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Patrick Briley
September 14, 2004


"We operate here under directives which emanate from the White House...The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to alter life in the U.S. so that we can comfortably be merged with the Soviet Union." -- Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation [1954]

In May 2002 GW Bush signed an agreement with Putin of Russia to share US ballistic missile defense research and development with Russia including access to US command and control and testing information for theater and strategic ballistic missile defenses of the US. While a US missile defense system may very well be a wise investment for America, it was extremely unwise for GW Bush to sign the agreement with Putin to give Russia access to US missile defense technologies and command and control systems.

The actual carrying out of the GW Bush agreement with Putin in May 2002 would be a violation of the intent of 1946 McMahon Act (Atomic Energy Act) to prevent sharing of US nuclear technologies with potential adversaries and even allies because certain aspects of US missile defense R&D and systems involves nuclear technologies. Congress also never properly ratified the Bush-Putin agreement as a treaty. Carrying out of the agreement by GW Bush would therefore be a violation of US law and the US Constitution.

There is now proof that the terms of the Bush -Putin agreement are now being, and have been, carried out illegally by GW Bush.

Joint US, Russian and NATO command post and control exercises for theater missile defenses already occurred March 8-12 this year in Colorado Springs with Russia and US computer systems in accordance with the Bush-Putin agreement as indicated by this article from Arms Control Today, "NATO, [US,] Russia Hold Joint Missile Defense Exercise". The exercises involved computer simulations to test jointly developed procedures for communications between NATO, US and Russian commanders and their troops to defend against strikes from short- and medium-range ballistic missiles. Another exercise is expected before the end of 2005.

While Congress, Congressman John Tierney and others, were originally denied test data on US missile defense, Bush was willing to share US test data with Russia and Putin. Tierney was able to force the Pentagon to release a report on the national missile defense test program. Unfortunately, the report documented deceptive practices used, the failure of tests to provide meaningful data on which to base any deployment decisions and the failure to test against any realistic countermeasures an actual missile defense would almost certainly encounter. "The Media Must Demand Truth From the Testers".

Nevertheless, installations of US ballistic missile defense interceptors started in Fort Greely Alaska on July 22, 2004 and additional interceptors are being produced. "First Missile Defense Interceptor Vehicle Emplaced In Alaska Silo"

A key component of US national missile defense, boost phase interceptors, whose development is receiving priority this year, is projected to strategically tie the United States to Iraq, Afghanistan and some of the authoritarian former Soviet republics, such as Turkmenistan, by requiring permanent US military bases there according to officials, scientists and a Congressional Budget office report released in July 2004. "Missile Defense To Tie U.S. To Iraq, Afghanistan, Caspian, Experts Warn."

There is mounting concern that these efforts to install US boost phase interceptors to counter the missile threat from Iran will push the United States into questionable strategic alliances in Iraq and Turkmenistan next to Russia-- and will add new questions about the GW Bush motives for US military action to move into and to continue to remain in the Middle East.

Public White House and sworn 9-11 commission testimony show that Bush and Rice were totally preoccupied in June, July and August 2001 with negotiations to share US missile defense with Russia and locating US missile defense interceptor basis in the Middle East. This ironically led to Bush and Rice inattention and acting far less aggressively than warranted on serious terror alerts from the CIA and the FBI over pending Middle Eastern and AlQaeda sponsored hijack attacks in the US in the summer and fall of 2001 (9-11).

Here is part of the relevant and actual text of the GW Bush and Putin agreement signed in May 2002:

"The United States and Russia have also agreed to study possible areas for missile defense cooperation, including the expansion of JOINT EXERCISES RELATED TO MISSILE DEFENSE, and the exploration of potential programs for the JOINT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF MISSILE DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES, bearing in mind the importance of the mutual protection of classified information and the safeguarding of intellectual property rights. "

GW Bush actually campaigned for President on a pledge to share US missile defense technology with the Russians as revealed in this AP article from Nov 17, 1999, "Bush willing to share anti-missile technology with Russia".

"In an effort to signal that the move would be purely defensive, Bush said he would offer to help Russia develop its own missile-defense system by sharing technology. Russia must first pledge to stop spreading nuclear weapons technology to other nations, he said. [A pledge Russia that cannot be forced to comply with and a pledge that can easily be abused as Russia has done repeatedly before]. "

"Our priorities with Russia are to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction, urging Russia to JOIN us with the development of ANTI-BALLISTIC MISSILE SYSTEMS and expand a program in which the United States helps dismantle nuclear weapons for the Russians."

"Condoleeza Rice, Bush's top foreign policy adviser, said that while the administration is discussing a narrow incentive to Russia, Bush is talking about a broader - but not yet specific - approach to SHARING TECHNOLOGY "that might have any number of elements."

Nuclear arms negotiator Paul Nietze (CIA director James Woolsey's mentor) and Secretary of the Navy John Lehman all directly helped start the negotiations for the transfer of US missile defense to Russia under Presidents Reagan and HW Bush.

From the address by Reagan to a joint session of Congress November 21, 1985:

"I described our proposal in the Geneva negotiations [with Gorbachev] for a reciprocal program of OPEN LABORATORIES in strategic defense research. We're offering to permit Soviet experts to see firsthand that SDI does not involve offensive weapons. American scientists would be ALLOWED TO VISIT comparable facilities of the Soviet strategic defense program, which, in fact, has involved much more than research for many years. "

From the address of Reagan to the nation on October 13, 1986 after the Reykjavik summit with Gorbachev:

"I offered a proposal that WE CONTINUE OUR PRESENT RESEARCH and, if and when we reached the stage of TESTING, we would sign now a treaty that would permit Soviet observation of such tests. And if the program was practical, we would BOTH ELIMINATE our offensive missiles [ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads], and then we would share the benefits of advanced defenses" [=TOTAL nuclear ballistic missile disarmament].

I was offered a position to work on star wars missile defense (SDI) in January 1983. I declined the offer because I was told that I would be expected to work with Russian scientists in our labs at that time and that the goal of missile defense was to be the establishment of a world government. Both of the reasons I was given are violations of US laws and US sovereignty. See the insert below for details "Offer of Position to Work on SDI Technology".

President HW Bush called for the US to share US ballistic missile defense with Russia in his speech before the nation on September 27, 1991. Dave Marish did a program on HW Bush 's call to share US missile defense research with Russia immediately after Bush gave his speech. I have the transcript of the Nightline program and a copy of HW Bush's speech sent to me directly from the White House. Ironically, in that speech HW Bush also ordered the destruction of US tactical nuclear weapons including US neutron bomb components, the design of which, its inventor, Sam Cohen alleges, and some evidence suggests, HW Bush helped give to the Communist Chinese.

The Chinese were given and/or stole US missile defense secrets (including powerful airborne laser technology) at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico back in the 1980s and early 1990s under HW Bush at a time when HW Bush intentionally promoted technical exchanges on US missile defense and nuclear technology with Russian and Chinese scientists, American scientists and Air Force personnel AND intentionally relaxed travel and clearance restrictions on US nuclear scientists like Wen Ho Lee and Peter Lee who were ALLOWED to travel to Communist China UNESCORTED, just as American scientists were ALLOWED under the Reagan - Gorbachev proposals to travel to Russia.

In the mid 1980's Army intelligence went to the FBI with reports of high level spying and Chinese espionage of SDI technology at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico using compromised Air Force personnel. Nothing adequate was done by the FBI about the Army intelligence reports of Chinese access to US missile defense or about my complaints about Russian access to US missile defense at Kirtland AFB because of the direct intervention of HW Bush to protect the HW Bush and Reagan policy of illegal transfers of missile defense and nuclear technologies to China and Russia. Anthony Kimery, once editor of Sources eJournal (, reported the Chinese espionage story at Kirtland AFB in May 1999. The original story is no longer at that has gone away but Kimery now writes fro and his original article can still be found at "FBI Told of High-Level Spying in Air Force a Decade Ago". I spoke to Kimery in detail to confirm his article.

While Russia was getting access to US missile defense and nuclear technology at US national labs under HW Bush and Reagan, the Chinese were also getting similar access according to an article by Robert "CHINESE ESPIONAGE WAS A REAGAN BUSH SCANDAL":

"Indeed, the evidence always has pointed in a very different direction: that the alleged Chinese theft of secrets for building the miniaturized W-88 nuclear warhead occurred during the mid-1980s, under the watch of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. "

And this government source indicates that on April 30, 1984 Reagan-HW Bush signed a nuclear cooperation accord with China even though it was known that China was transferring nuclear technology then to Pakistan in violation of Congressional prohibitions.

Ironically, Sam Cohen has publicly alleged that HW Bush illegally helped transfer the US neutron bomb technology to China and illegally ordered US scientists to work with Russian scientists to test and work on mini nukes at Los Alamos (also publicly confirmed by Dr. Edward Teller). China and Russia have successfully built and tested mini nukes and neutron bombs that they can give to AlQaeda terrorists to black mail and destroy the US without Russia or China ever having to launch ballistic missiles toward the US with nuclear warheads.

HW Bush may have been referring to HW Bush and Reagan arranged illegal transfers of US missile defense and nuclear technologies to Russia and China when HW Bush was quoted in Sarah McClendon's newsletter in June 1992:

"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."

GW Bush personally blocked Notra Trulock's Federal 2003 lawsuit against Chinese espionage agent Win Ho Lee. Some wonder if this was done to cover up the fact that HW Bush and Reagan relaxed policies at national nuclear labs had actually facilitated the ability of US scientists like Win Ho Lee's to transfer US computerized nuclear warhead legacy design codes to the Chinese. The transfers or thefts to China occurred after there was an intentional allowing of US nuclear scientists to have "special privileges" to travel to China unsupervised and to have Chinese assistants at US national labs that had no security clearances under the Reagan/ HW Bush "Peace Pearls" program with China.

For much more on the Bushes' transfer of US nuclear technology to China and Pakistan please see "Has the Bush Administration Aided Communist China's Support of Global Terrorists?" Part 1 and Part 2.

Mini nukes and neutron bomb devices can also be detonated in outer space by Russia and/or China as part of their own ballistic missile defense system and also as part of their systems designed to attack the US ballistic missile defense system.

Russia has tested and is building a new generation missile defense system (using hypersonic interceptors) that is superior to the US missile defense system in Greeley Alaska yet uses US technology. Russia also has successfully tested and is building missile defense counter measures into their ballistic missiles that can easily defeat US missile defenses because the Russians now have details of the US missile defense given them by GW Bush.

The likelihood of a US ballistic missile nuclear retaliatory strike as a deterrence to Russia is greatly diminished because Russia's first strike on the US would defeat our missile defense and knock out many of our land based ballistic missiles and because many of the remaining US ballistic missiles launched in retaliation would be knocked down by the advanced Russian missile defense system, all using knowledge of US radar, command and control and missile defense designs that Bush agreed to share with Putin and Russia. A coordinated first strike ballistic nuclear missile attack by both Russia and China would be even more likely to succeed against the US because it would further saturate US missile defenses and the Russians would be able to knock down a significant part of our retaliatory response.

GW Bush's agreement with Russia to share US technology and command and control information for US missile defense was extraordinarily unwise because of Russian and Chinese cheating and espionage and resolve to use the US technology to seriously degrade the nuclear deterrent capability of the US. The Constitution wisely provided the requirement of congressionally approved treaties as a safeguard to prevent such an unwise agreement to be made by Bush with Russia. The Bush-Putin agreement has been unwisely and illegally permitted to move forward because there has been a grave abdication of responsibility and failure of judgment by Congress in not enforcing the treaty provisions of the Constitution and in not enforcing the spirit and letter of the law of the 1946 Atomic Energy Act.

Offer of Position to Work on SDI Technology

In January 1983, I was offered a position at Kirtland AFB near Los Alamos related to the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) for research and development (R&D) of ballistic missile defense technologies. During my interview for the position I was told the following:

1. I would be expected to work with Russian scientists in Russian and US facilities soon after taking the position and well before SDI would ever be deployed.
2. Work with the Russians was necessary to create the conditions for establishing "global nuclear disarmament and world government".
3. I would probably never work again as a nuclear engineer if I did not accept the position.

Items 3 was equivalent to coercion and intimidation and a blatant attempt to buy my silence since the people who offered me the position told me they were aware in detail of my past efforts of reporting illegal transfers of technologies to the FBI.

I protested items 1-3 and demanded proof and an explanation during the interview. My interviewers told me the introduction in a book (presented below) by a nuclear physicist, Fredrick Winterberg, was part of the reason I was being interviewed and being offered a position to work with Russian scientists. One of the interviewers actually read the introduction to the book in my presence:

"The Physical Principles of Thermonuclear Explosive Devices " By Friedwardt Winterberg, University of Nevada Published in 1981 in New York by the Fusion Energy Foundation


"The physical principles for the explosive release of thermonuclear energy are known to at least five countries: the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain, France, and China. Each of these countries has tested thermonuclear devices with the goal of establishing a thermonuclear weapons capability.

In spite of this apparently widespread knowledge, the physical principles by which these devices operate have been guarded by each of these countries as one of their greatest secrets. This secrecy has no parallel in the entire history of military science, and there is no rationale for this state of affairs. ….

The reason given by the US government for this secrecy is that disclosure of this knowledge would accelerate the proliferation of nuclear weapons. But in view of the already existing proliferation, this does not appear to be a very credible argument. The facts suggest that proliferation is the result of a political decision, rather than anything else. I am an advocate of total nuclear disarmament and the eventual establishment of a world government…"

***I have since learned years after my interview that scientists of the Fusion Energy Foundation responsible for Winterburg's book, such as Uwe Parpart (editor), met with Reagan and his national security council members before and after Reagan became President in 1979-1983 to discuss their common beliefs that Reagan shared of using missile defense to create total nuclear disarmament and world government***

I refused the offer even when it was extended to me in writing. Nonetheless, I was called by a military officer who demanded to know why I would not accept the position even when I had told them in advance I would not accept it because their proposals were blatantly illegal and damaging to US national security. I contacted to no avail, the FBI, the legal counsels for the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the Senate Armed Service Committee, and the offices of US Congressman Mickey Edwards and US Senators Don Nickles and David Boren (Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time I called his office) to complain and report the occurrence.

I complained in writing and by phone directly to the House Intelligence Committee legal counsel, Mike Sheehy, and to the Senate Intelligence Committee and Armed Services Committee Legal Counsel, Joan Grimson about my allegations. To this date, I have no indication any reliable investigation has ever been conducted into my allegations.

President Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright have both said that they believe it is immoral for the US to maintain a nuclear superiority and not share the US missile defense technology with Russia and China. This mentality is similar to that expressed to me by my interviewers and expressed in Winterberg's book introduction.

Has this mentality by Presidents Bush and Clinton and their advisors and by some nuclear scientists led to the illegal transfer of nuclear secrets and missile defense technologies to the Russians and Chinese in order to promote nuclear disarmament and world government?

Who would have ordered the FBI to cover-up my allegations and those of Army intelligence?

Why have the FBI, my Congressman and US Senators, the Senate Intelligence and House Intelligence Committees legal staffs not done an adequate investigation into these allegations?

© 2004 Patrick Briley - All Rights Reserved

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific." My Polaris submarine patrol in the Pacific was in far East Asia near China but I can not elaborate any more than that other than to say it was a very special, historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

Briley was chosen to work under Admiral Rickover at Naval Reactors. He volunteered for Naval service from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era including being in Naval ROTC, a batallion commander of my ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson, as well as serving at Naval Reactors in DC for Admiral Rickover.

Patrick started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing. Pat submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission. E-Mail:










The GW Bush agreement with Putin is an illegal violation of the 1946 McMahon act (Atomic Energy Act) and the agreement was never ratified as a treaty by Congress-it was an agreement in violation of law and the US Constitution.