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By Cindy Sizemore

October 11, 2007

Our family has relocated to Klamath Falls, which is about a five to six hour drive from our home just outside Oregon City. Our 36.62 acre property off Lower Highland Road in Beavercreek is one of the most desirable properties in Western Oregon and this Saturday, October 13th, it will be up for auction with the Albert Burney Company ( There is no minimum or reserve, and consistent with the company�s policies it will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

If you are looking for a very special place or know someone who is, please read on. This property is indeed one of the most desirable properties in Western Oregon.

Living on this property is like owning your own park. It is 30-35 minutes from downtown Portland and the airport, but is very private and secluded. It is located at the end of a dead end, blacktopped road and is behind a private, electronic security gate. Also, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketable timber on the property, which hopefully no one will cut down. The trees are beautiful.

There are miles of maintained trails, so you can hike or ride horses or four-wheelers to your heart�s content. There is also a five stall horse stable with pasture and corral. As you can see in the photos, there is a great view of Mount Hood. The property is at about 1,200 feet above sea level, so it gets just enough snow to be beautiful, but the snow rarely stays around long.

A seasonal creek and springs feed a well-stocked trout pond, which is full of rainbows, many of which are five to six pounds. Many a young child has caught his first fish in this pond and many an adult has caught his first huge rainbow here and found out what fighters they can be.

Overlooking the pond is a 16 by 20 foot cabin with a covered front porch. It is a great place to hang out and enjoy nature totally surrounded by tall Douglas Fir trees. Black-tail deer and sometimes an elk will come down to the pond to drink and an occasional bald eagle will swoop in and steal a fish.

Up by the house is a full sized outdoor basketball court where many a hotly contested game has been fought.

The beautifully updated home is approximately 3,700 square feet and has five bedrooms and three full baths. It is a ranch style house with three bedrooms and one bath in the 1,150 foot basement. There are two bedrooms and two baths on the main floor.

The house features a large beautiful kitchen with an island and all tile floors, which carry through to the spacious dining room. There is a large (24 x 32) family room with high ceilings, an oversized real rock fireplace, and windows everywhere. The oversized master bedroom features a beautifully tiled master bath with a double shower, double sinks and a large Jacuzzi tub. Off the master is a deck and a hot tub.

The property is well landscaped and is serviced by a pump with plenty of water, which is some of the best I have tasted.

There is much more to this property than I can say here. The peace and serenity one enjoys walking the manicured, wooded trails is truly priceless. When you come home to this place, you truly lock the world out behind you. This has been an amazing place to raise our five children and we will truly miss it.

The property will be auctioned at 11:00 in the morning October 13th, but you must pre-register and present a $25,000 cashiers check made out to yourself or a bank letter to qualify to bid. Log on to for full details as to how the auction works. Registration begins at 9:30.

We do not know how much the property will bring at the auction. We could do well or someone might get a real steal. But we need to sell and move on with our lives. If you are in the market or know someone who is, you would be hard-pressed to find a better property than this one. Truly. If you come see it, you will fall in love with it.

Albert Burney has people at the property during the day and can give you a tour or turn you loose to explore on your own. Their phone number at the property is 503-632-3030.

I know there is not much time, but it just occurred to us to let our readers know about this opportunity. If you have any questions, you can call Albert Burney or my husband Bill at 503-806-5187. By way of disclosure, Bill is a licensed, Oregon real estate broker, but is not involved in this auction. However, he does know what there is to know about the property.

We are closing a chapter in our lives, but hope this property goes to someone who will love it as much as we have. Perhaps that will be you.

� 2007 Bill Sizemore - All Rights Reserved

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Bill Sizemore is a registered Independent who works as executive director of the Oregon Taxpayers Union, a statewide taxpayer organization. Bill was the Republican candidate for governor in 1998. He and his wife Cindy have four children.

Bill Sizemore is considered one of the foremost experts on the initiative process in the nation, having placed dozens of measures on the statewide ballot. Bill was raised in the logging communities of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, and moved to Portland in 1972. He is a graduate of Portland Bible College, where he taught for two years. A regular contributing writer to

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Living on this property is like owning your own park.