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Posted 5:00 PM Eastern
by NWV News, Ron Lee
September 24, 2010
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GRANTS PASS, OR - In an interesting development in the Oregon Fourth District Congressional Campaign, incumbent Peter Defazio (Democrat) has started an advertising campaign on the popular web site, Drudge Report, to attack his political opponent, Art Robinson (Republican).

Display ads depicting Robinson saying that the public education system should be abolished, as well as that Wall Street reform is a mistake grace the home page of this conservative news site.

Joe Snook, an investigative journalist with the US~Observer said about the development, "I think Defazio is making a strategic error in targeting ads on Drudge. People are tired of the liberal policies pushed by our school system, and the reform on Wall Street does little to protect the common citizen ... I feel more people will relate to Robinson's sentiment on Drudge and this 'ad' campaign will backfire in Defazios face."

The web site,, that the ads take you to, read more like a conservative's dream of a candidate who wants to oust the liberal progressive movement than an attack on Robinson.

Commenting on the ads, Robinson's campaign -- said, "This is just more of the same ... [the comments are] taken out of context, and is nothing but an attempt at a smear campaign."

On the other side, Defazio's campaign -- was given an opportunity to comment on the Drudge ads, but refused to comment over the phone. The campaign stated they would send a comment via e-mail, but it had not been received by the time of this posting.

As for several voters in Oregon who read the Defazio advertisement, they stated that Defazio seems, "out of touch with his constituents" in Oregon's Fourth District. So much so, in fact, that by pointing to things Robinson has stated, which people in Defazio's district believe as well, it shows he has no interest in truly representing his district's values. Further more, voters in Defazio district were extremely unhappy for his vote and support of Obamacare.

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The election nears, and only time will tell if this move to advertise on a conservative news site will help or hinder Defazio in what appears to be an election where democrat incumbents are on the chopping block.

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Further more, voters in Defazio district were extremely unhappy for his vote and support of Obamacare.