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By Betty Freauf

April 10, 2010

The deadline for sending in the 2010 Census form has passed and now thousands of part-time census workers will come to homes that didn’t complete the form or completed it inaccurately. Rush Limbaugh on April 2, 2010 said he’d been getting e-mails from Republicans who had not received their form. A caller to his radio program was a Republican and he said he hadn’t received a form. Would it be paranoid for us to believe that perhaps many Republicans purposely didn’t get the form and therefore their state would be short-changed on federal revenue sharing and representation in Congress? A 3/31/2010 USA Today said about 1.6 million more forms needed for the dwellings that were missed – some because people only have post office boxes. Many of us remember how a Census worker in 2009 came to our homes with a trusty little GPS in hand. The incidences of government surveillance are becoming unnerving for innocent people.

The New World Order crowd revises the history books and relies on us having short memories so how many remember the 1970 Census form for instance? The 1970 census takers demanded from all homeowners, apartment owners, and owners of single resident houses used as rentals the size of each house and apartment. The reason for compiling this information was to locate and record the square feet in each of these structures. This was a step towards redistributing the wealth and this inventory would tell them how much exists and exactly where it is located.

WorldNetDaily had an exclusive commentary by Neal Boortz about a game called SCRAMBLE FOR WEALTH AND POWER which is an exercise designed in the government schools to show the children how wealth and power is “distributed” in our society. Is it any wonder young people think that the Obama Health Care plan is great even though they have no idea what the restrictions and long-range consequences might eventually be?

In Robert J. Ringer’s 1979 book RESTORING THE AMERICAN DREAM he mentioned there were approximately 1,000 government programs which were redistributing the wealth as opposed to about 100 in 1960. It meant that more than 60 millions Americans already at that time were receiving regular government checks of some kind. A greater portion of those were created under our “Great Society” President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “compassionate policy” of universal health care in 1965 with the creation of Medicare and Medicaid. Of course, the creation of full-time government jobs is another subtle method of redistribution of the wealth with exorbitant pensions and other perks.

In checking the 2000 Census I find we were asked how many bedrooms we would list if the house, apartment or mobile home were put on the market for sale or rent? They asked where we had COMPLETE plumbing facilities in the house, apartment or mobile home? They asked did we have hot and cold piped water, a flush toilet and a bathtub or shower? Did the facility have COMPLETE kitchen facilities – that is a sink with piped water, a range or stove and a refrigerator? They wanted to know if we had telephone service and which FUEL was used MOST for heating? All capitalized words were also capitalized on the questionnaire.

Then the Census asked us about our automobiles, vans and trucks of one-ton capacity or less which are kept at the home for use by members of the household. And then questions were asked of owners of ONE-FAMILY HOUSE OR MOBILE HOME:

Is there a business (such as a store or barber shop) or a medical office on this property? How many acres is this house or mobile home on? Then they asked what were the actual sales of all agricultural products from this property in 1999 and what were the annual costs of utilities and fuels for this house, apartment or mobile home. Then there were questions about how much was paid for rent or the monthly mortgage payment and was there a second mortgage and how much were the real estate taxes and the cost of the annual payments for fire, hazard and flood insurance on this property? They wanted to know what the owner thought the property was worth. Leaving no rock unturned, then they asked nosey questions about condominiums.

What is now most disconcerting to me is how the New World Order crowd has been step by step learning all they can about us. The United Nations Climate change treaty from the conference in Copenhagen December 7-18 actually stated the words, “A world government is going to be created” and the second purpose of the conference was to transfer the wealth from the countries of what is called “climate debt.” Because they see the West as the big polluters of all the earth, we must be punished by reparations to Third World countries.

The average approximate living space for families in communist countries is 600 square feet so have the bureaucrats determined two people living in a home in the U.S. only need 600 square feet for living quarters, including the bathroom and cooking facilities? Will senior citizens with three or four bedrooms all paid for after their children leave home be required to share that space with non-home owners who need a place to live? If they were allowed to move in with us, surely they would share kitchen and bathroom facilities? Will senior citizens be forced to move so some illegal family from Mexico or the Middle East with a large family could move into our house? During the Cold War, communists tried to get us to surrender our liberties and way of life but American’s didn’t buy it. Will it be forced upon us this time?


Mark Levin in his 2009 Liberty or Tyranny writes when Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Hart-Cellar Act, he said, “This bill that we will sign today (1965) is not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the lives of millions. It will not reshape the structure of our lives or really add importantly to either our wealth or our power.” Democrats Johnson, Kennedy and other statists deceived us. The bill abolished the decades-old policy of national quotas. They said it was discriminatory because it favored immigrants from Europe. The statist tolerates the illegal alien’s violations of working, wage and environmental standards. Alien’s babies born in America are, under the current interpretation of the 14th Amendment treated as U.S. citizens. And under the Hart-Cellar Act, upon turning 21 years of age, the child can sponsor additional family members for citizenship. It was at this time our Border Patrol became overwhelmed as thousands of illegals crossed our borders daily. Congress may consistently vote to authorize increases in the Border Patrol but then fails to provide the funding.

We are told that the immigrant is universally more virtuous than the citizen because he’s doing jobs Americans won’t do. Another lie! Has anyone ever seen the “Dirty Jobs” program on T.V.? Then there were the ridiculous, stringent child labor laws enacted keeping teenager from learning the discipline of “work” and earning their own way in life at an early age, so the illegals are now doing the work the kids used to do and many kids with idle hands are becoming gang members for entertainment.

I understand Ukraine parents are responsible for their children until age 35. The Obama Health Care bill says the parents can keep their children on their policies until age 26 but several states have already covered that base by allowing children on their parent’s health insurance policies until 32. In my day, we left at about age 18 and rarely returned but today, the parents are becoming increasingly more responsible for the well being of their children until…well…”middle age?” On FOX John Stossel reported, ‘KIDS RULE” and asked, “Do parents have any rights any more?” That reminds me of Isaiah 3:10-12

A recent AP article said relief to seniors facing high prescription drug costs is one of the first changes to come under the new health care overhaul. But ultimately that won’t offset the relentless increase in retirees’ medical expenses. The $125,000 figure they quoted did not explain that inflation is the cause due to the Treasury continuing to print bogus money.

Something on the Internet said that on May 26, 2006 the Senate voted to require citizens to board illegal aliens in private homes. With all the information the Census had been gathering about our homes, it seemed possible that this legislation, allegedly introduced by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass (now deceased) would be modeled on the troop boarding practices employed in Boston during the 1770s. But here’s the kicker. Under this plan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would compile a database of U.S. housing including square footage, number of inhabitants, and location. Illegal aliens would be assigned to homes where the square footage per inhabitant exceeded the national average by 20% or more. Kennedy had the following to say about this new law. “Two problems faced by these immigrants are homelessness and racism. This bill will fix both and more.” As I read on, it began to sound like some Onion publication hoax. Kennedy allegedly said, “Many Americans have a surplus of living space. Sharing that space with our brown brothers from Mexico would be both human and enlightening. Bringing people together like this bill would also help promote understanding and tolerance. Segregating immigrants in Latino ghettos is racist.” In spite of my suspicions, I contacted my Democrat Congress woman in Washington, D.C. She said she could find no such legislation. Was it planted disinformation? The Internet can be a blessing or a burden. I must admit it did sound a bit outlandish and I pretty much discounted it after that; however, what may be another hoax is the recent alleged H.R. 1388 that claims Obama Funded a $20 million Resettlement of Hamas Refugees to the U.S.A., a bill supposedly passed “behind our backs” by Congress. Of course, after watching the debacle and deception with the Obamacare boondoggle a few weeks ago, it seems quite natural that people may probably be left wondering. When I Googled it, it came up under Urban legends today but could it be reality tomorrow? Food for thought!

Is there a New World Order conspiracy? The proposed National ID Card allegedly for illegal immigrants will be required of all of us. They will tell us where we can travel and when and with whom and every move could be monitored.

Unconstitutional administrative agencies have complete control over our lives. I mentioned the cigar and wine shop in my article. The owner’s livelihood rests on some public employee in the licensing agency who doesn’t like smokers.

But if we think we’ve got it rough, read about how his case manager at the Oregon State Hospital has been holding a patient hostage for a number of years even though therapists determined he was ready to be discharged. She claims the patient had been hostile, irritable and “unwilling or unable to take direction from her,” and that “in her opinion, his conditional release should be revoked because his mental health has deteriorated such that he can no longer be managed (in) the community.” At one point, he failed to return to the hospital after some outing.

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He ended up on the streets in Portland, Oregon for two years until the case worker saw him, used her cell phone to call the police and then he ended up several years in Oregon State Prison where he said he was treated better than at the OSH. When he completed his term in prison, they sent him back to OSH. Now the superintendent has resigned and there is talk about “federal oversight.” Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive and we step out from under the precious protections of our Constitutions. The result is always chaos. We see strife all around us.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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The average approximate living space for families in communist countries is 600 square feet so have the bureaucrats determined two people living in a home in the U.S. only need 600 square feet for living quarters, including the bathroom...