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Betty Freauf
March 25, 2003

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS back on January 12, 1997 had an article entitled "Groups Seek Civic Renewal." Those agreeing to participate were a hodgepodge of personalities and political ideologies. The 25-member commission held three hearings in 1997 seeking to determine what might constitute a "civil society." State legislators had earlier introduced "conflict resolution" and "anger management" legislation and funding which they felt would help produce this "civil society."

Shortly after Oregon passed this legislation, one GOP legislator angrily walked out of a committee hearing slamming the door loudly behind him because someone testified about something he didn't like.

Later a group expressing their "First Amendment Rights" hung in effigy in front of the state Capitol the administrator of the state child protective agency and another representative - a Democrat this time - attacked one of the participants.

Isn't it interesting a group of people like these legislators and others who formed this commission are trying to determine what a civil society should look like when they are the poorest of examples?

Hey, when I was born into this "society", it was civil. Neighbors helped neighbors. Immigrants didn't come to the U.S. looking for a hand out but instead they wanted freedom. Government was smaller and manageable as our Founding Fathers intended. Murder was a rarity. The schools seemed adequate and affordable. There was no affirmative action and other vaguely written laws which caused the well-orchestrated Marxist "class warfare" in America since the 1960s.

Promiscuity happened but it was scorned by others and pregnant teenagers were shipped off to auntie's house in another town or state to have the baby and quietly gave it up for adoption. There were no welfare payments for them. Parents took total responsibility.

To the best of my knowledge there were no pornographic magazines or the internet promoting this filth causing men to do vile acts on women, children, animals and on other males.. The notorious Jeffrey Dahlmer said in an interview with Dr. James Dobson before he was executed his addiction to pornography got him started on the road to the atrocities he eventually committed and the mainsteam media made sure his homosexual orientation was never revealed.

And while some woman still found a doctor to perform abortions, we did not have the money-making abortion industry we have today that has reduced us to barbarians harvesting body parts from aborted babies after a partial birth abortion. Granted Hussein is a brutal dictator but does he harvest body parts from partial birth aborted babies? And let us not forget how President Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno gave the command to burn alive 17 little children and their parents at the Branch Davidian in Waco, Texas while it all played out on our T.V. screens and we think we are civilized??

Land owners knew they must be good stewards and manage their land well if they wanted to have a livelihood. Tough regulations were practically nil. We had no tree huggers perched in trees like birds stopping the forest industry from producing jobs.

Frivolous lawsuits against someone with deep pockets would have been considered unethical in most circles; therefore, malpractice insurance rates were low. We recently cleaned out some old files and saw that we paid $4 for a doctor's office call. We carried only major medical insurance to cover the big catastrophes.

The Republic which our Founding Fathers gave us allowed for individual responsibility and therefore, a civil society. When our leaders began to refer to us a "democracy" -- also known as mobocracy-- and began creating all those United Nations unconstitutional administrative agencies with all their rules and regulations and high costs was when our society began to deteriorate and, of course, it was all planned that way.

The United Nations building which sits on land in New York city donated by the Rockefellers and has a huge bureaucracy of overpaid fat cats with outlandish perks are suppose to be our "peacekeepers" and yet every where they send troops, there seems to be bigger problems and that promised "peace" remains elusive.

And now we see millions of people worldwide marching in the streets with the broken cross peace signs protesting the war in Iraq. Whether you agree or disagree with the war, the point is that there is only one "ideology" that could bring that many people together on such short notice worldwide and that is the communist front groups that have been operating worldwide unabated for decades.

The Institute for Civil Society, near Boston, received a $35 million endowment from an anonymous New England family so they were devoting $1 million annually for a five-year project called New Century/New Solutions. The project was chaired by former Rep. Patricia Schroeder (D-Col) focusing on a more civil society in our communities.

Members ranged from former Education Secretary, William Bennett, allegedly representing the conservative point of view, and editor of the best selling BOOK OF VIRTUES to liberals like Texas community development leader Ernesto Cortes, who had worked for Cesar Chavez in the farm worker movement. Cortes was the driving force behind The Industrial Areas Foundation (I.A.F). It's founder was Marxist Saul Alinsky. Alinsky received funds from Rockefeller Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts and Carnegie Corporation and others. Cortes himself described the I.A.F. as radical. The I.A.F. was a "partner" in the Alliance for Restructuring Education preparing children for the planned Global Governance (New World Order). Oregon's former governor Barbara Roberts, its first woman governor, also served on the commission. Roberts was a strong proponent of abortion and homosexual rights when she was in the legislature. The Pew Charitable Trust helped select the members for this "Civil Renewal" Commission.

And Patricia Schroeder, along with her radical feminist friends, is the reason women are serving on the front lines in Iraq right now leaving behind their husbands and children. It's called "equal rights!" And this goofy bunch was suppose to tell us what a civil society is supposed to look like?

Is the war in Iraq about oil? Is it about giving Iraq a democracy? Is it about giving President George Bush's capitalist friends work rebuilding Iraq and thereby boosting our own floundering economy? Is it about fighting a war for Israel? Who knows for sure.

But this I do know. This whole Middle East has been a hot spot all because of one man. Abram! Because his wife, Sarai, was having trouble conceiving in her old age as God has promised (Gen. 18:9-14), she encouraged Abram to mess around with her handmaiden, Hagar (Gen. 16-18). Hagar became pregnant and got booted out (Gen. 17:20) (Gen.21:15). Her son, Ishmael, is now the father of the Palestinian nation. Later Sarai did conceive and Isaac was born and became the father of Israelites (Gen. 21). So it's relatives fighting each other - one big family feud. The Hatfields -vs- the McCoys. Saddam Hussein doesn't like Bin Laden but they do have one common enemy - the United States which was founded on Christian principles.

I recently pointed out this feuding faction to a friend and she laughed and said, "My husband can't get along with his own brothers so why should we expect these half-cousins to get along with each other." She had a point which I suspect many reading this can also relate.

And now we have these organizations in America working toward a more civil society? Give me a break! We will not have a civil society until Jesus Christ Himself returns to rule. Our basic human nature without Christ's leading allows us to do terrible things to others. All we have to do is watch the news and ask ourselves why such a seemingly nice person could commit such terrible crimes? And as our country continued it's fall into the immoral abyss, God removed His blessing from our country and now we find ourselves embroiled in what may end up in Armageddon - World War III.

Two thousand plus years ago Jesus Christ was put on a cross by those who hated his ideology but "His" story illustrates He defeated them by His resurrection. The Muslim's prophet, Mohammad, never came out of the grave. In about a month we will be observing Easter -- the day even many of the usual non-church goers dress up and attend a church service.

Trying to mold together other religions with Christianity is like trying to mix gasoline with fire but that is exactly what the U.N. One World Religion crowd thinks they can do to accomplish "peace" in the world. It won't work, folks. Keep the faith. Keep your gun powder dry and expect continued chaos until Jesus returns to straighten the mess out! Happy Easter.

2003 - Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved 

Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. They supported her opponent. E-Mail: [email protected]