathering…Among those arrested was Fazal Cheema (later released), Joel Hinrichs Pakistani roommate.”

Rachael Kahne should be taken seriously because she is an OU student who is a TV reporter in OU’s media journalism department that prepares a TV magazine program aired locally, “News for Norman.” Her statements reported by Maulkin also suggest prior warning or knowledge by authorities. The presence of the FBI, BATF, and Terrorism Task force so quickly on scene before the game was over and to detonate the backpack also contributes to suggestions of prior warning or investigation.

An even greater indication of prior warning or knowledge was the sudden dispatch of John Richter, the assistant Attorney General and head of the DOJ’s criminal division to OKC on September 6, 2005 to be sworn in as “acting” or temporary US attorney for western Oklahoma. Ricther is an expert on terrorism intelligence gathering measures under the new Patriot act law. Richter has been in OK before to cover up the role at the Norman mosque and OU apartments of FBI provocateurs in the 9/11 attacks, including Black Muslim Melvin Lattimore and Saudi Hussein Moshen AlAttas.

Further investigation now reveals the likelihood that during the time he was unaccounted for at OU, Hinrichs was recruited, indoctrinated, taught about and supplied explosives by Islamic terrorists in the US and/or overseas infiltrated by and known to the FBI and CIA for years. Such groups include AlFuqra in the US and the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) with whom the FBI, CIA and Islamic terrorists Bin Laden and Melvin Lattimore have been closely associated for decades. Lattimore was allowed to go free early by John Richter and was certainly available to advise and direct an AlFuqra attempt to recruit, indoctrinate and train Hinrichs.

The Norman mosque and OU’s Parkview apartments have had a long history with Pakistani and AlFuqra terror members including Melvin Lattimore who facilitated the 1993 WTC, the 1995 OKC and the 9/11 attacks. Pakistani ISI agents and AlFuqra members have operated closely with each other on well-documented bombings and terror activities in the US since 1978. AlFuqra still operates FBI monitored and infiltrated training center camps in Oregon, California, Colorado and IN OKLAHOMA. Since Hinrichs was from Colorado and dropped out of OU from 2003 until spring 2005, AlFuqra types and Pakistanis in Colorado and/or at the AlFuqra camp in Oklahoma may well have trained Hinrichs.

AlFuqra could have easily provided Hinrichs with the sizeable quantities of TATP and encouraged him to buy ammonium nitrate for a fertilizer bomb. It is known that shoe bomber Richard Reid who used TATP was connected to AlFuqra. Furthermore, AlFuqra was directly involved with the Brooklyn mosque, OU’s Melvin Lattimore and Pakistanis, Mohammed Chafti, and Anas and Assad Siddiqy in the 1993 WTC and NY subway plots as well as the1995 OKC bombing. McVeighs ammonium nitrate fertilizer bomb was built with the assistance of Lattimore who was seen with McVeigh and his car in many locations in OKC including the Travelers Aide.

The AlFuqra training camp in Oklahoma that Hinrichs may have visited is not far from the white supremacist training camp, Elohim City, in far eastern Oklahoma. The FBI and CIA and NSC used informants and provocateurs at Elohim City to train and encourage McVeigh to do the OKC bombing. Lattimore’s had direct connections to the FBI, CIA, AlFuqra and to McVeigh, The same AlFuqra, FBI and CIA resources in the OKC bombing were also available to provide support to, train and equip Hinrichs regardless of whether or not it was at the OU mosque, the OU apartments or in AlFuqra camps in Colorado, California or Oklahoma.

Another disturbing report that has come to light is that Hinrichs not only was in and visited the Norman mosque, but also visited and was in the OKC mosque. The OKC mosque was also directly involved in the OKC bombing and was being monitored with the FBI protected informant and AlFuqra operative, Melvin Lattimore. The FBI attempted to infiltrate the OKC mosque after the 1995 OKC bombing and after the FBI raided the OKC mosque in March 13, 1995 looking for members of professor Sammy Al Arian’s terror cell in Florida. OK Congressman Ernest Istook told two OKC deputy sheriffs on the night of the OKC bombing that the FBI had received advanced warning from a local terror group tied to the OKC mosque.

The Norman and OKC mosques visited by Hinrichs are owned and controlled by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). Tulsa OK resident and Pakistani, Mujeeb Cheema, serves as the executive director of NAIT and on the board of CAIR, the Islamic political and legal group in the US. NAIT and Mujeeb Cheema have controlled the OKC, Tulsa, Norman and San Diego mosques for over ten years. These same Tulsa, Norman and San Diego mosques directly helped 9/11 hijackers going through the Norman mosque and the OU Parkview apartments while they attended flight schools in San Diego, Norman (Airman flight school) and Tulsa (Spartan flight school). The FBI used FBI agents and informants to monitor the hijackers as they passed through the Norman, Tulsa and San Diego mosques and flight schools.

The possible relationship between Mujeeb Cheema and Hinichs’s roommate Fazal Cheema should not be ignored since both are Pakistanis and since Mujeeb controlled the Norman and OKC mosques that Hinrichs visited. Mujeeb Cheema is also known to have strong ties to Paskitani ISI and the US National Security council (NSC).

OU ‘s David Boren has stated that Joel Hinrichs was an emotionally disturbed individual who had numerous problems and severe frustrations. It is not publicly known what all of Hinrichs’ emotional or mental problems may have been. However, Islamic terror extremists routinely target and exploit the mental and emotional weaknesses of individuals like Joel Hinrichs to convert them, to recruit them and to encourage them to commit suicide attacks. Typical hot buttons used by terrorists include religion, racism, drugs, sex (gays or prostitution), political disillusionment or dissatisfaction such as those who have strongly held antiwar or anti torture beliefs, or deep seated anger against personal affronts (loss of jobs, bad professors, etc).

The Islamic terrorism situation at OU’s campus in Norman currently parallels the situation that existed at the University of Southern Florida (USF), the site of professor Sammi AlArian’s Islamic Jihad, Hamas and AlAFuqra affiliated terror cell. For over 13 years at OU and USF, the FBI, CIA and Israeli intelligence agents have been collaborating to infiltrate and monitor the activities of Islamic terror clerics professors and students on campus, off campus and in mosques located on or near the campuses. But federal officials continue to publicly disclaim Islamic terror activities or organizations operating at and near OU, USF and other campuses like UCLA.

Federal denials of terror activities near and on college campuses and mosques like at OU wrongfully gives the public a false sense of security. The public should be trusted with the truth about universities, their mosques and apartments being used by Islamic terrorist professors, clerics and students to recruit for, finance, incite and instigate terror attacks using illegal terrorists, explosives and small footprint WMDS.

The Islamic terror connections to the NAIT controlled OKC, Norman, San Diego and Tulsa mosques cited in this article should be fully investigated by Congress. These mosques must no longer be used as safe heavens to promote terror attacks in the US. This article should serve as a warning to the American people of the real and grave threat posed by terror activities fostered in and around these mosques and on university campuses like OU.


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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.











But federal officials continue to publicly disclaim Islamic terror activities or organizations operating at and near OU, USF and other campuses like UCLA.