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By Betty Freauf
May 11, 2012

Our Christian, conservative talk show host in Salem, Oregon protesting our Vote-By-Mail is refusing to fill out his mail-in ballot until May 15th and then he will hand-deliver it to a designated drop- or he’ll deliver it to the Election’s Office personally and he’s not all that excited with Mitt Romney. He once favored Rick Santorum who is still on our ballot, along with Newt Gingrich, but since Rick and Newt dropped out of the race, that leaves only libertarian-leaning Texas Congressman Ron Paul. On his 12/16/2011radio show not once but three times he said Ron Paul was a nut and told his supporters not to call his show because he didn’t even want to hear from them. “You mean nothing to me anymore because your candidate is a nut,” he said. In fairness, with the exception of his opinion of Ron Paul, he’s a pretty straight shooter otherwise. He graduated with our son from a Christian academy in 1979 but he has a lot to learn about blue state Oregon’s corrupt politics in both parties.

Being strong Ron Paul supporters, we received early in May a letter from him thanking us for agreeing to help his campaign as he is entering the final stages – the August GOP convention in Tampa where the final decision will be decided by more politically astute delegates who will be the nominee. Primary elections are nothing more than popularity contests and polling’s dirty little secret is that pollsters aren’t reflecting citizen opinion; they’re shaping it. The next generation of leaders- the young people on college campuses and seniors in town halls are coming together for one purpose: to fight to restore their lost liberty. Paul’s message of reining in the Fed, promoting sound money and taking back our government from the special interests is a winning message. In a hurry to write the general election narrative, the media have forgotten to perform their primary function: to report facts.


Ron Paul won the most delegates in Maine and Nevada. Someone named Lauren in Louisiana reported that he won 111 of 150 delegates in the Louisiana State Convention. One newspaper article said it was an embarrassment for Romney but that news never left the state. How many more states have there been there like that? After primaries in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia, the established media says Romney figures he’s close to the 1,144 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. The media has been busy reporting on the France and Greece elections and the anti-government protests in Russia over Putin’s re-election. In Russia they decide between themselves who will hold which job. It’s like a swap in chess – my bishop for your rook. In 2008 Romney was encouraged to drop out and support McCain. He was promised his turn the next time around. Sounds like Russia. Without the Internet, we would have never learned how many states Ron Paul has won. But instead of reporting Paul’s victories, now there are those who have decided that he is doing something sneaky or unfair or, God forbid, he’s undermining democracy (mob squad). Of course, we have a “republic” which makes what Ron Paul is doing perfectly legitimate and long overdue- challenging the establishment!

In 1912, President Woodrow Wilson stated, “This country is no longer a Republic, but is now a Democracy” and thereafter many Democrat elected officials parroted that lie. Republican leaders followed. Mikhail Gorbachev at his World Conference September 17, 1995 observed during a dialogue on a new form of democracy, “…there was no trace of the futile debate about what is better, capitalism or socialism… We should seek a synthesis of ideas and values that have proven their viability…” That includes abolishing all Biblical absolutes. Of course, “synthesis” eventually grew into the politically correct agenda and “hate” legislation which is now being used against Christians for trying to hold steadfast to their values. The Democrat party and unions have long been infiltrated by the Communists. It got worse under FDR.

Professor Alexander Fraser Tyler observed that a democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. For that moment on the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a dictatorship.


While Romney attracts only small crowds and Obama’s crowds are diminishing compared to 2008, Ron Paul has been packing college auditoriums and his letter goes on to explain how the establishment with Wall Street bankster fat cats are scared of grass roots voters and it will have all the funding to oppose Paul’s efforts. He is our only hope to turn our country back to being a Constitutional Republic. Why? The 5/7/2012 New American magazine article “Slippery Slopes” reminded us fifty years ago, political leaders and esteemed economists calmly assured us that planned deficits of a mere $10 or $12 billion a year would do us no harm so the Federal Reserve kept printing fiat money. Did anyone at that time predict that our deficits would one day balloon into the hundreds of billions and even to today’s level of more than $1 trillion a year? And that’s we’d be $15 trillion in debt? If so, that prophet was no doubt laughed to scorn for such an illogical extension of the slippery-slope argument.


And remember when Congress passed Medicare? Some alarmists argued it was the beginning of “socialized medicine.” Well, the smart people in Washington assured us that was absurd. Why would the federal government want to nationalize healthcare and take over what is now one-seventh of the nation’s economy? Men would be orbiting the moon before that ever happened. And they were. And it did. The education system is a dismal failure since Democrat Carter created the Department of Education, the Post Office is bankrupt and now they want to run healthcare with death panels deciding who will live and who will die?

Perhaps the latest example of highly publicized slippery-slope arguments came during the Supreme Court arguments on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) modeled after former Governor Mitt Romney’s Massachuetts health care. The conservatives on the court appeared somewhat doubtful of the claim that Congress has, under its power to regulate interstate commerce, the authority to require persons not otherwise covered to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. Those judges, though schooled in the intricacies and nuances of the law, appeared to have a hard time understanding how a person, merely by not buying something, is engaged in commerce and therefore subject to that regulation and penalty.

“If Congress can mandate the purchase of health insurance because we are all in the ‘health market,’” they asked,” what can Congress not do?” “Could Congress”, Justice Samuel Alito asked, require us to purchase burial insurance, since we are all in the death market?” “What about cell phones,” asked Chief Justice John Roberts. “ After all, we never know when we’re going to need emergency assistance.” And Justice Antonin Scalia weighed in with the observation that we are all in the food market, so perhaps Congress might enact a law with a mandate to “buy broccoli.”


The key question to any understanding of what might seriously be called Constitutional law is the entire Constitution makes no sense without a limiting principle. The Founders never wrote “Congress hath power to do whatever seemeth good to the Congress to do.” The limiting principle in the real Constitution is in the doctrine of delegated and enumerated powers, most clearly and emphatically spelled out in the 10th Amendment and this is why the only presidential candidate who has proven himself over and over again is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s letter tells how desperate the establishment is and their attempts to downplay the successes giving an example of how one of his supporters won the GOP chairman position in Alaska recently and the establishment went so far as to liquidate the bank account to make sure they had to start from zero in Alaska. “The ‘old guard’ establishment,” he says, “ really isn’t above pulling any trick during this battle.”

Say what? This has been going on for years. When I was elected Marion County chairman, the following day I went to the county office donated by some “old guard” businessman only to find all the office furniture had been stolen and files were strewn throughout the office. Bank Account?
What bank account? A friend, a former FBI agent, filed a police report. When he checked several weeks later, not surprisingly, the police report had been lost. Between the GOP office and the office next door was a piece of plywood covering the door where many typewriters for some company were stored and left untouched. I’ve forgiven the scoundrels. It’s taken 30+ years but what goes around comes around and people are finally waking up. I only remain a Republican because in Oregon Independents can’t vote in the Primary. Psalm 75 says the Lord will cut off the strength of evil men and increase the power of good men in their place. May that be the prayer of Ron Paul supporters.

Rockefeller was a competition-hating Machiavellian, who used the government to hinder his competitors, thus promoting his own interests. Monopoly capitalism is impossible unless the government has the power to strangle competitors also known as fascism. The rock hasn’t fallen too far from the Rockefeller tree but a mighty oak is a little “nut” that held its ground so with perseverance at the local level quietly filling precincts, the Oregon conservative community eventually put a former Democrat and Vietnam veteran, suffering from Agent Orange, by the name of T.J. Bailey into the chair at the GOP headquarters. Oh, they didn’t steal the furniture but his predecessor, a Portland attorney, wrote to the “rich” supporters saying, “While we welcome the surge of the new religious right conservative people (many former Democrats) in our party, many seem to be ‘single issue’ people unwilling to support Republicans who do not agree with them on their issues,” which was just the opposite. He ended his term in the red for approximately $65,000. T.J. moved the GOP office from its high-rent, liberal downtown Portland area to lower rent in another area.

A person who was a fundraiser for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) was hired by the former chairman to fundraise for the GOP. The only problem was the guy had access to the OMSI warehouse and he had sticky fingers and had stolen some items from the upcoming OMSI fundraising auction. A small article in the Oregonian newspaper next to the obituaries indicated he had a first-degree theft charge dismissed after he paid $5,000 to the court but he was also required to undergo counseling- a civil compromise accepted by OMSI.

It was during T.J’s 30 turbulent months that a friend of his, Lon Mabon, was also embattled with the homosexuals in Oregon attempting to stop the “special rights” movement. Several campaign staffers were subjected to gun shots (fortunately missed) and some evangelical leaders were not only AWOL but critical of Bailey and Mabon and to this day the homosexuals continue in their effort to “normalize” their lifestyle with “same-sex” marriages. President Obama revealed on 5/9/2012 he favors “same-sex” marriage.

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T.J. died in Portland on December 4, 1997. Mabon later memorialized the chairman: “Last week a friend and conservative warrior died. He assisted me in founding the Oregon Conservative Alliance (OCA) in late 1986 and together, we officially filed the legal papers in February of 1987. For all the time that I knew T.J., he fought cancer…He endured some level of pain or discomfort and was close to death several times…even in his death, the liberal media could not find a kind thing to say but again wrote pieces giving their negative slant to this man’s life.” The 10/14/1989 Human Events newspaper out of Washington, D.C. said T.J. was one of the most controversial, hardest working and least boring Chairman of the Oregon GOP. Praise the Lord for such leaders as T.J.

Ron Paul ends his letter with, “There really is no tomorrow in this battle” so he must get the maximum number of delegates and take the fight all the way to Tampa. Stay tuned, folks.

� 2012 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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In 1912, President Woodrow Wilson stated, “This country is no longer a Republic, but is now a Democracy” and thereafter many Democrat elected officials parroted that lie.