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By Marilyn M. Barnewall
October 18, 2009

Since Rush Limbaugh’s name became affiliated with a group interested in buying the St. Louis Rams, a lot of testosterone has been flying around the news networks. So much of it, in fact, that Rush is no longer part of the group making the bid.

Rush, with his usual (and often hidden) sense of humility has done America a huge favor. He has shown the media to clearly be the hypocrites they pretend they are not. The liberal media likes to think of its self as non-racist, when their very actions prove them to be among the most rabid racists in the world!

Those who wielded the microphones in the world of sports in 2003 and reported Limbaugh to be a racist haven’t got a clue as to the true meaning of Martin Luther King’s comment about the content of a man’s character. When it comes to character, the media has had two opportunities involving Limbaugh to show some kind of integrity or character. So far, Rush is batting a thousand; the media, zero.

Let me make it clear that I am not a Rush Limbaugh radio show listener. I was for years – from 1990 through 1998. I still like him. No one does his job better – or, even as well. Why don’t I listen any more? I got too busy. Rush makes listeners think – which makes it difficult to write books and articles on topics other than what Rush discusses. Many people who have read my first novel ask me if a character in it, J.J. Branchman (who is “the most listened to radio show host in America”) is really Rush Limbaugh. I can only answer the question by saying: “It is a work of fiction.”

In 2003, I wrote an article about the Rush Limbaugh-Donovan McNabb mess. That article used statistical data to prove what Limbaugh said was precisely accurate. His comments had nothing to do with racism. His words represented truth. No wonder the mainstream media had difficulty with it.

Here are a few quotes from my 2003 article which will, hopefully, settle the issue for you once and for all.

Was Rush being a racist? Or, was he merely telling the truth. Was the media merely playing its mainstream role as anti-anything-conservative? Here’s the mathematical – not opinion, but mathematical – answer to that question and what it fairly reported:

“Limbaugh did not attack Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. He simply stated that McNabb was, in his opinion, being given unearned kudos by some members of the media who are using him to create a black quarterback hero. His negative comments were addressed to the media, not the quarterback.

“Limbaugh said – very accurately – that some members of the dominant establishment press are too race-conscious. He said some sports reporters wanted a black quarterback to succeed so badly, they were willing to overstate McNabb’s achievements.

“If McNabb is playing like a superstar, he deserves all of the positive press he gets. If he is not, and if the media is singing his praises as if he were, then the media is guilty of reverse racism.

“It seems to me that fair and balanced news reporting requires research. Since the sports media seems disinclined to provide people with statistical data, I decided to go back to my days as a sports reporter for the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne (1957) and do the research myself.

“The following statistics come from the Web site of the Philadelphia Eagles. For those who are not football fans, Donovan McNabb quarterbacks for the Eagles.

“In the following data, I gathered statistics for each quarterback who placed first in each category, and the quarterback who placed 12th in each category. I picked #12 because it represents average performance. When possible, statistics are given by AFC and NFC performance.

“According to statistics from the American Football Conference (AFC), the highest rated passing quarterback is Tommy Maddox of Pittsburgh with 1304 yards. David Carr of Houston ranks 12th with 880 yards.

“National Football Conference (NFC) statistics place Patrick Ramsey of Washington in the number one slot with 1307 passing yards. The 12th ranked quarterback is Marc Bulger of St. Louis with 734 yards. Donovan McNabb is in 14th place with 664 yards passing.


“As a passing quarterback, McNabb is below average. The statistics say so.

“Donovan McNabb is first in rushing in the NFL. He has rushed 25 times for 174 yards resulting in 7.0 yards per carry. He has fumbled the ball four times while rushing but scored four rushing touchdowns..

“By comparison, Jake Plummer of Denver -- with less time on the field for the Bronco game against Pittsburgh has rushed 18 times for 119 yards (or, 6.6 yards per carry). He fumbled twice and scored 5 rushing touchdowns.

“How many passing touchdowns have top-rated quarterbacks made at this point in the season?

“In the AFC, Peyton Manning of Indianapolis is first with 9 touchdown passes and Tommy Maddox of Pittsburgh is 12th with 5 touchdown passes.

“In the NFC, Brett Favre is #1. He has passed for 9 touchdowns. Joey Harrington of Detroit is #2nd.
He has passed for 7 touchdowns. Donovan McNabb is ranked 18th with 1 touchdown pass.

“AFC overall quarterback points rank Tony Banks of Houston #1 with 104.7 points. Jon Kitna of Cincinnati is ranked 12th with 78.4 points.

“NFC quarterback rankings place Todd Bouman of the New Orleans Saints first with 126.0 points and Patrick Ramsey 12th with 80.9 points. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is in 22nd place with 51.3 points.

“Looking at McNabb’s statistics at the time, if he was praised by the media as an outstanding quarterback, Rush Limbaugh was correct. The media was trying to make a quarterback hero out of a less-than-average quarterback... though he appears to be a hell of a running back.

“Limbaugh’s comments do not appear to be racially motivated – not even racially insensitive. People who are paid to tell the truth about the performance of others are, as long as they tell the truth, not racists. Nor are they responsible for the overly-sensitive reactions of others.”

If people are going to accuse Rush Limbaugh of something, at least let them be accurate. Limbaugh did not make racist remarks about McNabb. He told the truth which is never racist. It merely is. I know that is a hard concept for liberals to grasp. It removes their snivel rights.

If you really want to know what happened about the Limbaugh – St. Louis Rams story, go to BobLeeSays. Lee, a personal friend of the man behind the golden microphone, informs us that:

“Rush was not ‘trying to get in to the NFL.’ The NFL was inviting him in. (Just a little irrelevant detail ....). David Checketts approached Rush on a Palm Beach golf course in June and finagled a lunch meeting w/ him at his ocean-side compound. Checketts is a pro sports owner/operator who currently runs the St Louis Blues NHL team. He offered Rush a minority investor share in an ownership group he was assembling to buy controlling interest in the St Louis Rams.

“The very first question Rush asked was ‘Do you understand who I am and the firestorm that erupts whenever my name is associated with anything?’ ‘Not a problem,’ Dave said. ‘I already cleared you thoroughly with top executives in the NFL before I came to you.’ Rush believed him. Pesky, irrelevant detail!”

Those quotes are from the Bob Lee Says article.

Anyone who wants to know the truth about what happened in the current debachle needs to read it, sickening though it is. It’s not the article that’s sickening, it just tells the truth. What is sickening is what the article says about American professional football and the games people play.

I’ve written many words about what appears to be the fraud perpetrated against the American people by Goldman Sachs – and I’m not shifting gears or changing the story line here. Matthew Malone wrote a mind boggling article in Portfolio Magazine suggesting there was a “Goldman Sachs ‘conspiracy’ to take over the U.S. financial system. Before becoming our Secretary of the Treasury, Hank “the Hammer” Paulson worked at Goldman Sachs for thirty years earning $38 million as CEO his last year at the firm. It appears that a lot of members of the Obama Administration have ties to Goldman Sachs!

Here’s another quote from Bob Lee:

“So the CONFIDENTIAL submission of the Checkett’s group’s bid went forward. There are from 4-6 other groups submitting bids thru Goldman Sachs representing the seller. Yes, the same Goldman Sachs run by close TeamObama buddies. Of all the groups and all the names of all the proposed investors only ONE was leaked like bloody raw meat to a mob of slobbering zombies…… yep, El Rushbo.”

Isn’t it interesting that all of this happened just as the Obama Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress are trying to reinitiate the Fairness Doctrine. Many would argue that liberals define fairness as removing all access to conservative ideas and ideals from public broadcasting networks.

In truth, until conservatives learn the hard lesson that conservatism is not a series of issues but is a total philosophy, liberals will continue to drive a sledgehammer between each wedge issue.

Conservatism is a philosophy, not issues? Yes. It isn’t about abortion or fiscal policy or capital gains tax relief or any kind of tax. It isn’t about nationalizing our health care system or whether we are a nation that functions under the Rule of Law.

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Conservatism is a philosophy that demands of its believers that truth be at the base of each argument made for any and all issues. If truth isn’t the basis upon which all issues are decided, please explain the value of being a conservative.

And that, my friends, is the example Rush Limbaugh just provided for us. We should thank him for it.

� 2009 Marilyn M. Barnewall - All Rights Reserved

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Marilyn Barnewall received her graduate degree in Banking from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Business in 1978. She has authored seven non-fiction books about banking, two are listed at Oxford and Cambridge University libraries in Great Britain. Her current book, When the Swan’s Neck Breaks, details the banking problems she foresaw in 2006. Of the 24 predictions made in the book, 22 have happened. It is fiction but readers refer to it as docu-fiction.

Barnewall was named one of America's top 100 businesswomen in the book, What It Takes (Dolphin/Doubleday; Gardenswartz and Roe) and was one of the founders of the Committee of 200, the official organization of America's top 200 businesswomen. She can be found in Who's:Who in America (2005-08), Who's Who of American Women (2006-08), Who's Who in Finance and Business (2006-08), and Who's Who in the World (2008).

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Rush, with his usual (and often hidden) sense of humility has done America a huge favor. He has shown the media to clearly be the hypocrites they pretend they are not.