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By Betty Freauf

April 30, 2005

I've got to give communist propagandist Jane Fonda credit for stepping up to the plate and taking the flak which I'm sure she had hoped had faded into the sunset regarding her betrayal of our troops in Vietnam. At her age of 50, the Vietnam vets were still protesting her but now, at age 67 she claimed on a recent Bill Maher program that while a small number of Vietnam vets were still angry with her most have forgiven her. She says they come to her book signings. That's her spin.

After three husbands and her political activism, the years appear to have been kind to her -- until TV camera close-ups which show she may require Ageless Woman (Deep Wrinkle Relaxer). The "Spin Sisters" in the media and her colleagues in promoting the feminist agenda are right there canonizing her and giving her all the ink and TV time they can. I don't begrudge her that privileged status in promoting her book because the pundits on the right do it for their own too. If she can't take the heat, she'd better stay out of the kitchen. I understand she'll soon be in a movie "Monster-in-Law" scheduled to open in May.

Like Jezebel Hillary Clinton, who ruled her president husband from behind the scenes, and who is trying to change her spots and become a "centrist" as she sets the tone for her eventual presidential campaign, Jane is trying to make people believe she, too, has mellowed and isn't the same person she was during the Vietnam war era when she was married to political activist, Tom Hayden. The two of them received tax money to fund their left-wing activities as they backstabbed America.

I'm in no position to question it when she says she's now a Christian but that means repenting of our past sins and asking forgiveness of those whom we knowingly have hurt deeply. Often times tears of regret accompany that type of repentance. She seems to stop short of true repentance when it comes to her visit to Vietnam with antiwar activist and former U.S. Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, who is now defending Saddam Hussein according to Colonel David Hunt (ret.) on a recent Bill O'Reilly program. [Read]

Jane says her new found Christian faith was a contributing factor to her divorce from Ted Turner, who publicly labels Christians as "losers and Bozos" and has given millions to the communist-controlled United Nations. The Hanoi Hilton movie showed how Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden and Ramsey Clark worked hand-in-glove with the Communist Captors to betray the American POWs.

We've seen the damage that Jane Fonda and her left-wing feminist ilk have done to our country with their demanding "equal rights," "equal pay", "comparable worth," "Affirmative Action," "reproductive rights," and yet, while wanting to be independent of all men, they use them as sperm donors and they look to government to subsidize the child care programs.

It was also discovered in a Boston marathon that the female "winner" was allowed to start the race 29 minutes before the men. So much for "Equal Rights." And lets not forget the 500,000 Susan B. Anthony one-dollar coin boondoggle collecting dust in the Mint - another dismal failure of feminism. They yell sex discrimination at the drop of the hat. They've also caused a huge schism over women's roles in the churches.

The war between the sexes over the past couple decades has swept over us like a tornado, leaving behind a vast wreckage of broken and twisted lives. A close look at the Communist agenda and we can see similarities with the feminist movement.

It was reported in a 11/25/1989 HUMAN EVENTS publication that Jane once said that if the American people knew what Communism was, they would get down on their knees and pray we would someday be Communist." And a recent CHARLESTON VOICE e-mail confirmed this when they wrote that on November 22, 1970 the Detroit Free Press reported she made that statement to a University of Michigan audience during a fund-raising tour for GI deserters, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Black Panthers. She added, "The peace proposal of the Viet Cong is the only honorable, just, possible way to achieve peace in Vietnam." We don't hear her repenting of that either.

Pvt. Jessica Lynch was put into a combat situation because the Pentagon caved into feminist pressure. All she wanted when she joined the Army was to get the college tuition she needed to become a kindergarten teacher. Sgt. Donald Walters, formerly of Salem, Oregon and where his folks still reside, was the real hero in that March 23, 2003 ambush and helped save Lynch's life.

Lynch was later rescued from an Iraq hospital by American forces and given heroic status for her alleged resistance to the Iraqis. It wasn't until a year later that the Army posthumously awarded Walters a Silver Star. But how many of you heard about this event? Walters will never write a book or be the subject of a movie like Lynch. His wife is a widow and his children fatherless.

And then there was the Abu Ghraib prison ordeal and another military woman found herself in deep water.

Recently in Atlanta, a policewoman about half the size of a prisoner she was guarding lost her gun to the prisoner and he went on to kill a judge, a court reporter, and several others. Feminists claim it's size not gender that counts. Ya sure! A short time later another criminal in the Atlanta criminal system took a swing at a policewoman.

And on April 26, 2005 a convicted rapist at the Oregon State Prison overpowered a female Corrections Officer. He'd once escaped the prison, but was later apprehended. She apparently remained calm and negotiators got the matter under control. Did you hear about that on the evening news?

Now we have women boxers. A 34-year old geography teacher is the most recent death as reported on April 5, 2005. Yes, indeed, You Have Come A long Way Baby! [Read]

Why is this happening? Law enforcement has lowered its standards in order to meet Affirmative Action requirements. A guest on O'Reilly/Fox said since Affirmative Action, there has been a 15% to 19% increase in assaults on women police officers. And, of course, this puts the lives of their male colleagues in jeopardy too because they often have to defend the woman partner, as well as themselves. [Read] [Read] [Read]

My husband is a retired plumber. One day he had the job of getting a cast iron tub up a narrow stairway in an older house. He called the shop for help. They sent a teenage boy without steroids and a woman who had gone to work at his place of employment earlier. Neither "helper" was of much assistance, so my husband had to lift extra hard. He ended up laid up with a bad back and some trips to the chiropractor. He raised Holy Hell and the shop NEVER sent a woman to help him again. The other old-timer NON UNION plumbers must have felt likewise, because she didn't last long at her new job.

But to be fair, my copy machine repairman praised a woman with whom he once worked who helped him lift a 400 pound machine "without a sweat!" I asked him if she applied for disability later. He said he didn't know. Guess what her sexual orientation was?

Trying to placate the feminist agenda has caused numerous lawsuits for sexual harassment, disability claims and divisions between the sexes like I have never seen before in my lifetime. I blame that ungodly feminist movement for the lack of backbone we see in many men today. You can read about timid and frightened men in Judges 7. And in Judges 5, Debra went into battle while Reuben stayed home to tend the sheep.

Ascending the corporate ladder was a little less strenuous than lifting a heavy cast iron tub or a 400 pound copy machine but the feminists needed to prove that women were just as determined as men to climb it. They felt the need to overcome the oppressive conditioning of what they claimed to be our patriarchal society. But if the libbers abolish the patriarchal family, will they have abolished a God-given structure and replaced it with Marxism?

To humanists, man is the measure of all things. To radical feminists, the measure of all things is woman and woman to feminists is god! Feminism and its ugly sister careerism are in rebellion against our God-given roles as women. The feminists just don't get it. The family is an authority structure in which equal but different members have different roles and responsibilities and "the ladies" want to see the family destroyed. They even want to eliminate "mother" from textbooks.

Communism has no use for the family unit. It wants to make all women independent of their husbands and it wants the children out of the home and into daycare at the earliest possible time. This is also the gospel of radical feminism in America.

So as they became more and more successful, they no longer needed men to support them so they got "no fault" divorce legislation passed and they abandoned their husbands and often their children. Today we are seeing the results - several generations of rebellious children and something simply unheard of in the past, we now have childhood Gender Identity Disorders. Many children today, because of their chaotic family life and mixed signals in the public schools, are vulnerable to confusion in the development of their sexual identity. The girls don't know if they should become a fire person, a nurse, a stay-at-home mother or get a sex change. Is it any wonder suicide among teens is at an all-time high?

Parental neglect and inconsistency provide children with an atmosphere which is conducive to the development of antisocial behavior. So now, bring on the mental health experts to solve the problem they helped to create.

Recently Americans rose up in arms when lesbians and homosexuals were given a "license" to marry. The Last Trumpet March 2004 newsletter says a new law in England called the Gender Recognition Bill states that a male transsexual must be treated as a woman for "all purposes" and can even marry another man. The law also allows a transsexual to change his birth certificate. The law also says that a church cannot refuse membership to a transsexual and an employer cannot refuse to hire such a person. They also have rights to use all public women's washrooms, and a fine of 5,000 pounds can be imposed if the transsexual rights are abused. Will this soon be coming to America? I think I heard something recently on a talk show that it's already here. A goal of the feminists is to create a gender-neutral society. [Read]

The baby boomers, as a result of the feminist movement led by the likes of Jane Fonda, Betty Frieden, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem and other minor players, are the most divorced, dysfunctional generation in history. They have changed husbands like they changed their underwear. They bellyache about their lack of "rights" while married to wealthy men and paying some maid to iron their shirts.

Trying to determine whether the treatment men gave women prior to the feminist movement was the cause of their rebellion or whether the rebellion came and the men began to back off to avoid confrontation is like trying to determine which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Jane Fonda admits she did not have a good relationship with her actor father, Henry Fonda, and says the movie, "On Golden Pond" was a perfect illustration of the father-daughter relationship and friction. In the book RADICAL SON (c) 1997 by David Horowitz, whose parents were communists, says Tom Hayden and other new left-wing radicals, which he called red diaper babies, were disconnected from family and real community. Hayden was not on speaking terms with his own father and seemed to have no fixed address. So Jane and Tom became soul mates.

If a man wrote what I'm writing, the feminists would probably call the message antiquated. But, as I've written before, at my age, I don't even buy green bananas and inasmuch as I'm about the same age and in some cases, older, I believe I have the right now to tell the feminists what I think of their stinkin' thinkin' communist agenda. By the way, I'm older than Jane with less wrinkles. It's not always talent or brains that give us the road to success but mostly due to nepotism. While conservative God-fearing women were caring for their children and husbands and baking cookies for some local function, the left-wing media (before conservative talk shows) supported the feminists, who were very good at scratching each other's backs and disgruntled women became even more prevelent. Could Jane Fonda have gotten where she is today without a movie star father?

But I think repentant Myrna Blyth, once one of the girls and now the author of SPIN SISTERS got it right. She says women today aren't as tough and resilient as women from the 1950s and 1960s and she puts the rap on feminism and how the women of the media sell unhappiness to American women. Today's women are narcissistic "victims" and they blame the men! But I blame the destruction of the family on the feminists.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Communism has no use for the family unit. It wants to make all women independent of their husbands and it wants the children out of the home into day care at the earliest possible time.